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Annika Himmell

Are you lost? Do you find yourself suddenly alone in an unfamiliar world? Then you might soon find yourself among the many that the handsome, young Damian Henning collects. After 15-year-old Peter Richards escapes from a secret government facility, he soon is found by Damian Henning, who, without explanation, seems to know more than he says. He asks Peter to join his group in a strange new world called Maldraa. He will be taken away from the confusion and given a home, but first, he must drink Damian's tea. Before he even tastes it, Peter knows that he is offered no ordinary tea. This tea promises the FIRE EYE, a peculiar scar in the shape of an eye on the back of his neck that will give him the ability to control fire. But, at what cost? At first it seems great, the power and strength that he feels among the other lost boys but flashes of a sickly pale boy with raven black hair and hellish eyes cannot be driven from his mind. Was the FIRE EYE a gift or, as everyone else finds it, a curse?

This was really made to bring attention to my first novel. I wrote it a long while ago and have just gotten to the point where I'm comfortable to put it out there. If you read and rate, I'll gladly do the same to your work too. Just a fair warning, I know the first two chapters are hard to get through but if you do, the later parts are well worth it, I promise.

12/25/2010 #1
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