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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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kage-youkai girl
YAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tu comprende espainol(sp)?
6/13/2007 . Edited 6/13/2007 #61
Murphy's Lawyer
^-^ Yays! Un poco.. SOLO un poco! haha!
6/13/2007 #62
kage-youkai girl
Hehe.Tu bein.Yo comprende poco y hablo poco.
6/13/2007 #63
Murphy's Lawyer
*nods* Si, yo tambien.
6/13/2007 #64
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #65
Murphy's Lawyer
Ingles, por favor? No comprende mas.... XP
6/13/2007 #66
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #67
(goes off to sulk because he knows one language and three words of three others)
6/13/2007 #68
Man... the most I know how to speak are some made-up languages for some stories I've made... and I can't even pronounce them properly...
6/13/2007 #69
kage-youkai girl
*goes after Dawley* *huggles*
6/13/2007 #70
Murphy's Lawyer
Aw... there, there... *hugs*
6/13/2007 #71
Murphy's Lawyer
If it helps, my Spanish is pretty bad... I only know a little bit. I can ask for a beer, but that doesn't help, I don't drink! My French and English are good though. ^-^
6/13/2007 #72
kage-youkai girl
I took Spanish in 9th grade....and failed miserably...My French and German....I can't speak it to save my own life.Me only speaks English....and a little bit of Japanese.
6/13/2007 #73
*looks from side to side, nervously*

Opp dea nas kin'da... sil um bak...

6/13/2007 #74
Murphy's Lawyer
I took Spanish in grade ten, and got 92%. I was shocked, but happy. ^-^ French, I'm fluent in - I go to an English high school, but my elementary school was French. German, no clue!

And Dawley I have no idea what you just said..... oh yeah and you might wanna check out the RPG and reply. Might help move things along slightly. Now if only Bella/Aislin would show... *sighs*

6/13/2007 #75
Murphy's Lawyer
Oh yeah and I can say a few things in Japanese, such as "no s***, sherlock," "hello," and "thank you." That's pretty much it.
6/13/2007 #76
kage-youkai girl
For Dawley's eariler post:*blank stare* N-nani???
6/13/2007 . Edited 6/13/2007 #77
Murphy's Lawyer
*confused* Uh... what?
6/13/2007 #78
kage-youkai girl
Nani:What-in Japanese.
6/13/2007 #79
Murphy's Lawyer
Ah. Okay. Sorry if I kinda zone out - proofreading one of my many stories so I can update. ^-^
6/13/2007 #80
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #81
Murphy's Lawyer
*nods* Yuppers. If Dawley adds on to the RPG though, I'll try to post again.
6/13/2007 #82
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #83
Murphy's Lawyer
Well, no fresh post yet, and sadly, I must leave..... *is sad*

Byes.... *huggles*

6/13/2007 #84
kage-youkai girl
6/13/2007 #85
Whooooaaaa... I missed a lot... 0_0
6/13/2007 #86
Murphy's Lawyer
Yup, you did.... please go post!!! SOMEONE HAS TO POST!!!! *tense*
6/13/2007 #87
Name: Senna

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Almost deathly pale, even for a human, with almost white blonde hair that reaches just above her mid-back, with layers staring from her shoulders to the ends. Has a light grey stripe in the middle of the bangs that hang into her piercing half-green, half-blue eyes. Is skinnier than normal, and is of normal height.

Clothing: A white tank top that shows a sliver of her stomach, black leather pants that tuck into almost knee-high black boots.

Personality: Outgoing and carefree, yet knows when to hold her tongue and just observe. Seems reckless and a bit arrogant, but is actually quite witty and strong-willed.

Bio: Senna is not a normal human; she didn't grow up with parents that loved her and took care of her--well, not human ones, anyway. A couple of vampires found her when she was a baby, in an alley dumpster. Contrary to normal vampire nature, they took pity on her and took her in as one of their own. Teaching her how to fight and fend for herself at an early age, they showed her the darkest side of life in a way that made her feel accepted and normal. Being the influential and powerful beings they were, her parents kept her protected from outside clans of vampires who meant her harm as best they could. As she grew up, Senna didn't think twice about her parents staying young and beautiful, and she got to see vampires as not ones to fear, but instead felt more comfortable with them than her own race. Her life seemed perfect, until one night, she came home to find them gone. At first, she thought they'd abandoned her, and searched high and low for them. After what seemed like forever, she saw it... dust; the only thing that remained of the only ones she'd let herself love and depend on. Since then, she's been stuck in the middle, not knowing whether to turn to other humans, or the creatures that remind her of the family she's lost forever, all the while searching for whoever it is that took them away from her...

Hope this is okay... I'm kind-of tired of playing only a mute character, heh. ^^

6/13/2007 . Edited 6/13/2007 #88
For Dawley's eariler post:*blank stare* N-nani???

Ha ha... it's one of those made up languages. It's for either the Brataa or the Sirrun (don't. ask. if. not. scifi. fan.) and it means "You've gotta be kidding... what the...". Bak is a general expletive, like heck.

6/13/2007 #89
Aww... *feels ignored* =(
6/13/2007 #90
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