Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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=) Neat character.
5/23/2007 #31
Murphy's Lawyer
Right, here goes... Jumping in late, but whatever.

Name: Anne-Lise Saint-Jacques (prefers to be known as Ana-Li)

Age: 102, but appears 17

Gender: female

Race: Vampire

Appearance: deep red hair - cut equal to chin, dark gray eyes, full lips, looks dangerously thin and pale, 5'5", 110 pounds; likes to wear make-up to accent her eyes and lips, but not much more..

Clothing: in public, usually wears frayed black jeans and a deep red tank top, occasionally with black hoodie over top, and scruffy black running shoes; when alone/with other vampires, wears men's clothes - usually sweats and a t-shirt, but occasionally just a plain white dress shirt

Personality: untrustworthy unless you give her a reason to be trusted, disliking of extensively loud people; can usually seem moody, but is usually just thoughtful; has a sarcastic sense of humour; likes to flirt with guys (human or not); once you know her, she's fiercely loyal, protective till the end, and even sympathetic. Naturally curious, though she hides it well.

Bio: Anne-Lise Saint-Jacques was born in France in 1905 as the only child of a couple believed to be unable of having children. At age seventeen she got sick of her parents pushing for her to start considering young men to marry and went for a walk in a quarter of their town that her parents had forbidden her to enter, out of curiosity to know what there was to be found there. Here she met a handsome young man who she found oddly trustworthy, and ended up spilling all her darkest secrets to him. He agreed to come to dinner, if only to calm her parents, but he had to do her a favour first. When Anne-Lise agreed, he bit her, then left her, knowing he wouldn't have to carry out his end of the deal. As times changed, she dropped her last name and became known as Ana-Li. And tada!

Other: Has a silver chain with a rose pendant which she never removes; when nervous, runs the pendant back and forth along the chain and bites her lip. Her left eye twitches slightly when she's under lots of stress or tired.

So.... that okay?

6/12/2007 #32
kage-youkai girl
She sounds cool.Welcome to the rp! ^.^
6/12/2007 #33
Murphy's Lawyer
Yay! ^_^ Thanks. Now I just have to introduce her. Hm... *thinks*
6/12/2007 #34
kage-youkai girl
Np.You can join anytime you one's really posting at the moment.
6/12/2007 #35
Murphy's Lawyer
Well I just posted on the RPG, so... yeah.
6/12/2007 #36
kage-youkai girl
Okaies.And I just replied to it.
6/12/2007 #37
Murphy's Lawyer
6/12/2007 #38
kage-youkai girl
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ^.^
6/12/2007 #39
Murphy's Lawyer
Replied again! ^_^ And I second that "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
6/12/2007 #40
kage-youkai girl
Yeppers!Me replied again too.LOL!!!I never met someone just as crazy/hyper as me before.May I know the name of my new friend?
6/12/2007 . Edited 6/12/2007 #41
Murphy's Lawyer
Me replied back. ^_^ Haha! If you're looking for crazy and hyper, RIGHT HERE!! *jumps up and down, waving hand in the air* Oh yeah. Name. Name, name, name.... Lauren! That's it! *grins proudly* And you?
6/12/2007 #42
Awesome character!!! =D Very creative.

And yaaay for finally being able to post again! ^^ I've missed this RP, but work's been killing me!

6/12/2007 #43
kage-youkai girl
Me replied back too.Hehe.Just give me caffine and you'll see me go into insane mode.LOL!Nice name.Me name is Nikki.*friendly smile* Nice to meet you Lauren!!*huggles* ^.^

(And though we just met...I sadly g2g now.Nice meeting you,Lauren.*lots of hugs*)

6/12/2007 #44
Murphy's Lawyer
YAY! Buahaha, caffeine.. my friends don't usually let me have that.. sugar works though. and just plain life. Or sleep deprivation. That one sneaks up on you so fast you don't even notice it! *tackle hugs* Sorry. Sleep deprivation. And thankies. You have a nice name too. ^_^

Aww........ bye... *tackle hugs*

And thankies Bella... ^_^ I made that up on the spot, actually.

6/12/2007 #45
You're welcome. ^^ On the spot, huh? That's impressive. =)
6/12/2007 #46
Murphy's Lawyer
Thanks. ^_^ Like I said, big imagination.
6/13/2007 #47
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #48
=) Yeah, I see. I always have to think long and hard about my characters.
6/13/2007 #49
Murphy's Lawyer
It didn't take me too long... just a bit of pondering, if you will... ^-^
6/13/2007 #50
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #51
Murphy's Lawyer
^-^ Yay.
6/13/2007 #52
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #53
Murphy's Lawyer
Haha, somewhat repetitive, no? But oh well. ^-^
6/13/2007 #54
kage-youkai girl
Yep. ^.^
6/13/2007 #55
Murphy's Lawyer
(Repeat that. :P) ^-^
6/13/2007 #56
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #57
Murphy's Lawyer
Haha. ^-^
6/13/2007 #58
kage-youkai girl
I know....Me is crazy!!!!Yo es muy muy loco!!!!! XD
6/13/2007 #59
Murphy's Lawyer
Hahaha.. yo tambien! XD
6/13/2007 #60
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