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Will Sachiksy
Talk about your first experiences with videogames. I rememer that the son of my former babysitter had a Super Nintendo, and I would watch him play Mortal Kombat (although I really shouldn't have). The first game I played was Super Mario Bros. Not a bad start, I suppose. How about you?
3/5/2007 #1
Bri Neves
I'm not a gamer now but, I did used to loved playing with my Playstation 1 when I was younger. Then, it was Xbox I got into. After that, I got bored of video games. I estimate that about I was about fourteen when the whole video game phase ended.
3/5/2007 #2
Will Sachiksy
Doesn't have to be a phase. You know the average age of the videogame player is now around thirty? I do understand if you got bored of videogames. It saddens me, but I understand.
3/5/2007 #3
Keba Si Rota
I don't play video games as much as I used to, either. There aren't that many new ones that I'm interested in. Anyway, back to the original topic. I remember my first time playing a video game. I was about 10. The game was "Primal Rage." I played it at this... um... arcade (yeah, I guess you could call it that) and I wasn't too bad. I also liked playing old school "Pac Man" in the waiting room at my orthodontist's. Ah, those were the days.
3/5/2007 #4
Besides once playing Mario Kart at a friend's, my first video game experience was a Playstation 1 passed down from my relatives. I'm not exactly sure which game I tried first, but it was probably Legend of Dragoon. And to think I still haven't beaten the damn game...
3/5/2007 #5
aka Providence
My first experience playing video games was somewhere when I was 4 or five, in the non-color gameboy, tetris. I can remember my dad being able to play past level twenty to who knows what, and the highest level I can reach was 13. In any case, I played a lot of playstation 1 and 2 games until I graduated from high school. The video gaming has been taking over by writing, lol.
3/5/2007 #6
Royal Bliss
My first experience playing video games was at an arcade with my cousins when I was about 3, Pac-man. But my first non-arcade playing experience was (again) when I was about three or so, I remember it very well. It was on the Atari 2600 and the game was Outlaw. Then came the old nintendo when I was 4 (it somewhat resembles a microwave), the game is a three-in-one it has Mario, Duck Hunt and some Track/Hurdle game, it comes with a gun and a running pad. Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis for me came about two or three years after that, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Sonic. The first version of Playstation, with a bunch of demos and the first Rayman... Then Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart (Never really got into N64). Then the whole gameboy family, Pokemon and all that s*** Dragon Warrior. Then Playstation 2 which I love and still play when I'm bored (Mortal Kombat, Justice League Heroes & God of War, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty blah blah blah). I have an Xbox 360 But I don't like Xbox so I don't really touch it, except for when playing Gears of War. Then there's computer games. But yeah compared to when I was little, I don't really play video games that much. I think my favorite system has to be Sega Genesis, I have so many damn games for it, it's awesome as hell. When I die, I'm taking it with me.
3/5/2007 #7
Bri Neves
Thirty?! 0_o Aw...I didn't mean to sadden you. :( -hugs- :p
3/6/2007 #8
Will Sachiksy
Figure of speech. The first game that I owned and wasn't just the family's game was Twisted Metal 3. I got it when I was eight and probably shouldn't have played it, but my parents were okay with it. I still remember the death-screams the game played after you blew up a car. And that there was an awesome guitar version of Jingle Bells in the North Pole level.
3/6/2007 #9
Bri Neves
I knew it was a figure of speech, silly. Hense the ":p". Your parents baffle me. They let you play a very violent game at eight but, now that you're this age, they don't let you read "mature" content on FictionPress?! 0_o
3/6/2007 #10
Will Sachiksy
It was really rated "T" (Teen) for Lyrics and Animated Violence. The most violence there was was car damage and generic explosions.
3/7/2007 #11
Charming Dice
The first for me would be Keith Courage & the Alpha Sword on TurboGrafx 16 (or however the heck you spell it), or Superman on Atari. Not sure which. I don't play as much as I used to either. Ace Combat 5 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance are probably the only games I've beaten in about a year. I was going to get Final Fantasy 12, but the demo I played was terrible. I haven't liked that many games since the first Sonic Adventure. I've played better games, but nothing really compares to that.
3/9/2007 #12
Will Sachiksy
[q] I was going to get Final Fantasy 12, but the demo I played was terrible. [/q] The Dragon Quest VIII demo? The full version of XII is more streamlined (at least for the first few hours. Haven't played past that).
3/9/2007 #13
Charming Dice
Yeah, the Dragon Quest demo. The battle system looked horrible, and the MMORPG-style elements weren't very interesting. Does the storyline make it worth buying?
3/10/2007 #14
Will Sachiksy
I haven't played past the first few hours, so I can't tell you first-hand, but all of my friends that bought the game like the story. The game is still MMO style (with both a "Wait Mode" in which time stops when you bring up the menu and an active mode in which time only stops if you pause the game). If you can get past that, the battle system seems to work fine. I like the Gambit System so far. With Gambits turn on for certain characters, you can have automatic commands for you party (e.g. heal party at 30% HP) so that you don't have to micromanage everything. Or, if you prefer, you can micromanage everything by on turning on Gambits. I like the flexibility here.
3/10/2007 #15
Charming Dice
Maybe I'll rent it and see if I like it enough to buy it.
3/13/2007 #16
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