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Crane Daitkai
Rise Of The Anomalous (rated mature) is a novel I wrote which takes place after a 2nd Depression affects the world and turns America into a separatist nation. Amidst the brink of a civil war between social classes, an upper-class boy reveals he can fly and immediately he's propelled to become this savior of humanity by a crooked publicist, socialite girlfriend, success-obsessed parents, and public in dire need of something to renew their hope. ROTA follows one week in the social perspectives of various characters based in 2030 Dallas, including: a supernatural anarchist and his wife and their commune, an aging and disenchanted police officer, a newly appointed Mayor, a troubled girl, the privileged son of the District Attorney, a hostile cult, and of course, our hero as they all are affected by a sociopathic murderess who has run out of targets in the lower class- seeking to instigate a war by exploiting the inner workings of Dallas, one death at a time. However, not all is as it seems as rumors flutter and paranoia sets in, our hero finds that reconciling his past is quite difficult when his future is at stake. I don't write for critics, I write to entertain, let me know if I entertained you. -J
2/2/2008 #1
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