Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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kage-youkai girl
*huggles Dawley*
6/25/2007 #361
Thankies joo. :)

Let's see. Torchwood just finished, I'v set up the Sci-Fi rolepay, and it's not as late as I thought it was!

6/25/2007 #362
Murphy's Lawyer
Whee... me missed LOTS, LOTS, LOTS. But hi. To everyone. *hugs everyone* NO MORE SCHOOL! (Till September, anyways..) *grins, starts spontaneous pillow fight*
6/25/2007 . Edited 6/25/2007 #363
Yay!!! You're back! And congrats!!! ^^ *tackle hugs* Ack!! *whacks Lauren with the pillow that's suddenly in her hands* You're going down!!
6/25/2007 #364
(Lauren, are you going to post in Fangtasia as James? =P )
6/25/2007 #365
(yelps and runs from said pillow fight)
6/25/2007 #366
*cackles* *chases after Dawley* =D
6/25/2007 #367
Murphy's Lawyer
(Yes, Bella.. sorry!)

*grins, cackles and exchanges evil glance with Bella* *chases after Bella and Dawley* I'm gonna get you guys!!!!

6/25/2007 #368
(It's alright! ^-^)

*eyes widen* Aaaaaah!!! *runs for her life*

6/25/2007 #369
Murphy's Lawyer
(Yay! ^-^)

*grins and lets out a war yell* Muahahahaha!! *runs after Bella*

6/25/2007 #370

Eeep!!!! *yelps* Heeeeeelp!!! *darts around a corner*

6/25/2007 #371
(You still there, Lauren?)
6/25/2007 #372
I'm here. Don't think that she is, and she's lucky. *lowers copy of Temple and It* Phew, I was just about to use them...
6/25/2007 #373
Hahahaha! *shakes head and stops running, doubling over in laughter* Yeah, she is lucky...

But yay! I'm not alone!! ^^

6/25/2007 . Edited 6/25/2007 #374
Yes! *click-click* Woop-woop-woop-woop-woop!
6/25/2007 #375
*laughs harder, falling to the ground* Ow... ^-^
6/25/2007 #376
Apparently I do the Zoidberg voice really well. And he's my favourite character, too. ^^
6/25/2007 #377
^-^ Yep!
6/25/2007 #378
"Zoidy want to go outside!!"

"Aw. I just let you back in!"

"Don't worry Fry. She may have dumped you, but at least you still have Zoidberg... *points, speaks angrily* You ALL still have ZOIDBERG!!!"

6/25/2007 #379
Hey Lauren! I'll be right back, so don't go anywhere! *hugs*
6/27/2007 #380
Murphy's Lawyer
*grins diabolically* Me here....... *chases after Bella, still with pillow* And I'm not done yet! HAHAHA!
6/27/2007 #381
Murphy's Lawyer
ZOIDBERG! He's funny.. Hahaha!
6/27/2007 #382
Back!! *eyes widen* Aaaaah!! *runs away*
6/27/2007 #383
Murphy's Lawyer
*cackles, whacks Bella with pillow*
6/27/2007 #384
Eep! *turns around, grinning evilly* *hits Lauren with pillow* Take that!!
6/27/2007 #385
Murphy's Lawyer
*yelps* *grins* Oh, so that's how you want it...... *hits Bella back*
6/27/2007 #386
*laughs* Yep!! *grins back, whacking Lauren back* *cackles*
6/27/2007 #387
BLAURGGGGHHH!!1! *scuttles off, wooping*
6/27/2007 #388
Murphy's Lawyer
*laughs at Dawley but keeps hitting Bella with pillow* *thoughtful look* Sorry I disappeared before. Family members, always wanting MY computer time.. It's downright annoying.. yeesh!
6/27/2007 #389
Eep!!!! *ducks, hits Lauren with pillow* Haha! *smiles* It's okay, though I did miss you. ^^ I went swimming, though, so no worries. =)
6/27/2007 #390
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