Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Ramalama - bang bang
Couldn't help myself. Talk about whatever you darn-well please here, again, just follow the rules. ;)
3/17/2007 #1
can i make a vamp club? with some warding spells around it to send humans away? And do humans know about vamps? or are they still in the coffin (closet) about their identies.
3/24/2007 . Edited 3/24/2007 #2
Ramalama - bang bang
Sure,that'd be awesome!
3/24/2007 #3
so about my human/vamp questions?
3/25/2007 #4
Ramalama - bang bang
Oh, sorry. Yes, humans know about the vamps, but the vamps hide very well most of the time.
3/25/2007 #5
ok so they know but vamps still try to hide the fact? is it on friendly terms or are they still like lets go get mob and stab them with sharpened bits of broom handles? lol
3/25/2007 #6
Ramalama - bang bang
lol, it's sort of half and half. Depends on the person.
3/25/2007 #7
kage-youkai girl
5/5/2007 #8
Ramalama - bang bang
5/5/2007 #9
kage-youkai girl
Sowwy.Me was at movies.Me saw 'Disturbia'.It was cools!
5/5/2007 #10
Ramalama - bang bang
Its s'okay.Cool ^-^
5/5/2007 #11
kage-youkai girl
Okaies.My mom was kinda scared of it though.I laughed just to help me not be scared. ^.0'
5/5/2007 #12
Ramalama - bang bang
lol, cool ^-^

Me has to go now.

The fight is soon, I think.

I'm weirdly excited o.o

*huggels* bye bye

5/5/2007 #13
kage-youkai girl
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws.Byes.*huggles back*
5/5/2007 #14
Ramalama - bang bang
5/6/2007 #15
kage-youkai girl
5/6/2007 #16
Hey. =)
5/6/2007 #17
Ramalama - bang bang
How is you?
5/6/2007 #18
Good. I have to do research on available jobs, so that puts a damper on my mood slightly. But I can RP at the same time, so it's all good. ^^

How're things with you?

5/6/2007 #19
kage-youkai girl
Hallo again.
5/6/2007 #20
Hello. ^^ How're you?
5/6/2007 #21
kage-youkai girl
Me is ok...tired,but ok.You?
5/6/2007 #22
I'm alright. Job searching online, seeing what's available, but otheriwise good.
5/6/2007 #23
kage-youkai girl
Wow.Good luck with that,Bella.
5/6/2007 #24
=) Thanks. I think I'll need all the luck I can get.
5/6/2007 #25
kage-youkai girl
5/6/2007 #26
Hey, you two. I'm going to grab a quick snack, but I'll be right back!
5/6/2007 #27
Ramalama - bang bang
I'm good, a little tired though.

And slightly irritated with another site... (Gaia Online)

And, good luck with job hunting Bella :)


5/6/2007 #28
kage-youkai girl
5/6/2007 #29
Ramalama - bang bang
*tackles Kage-chan* Boo.
5/6/2007 #30
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