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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Ramalama - bang bang
Here is where you create and post your character, please keep chat to minimum. We have other topics for that :) To create your character, you can use this form: Name: Age: Gender: Race: (Vampire or human) Appearance: (Physical appearance) Clothing: Personality: Bio: Other: (Anything else you'd like to put about your character)
3/17/2007 . Edited 3/17/2007 #1
Name: Elizabeth Wolf Nickname: Beth Age: 1900, but appears 17/18 Gender: female Race: Vampire Appearence: tall with an hour-glass figure, light tan, electric blue eyes, waist length wavey black hair Clothes: blue jeans torn at the knees with several smaller holes scattered all over, rich red corset like shirt Personality: firey temper, loyal, protective, usually very nice and outgoing Bio: Was abused by family then later sold as slave, when a man (vamp) offered her a better life she took it and he changed her into a vampire, she stayed with him for years untill he was steaked in the year 1842, since then she has been mostly on her own Other: comes off as cold and uncaring but really is a nice and caring person underneath
3/18/2007 #2
Ramalama - bang bang
Cool character, and welcome! ^-^
3/18/2007 #3
thanx........where do we start at?
3/18/2007 #4
Ramalama - bang bang
We need to wait for a few more people to join, then I'll make the actual RP. Till then, feel free to post in the chatting area.
3/18/2007 #5
Name: Gareth O'Mara Age: He existed for so long, he lost track of his age, but he appears to be about 19 Race: Vampire Appearance: Tall, lanky, slightly pale, knee length straight black hair that fades naturally to red, amethyst eyes. Clothes: Black jeans torn at the feet, black sandals, navy blue hoodie. Personality: unwound, easygoing, nice (when he wants to be) Bio: Vaguely remembers his past, though he was exiled from his clan because he was bitten by a vampire. Spent most of his life drifting through the flow of time, fighting off the occasional vampire hunter, befriending and making enemies out of other vampires. Other: He's been around the world, so he can speak every known language fluently.
3/18/2007 #6
Ramalama - bang bang
Cool, sounds great!
3/19/2007 #7
ya!!! LP is here!!!!
3/20/2007 #8
Ramalama - bang bang
Okay, I think I'll make RP topic, and while others join, they can jump in, sound good?
3/22/2007 #9
Name: Iyri Forge Age: 17 Gender: Female Race:Human Appearance: Short, chin length, auburn hair, and hazel eyes. clothing: Beige cargo pants, dark green t-shirt personality: has low patience, but isn't good at sticking up for herself. Shy, yet determined and loyal. Bio: Her parents were killed by a vampire, she doesn't know why. But ever since, she has been afraid of them.
3/28/2007 #10
Ramalama - bang bang
Hiya ^-^ and welcome!
3/30/2007 #11
Name:Aaron Hysdayle Age:23 Gender:Male Race:Human Appearance: fairly unkept with an athletic build, short brown hair with merky gray eyes Clothing:carries around a duffle bag full of jeans, t-shirts, cargo pants and many sweaters. Personality: nervous, agressive and very personal. Bio: After his girlfriend was murdered by vampires he reported it to the authorities who then thought he was mentally deranged, and placed him as the main suspect for the murder . He frantically left home with nothing but a beat up old Camero full of essentials and now is on the run from the fedural police, all the while trying to find the real killer to clear his name, his sanity and his lust for revenge. Other: trained as a perfessional boxer, and genral dislikes children (just why not!)
4/5/2007 #12
Ramalama - bang bang
Welcome to the rp! ^-^
4/5/2007 #13
Gin's lil Kitsune
Kage-chan is here. Name:Ritsuko (she abandoned her last name) Age:17(in human years) (she doesn't know how old she is in vampire years) Gender:female Race:Vampire Appearance:Jet-black hair,crimson-red eyes,pale skin,average teenage height. Clothing:Black,long-sleeved shirt,baggy black pants with chains,black and red shoes,and a collar. Personality:Anti-social to people at first,but is a nice girl when you get to know her. Bio:Was abandoned when she was really young,and was taken in by a human boy,who treated her like a sister.The boy was killed when Ritsuko turned 12,and ran away.She fended for herself,and never trusted anyone since. Other:She's a psychic vampire(Telkenetic,telepathic,etc.) (I made a little change in the profile)
4/13/2007 . Edited 6/17/2007 #14
Ramalama - bang bang
Ne, Kage-chan!!!!! *huggles* Welcome to the rp^-^
4/13/2007 #15
white winged
Hey, I'm here! Name: Serenity Weringer Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: Light brown hair that reaches shoulders, average build; kind of skinny, bright green eyes Clothing: Usually wears casual things; jeans or skirts and girlish shirts Personality: Bubbly, intelligent, out-going and eager to find out things Bio: Her mother was a news reporter, and after being killed under 'mysterious' circumstances, Serenity began searching newspapers and TV and finding many mystery deaths occurring. Fuelled by curiousity, fear and slight anger, she set out to find whoever it was that killed her mother and the countless others (or so she suspects.) Other: Is the bookish-research type. Heh ... I hope that's okay. Oh, and sorry for asking, but how exactly would I introduce my character? Just a tip is fine. Eep.
4/13/2007 . Edited 4/16/2007 #16
Ramalama - bang bang
Hi, welcome!! ^-^ Great character! You can introduce in Fangtasia if you like, or maybe have her bump into one of the other characters?
4/14/2007 #17
Ramalama - bang bang
Name: Tsuki DeMarkus Age: 16 Gender: Race: Human Appearance: shoulder length red hair, intense green eyes Clothing: knee-torn jeans, gray tank top, messenger bag Personality: Hard to describe Bio: she left home at a young age to begin searching for vampires. Other: She's got a tattoo-like mark on her right shoulder that she'd found after she'd left home, but how it came to be is unknown to her. (It's an 'X' with a crescent moon on top)
5/4/2007 . Edited 5/4/2007 #18
Name: Aislin Heart Age: Appears 20 Gender: Female Race: Vampire Appearance: Has the face of an angel, but is deathly pale, and athletically thin. Is about 5’6”, with dark brown, curly hair that shows dark red streaks in the sunlight, straight bangs, and abnormally bright and stunningly blue eyes that tend to get her unwanted attention. Clothing: White sleeveless shirt, dark brown pleated skirt with black leggings underneath, black boots and a worn black leather jacket. Personality: Has an attitude, but underneath is insecure and afraid. Has learned that the world isn’t kind to those with disabilities, and hides her fear and weakness under a carefully built wall of well-practiced glares and, if need be, jaw-breaking kicks and punches. Bio: She doesn’t remember her past or anything about who she is. All she can recall is waking up in the back room of an abandoned bar, with strange markings on her neck and the annoyingly strong thirst for blood. As if she isn’t lacking enough already—she is mute, yet she doesn’t know how that came about either. She is constantly seeking to find out any information she can get her hands on, but has only just recently discovered what the dark blue marking of a circle of thorns on her lower back means, and little else. Other: When she’s angry, something similar to blue sparks seem to fly from her hands. It started out with her hands just tingling and almost going totally numb but has progressed much more over the long years of her life. Unfortunately, the sparks leave her skin slightly burned, and unlike every other wound that she manages to collect, the burns heal only in the time it would take a human to recover. To hide this, she often is seen with bandages wound tightly around her fingers and palms. She also has the ability to feel what others are feeling near her, and on occasion is moved to comfort and consol those in need, but otherwise stays as uninvolved as possible. ... is that alright? *is hopeful*
5/4/2007 #19
Ramalama - bang bang
She's perfect! I mean seriously, amazing!
5/5/2007 #20
Gin's lil Kitsune
Wow.You're right,Ookami-chan.She does sound cool!
5/5/2007 #21
*blushes* ^-^ Thanks! Now to get her into the RPG... hmm...
5/5/2007 #22
Ramalama - bang bang
You can bring her in however you please! ^-^
5/5/2007 #23
Name: Adrian Lorderan Age: Unknown; Appears 21 Gender: Male Race: Vampire Appearance: Fairly tall at just over 6'0" with a better than average build, pale skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, spiked on the front and flowing with his scalp down just below the bottom of the chin. Clothing: Black t-shirt saying Big Dogs on it, but is covered by the flaps of the suit and on the back has a dog wearing a Darth Vader helmet, wreathed in flames, saying under it in Blood red letters: "SITH HAPPENS". A black suit covers the entire t-shirt making it seem like a plain black shirt with it's on. The suit has three gold buttons on each sleeve just above the wrist and two gold buttons closing the suit coat. He also has black slacks, and black, highly polished shoes. He wears a gold necklace around his neck with an angel trinket. The angel has a pair of diamond wings, a diamond head, a ruby skirt with a gold body/rimming. The trinket is about a half an inch long. Personality: Loud, outspoken, aloof, sly, and disrespectful on the surface. He is a very lonely person who is almost always sad despite his loud and happy demeanor. He is loyal and kind, despite his actions, but finds it hard to trust anyone. Bio: Remembers very little about what happened before becoming a vampire, only that his family was betrayed by their closest friend who killed one of his sisters and his mother and dad for the property that was worth a fortune. He escaped into the woods where he stumbled upon a vampire who took compassion on him seeing the events unfold and made him a vampire to take revenge on his family. He found his other sister murdered in the streets a few days later before he could warn her. Needless to say, the friend was killed under mysterious circumstances shortly afterward and Adrian has regretted killing him from the moment he silenced him. Long haunted and tortured by the murder has made him the lonely and sad person he is and he vowed never to kill another person out of revenge or hatred so long as he existed, just meals. The movement of the 60' and 70's he found a distraction from it and a good act and mask for his sadness as well which he sticks to this day. Other: Of the few other things he remembers from being a human, it's that he was a skilled ninja and a magician of sorts. Uses his skills to disappear behind smoke and to make his meals disappear as well among other things.
5/10/2007 #24
Awesome character! ;)
5/10/2007 #25
Ramalama - bang bang
I agree ^-^ Welcome to the rp!
5/11/2007 #26
Do you mind if I join? Name: Nicolas "Nick" Hanlon Age: 97; appears to be in his mid twenties. Gender: Male Race: Vampire, organic type (see below) Appearance: Is just about 6 foot. Has short brown hair and hazel eyes; the left has four flecks of brown on the iris. He looks virtually identical to an ordinary human. Clothing: Tends to dress casually. He prefers trousers, button-up shirts and plain shoes, but also dresses up in suits and wears an old leather jacket when "out on the town". Owns a dozen Ray-Bans sunglasses and is overprotective of them. Personality: Eccentric, relaxed, a little crazy around the edges and has a wierd sense of humour. 'Nuff said. Bio: Nick Hanlon was born on the 23rd April, 1891 in Manchester. His family was moderately wealthy and he had a good and lively childhood. His teachers at school often punished him for pranks and jokes that he made, but he passed with good grades. When he was 19, Nick's father was attacked while he was heading to the family business by three vampires. Nick saw this and fought them off but was badly injured. After recovering, he was visited by another vampire who offered to make him into one. He rejected it but reconsidered when the same vamp attacked his father a second time. Not much is known about Hanlon's life after this, apart from that he moved to America in the late 1940's and has now made a decent living and is well known within vampire circles and others. In the past decade he has had a falling out with an old boss and is now semi-retired from "recruiting" new people. Other: -He often hangs out with several other vampires: Mark "Lefty" Leonard, Louis Braille, and Kyle Moran. -Often switches moods and point of direction in the middle of conversations. -Is a "bio-vampire". This means that he only has an extended lifespan instead of immortality and isn't affected by holy objects. Well, if you're not happy with the entire "bio-vampire" thing, I'll change it. That's based manily off of Blade. So, is he alright...?
5/15/2007 #27
Well, I'm pretty sure that you're welcome to join. Don't see why not. =) And as for your character... I can't officially approve it, but I like him. ^^
5/17/2007 #28
Ramalama - bang bang
It's excellent, welcome to the rp! ^-^
5/18/2007 #29
Name: Briar Anne Locaste Age: 22 Gender: Female Race: Human Occupation: Police officer Appearance: Long chestnut hair, either worn in a tight braid that falls just below her shoulders or is clipped to the back of her head in a ornate black and silver hair ornament. Pale skin, Almond shaped hazel eyes, 5'4, 145 pounds. Clothing: Either in uniform (of course) or wearing a long sleeved crimson blouse over a black spagetti strap shirt, a black velvet choker and silver heart pendent around her neck, a long black skirt with knee high splits on the sides, black ankle boots with thigh length stockings and is either wearing a battered black leather duster or has it tied around her waist. Personality Traits: Causiously friendly, but doesn't have that many friends and isn't really looking for any. History: Born and raised in the City, Briar was brought up by a submissive mother and an alcoholic father. When she was little, she wanted nothing more then to get away. To get away from the City, and her parents. On her thirteenth birthday, she made plans to run away. The night before she left however, her father was killed. Murdered. His body was found bloodless, but not a mark could be found on him. Intrigued, Briar started to look into her father's case. At eighteen, she had not only familiarized herself with her the case of her father's murder, but also with several other "Vampire" murders. She has absolutly no belief in vampires, she just wants to find the sick b*** who offed her father and the others. Of course, to be able to research these cases as much as she wanted, she knew what she had to do. She started at the local Police Academy at twenty. By twenty two, she was an up and coming cop, looking foward to a promotion at any time. Of course, with all the local unsolved cases on her desk, she might be being a little optimistic. Other abilities: Just the usual female and cop intuition. Has great aim though... *I hope this is alright, I do love a good BIO ;)*
5/21/2007 #30
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