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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Hanlon looked over at the guy behind him. He sneered, wanting to let out his fangs and smash something, but decided against it.
6/16/2007 #181
Murphy's Lawyer
((Don't worry Bella, I missed out too.... and YAY! Okay! And aww that's so sweet. My dad's on a date right now, hahaha. :P He took a flower and everything. So sweet of him, no? I'll make him breakfast tomorrow or something. :S XP Providing he doesn't wake up before I do.))
6/16/2007 #182
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas rolled his eyes. "Save it. I've been around slightly longer than you have and know a few more tricks. If I'd wanted to I could have had you dead by now. Or are you just mad at me for interrupting the conversation with your little lady friend?"
6/16/2007 #183
kage-youkai girl
(I sadly enough can't do anything for my dad,except get him a card...atleast it's something from the heart,right?)
6/16/2007 #184
Murphy's Lawyer
((You're still ahead of me Nikki. I don't have the money for a card, sadly enough... :( ))
6/16/2007 #185
Hanlon let out a fake laugh.

"Nah, I don't like relationships all that much. Last time... well, you figure it out," he said. He yanked his jacket from the guy's grasp and straightened it, and then went off in the direction of the car.

6/16/2007 #186
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas nodded, glancing back in Ana-Li's general direction. "Say no more. I've been there, as the one being hurt, the one doing the hurting... you name it." He shook his head slightly miserably, remembering that fateful night when he'd first seen Ana-Li, who was then still being called Anne-Lise. Ugh.
6/16/2007 #187
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko innerly sighed and turned to walk to the town.'I knew I was better off being solitary...but they just come to me...and sooner or later...they'll all die...just like "brother" did.' she thought to herself.
6/16/2007 #188
Hanlon cocked his head.

"Wait... you," he looked over at Ana-Li, stil glaring at the guy, and gave a half-smile.

"Okay then. I'm guessing that she drained you of blood or something similar? Geez, why does everytone end up like that?"

6/16/2007 #189
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas chuckled quietly, the sound void of humour. "Not quite. She had a human lover. I'd been trapped and starved, and he happened to be the first living thing I crossed. When she found me drinking his blood, needless to say, she wasn't happy."

He heard Ana-Li hiss from a distance, but ignored it. The bloody incident had taken place fifty-plus years ago. It was time she got over it.

6/16/2007 #190
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko continued to walk to the town on her own.
6/16/2007 #191
"...ah." said Hanlon, nodding.

"So... how did you get turned? And how old are you?" Hanlon said curiously, stopping and waiting for an answer.

6/16/2007 #192
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas imitated the other man's nod. "Mm-hmm."

He frowned at the question. "I don't think you need to hear that. As for my age... at last count, I'd reached my one hundred and seventh birthday some time ago."

6/16/2007 #193
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko finally reached the town,and looked for someone who was good with cars.
6/16/2007 #194
"Okay. Forget I asked," Hanlon said, and grinned. "I'm only a little bit behind you in the age bracket, through... so, technically I'm not all that young. Three bucks says you can't guess my nationality."

He then jogged off after the guy, obviously no twanting much more with the conversation.

6/16/2007 #195
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas raised his eyebrows at the easy-going attitude. "When you're 107, everyone seems young," he pointed out dryly. "And I'd rather not gamble, if you don't mind," he added, "though I'd say somewhere in the United Kingdom. Not England - I'd recognize your accent, seeing as that's where I'm from. Not Scotland - your accent and manner aren't straightforward enough. I'd say Ireland." He smiled slightly and asked slyly, "Am I close?"
6/16/2007 #196
Hanlon grinned. "Nice. Manchester, early 1900's. Thought I'd let the accent slip through for a little bit," he said. "So... been followed by any hunters in the past?"
6/16/2007 #197
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas chuckled. "Told you I'd been around. And I was followed by hunters about twenty minutes ago, so the answer to that is yes," he added dryly.
6/16/2007 #198
"How about a guy with a grudge?" Hanlon asked, wondering if he was a special case.
6/16/2007 #199
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas chuckled dryly. 'What is this, twenty questions?' he thought to himself before answering, "Does a woman count?"
6/16/2007 #200
"If she's a vampire hunter that matches most people's abilities, then yes. And if you want to play 20 Questions, then I have the game in my car," Hanlon said.
6/16/2007 #201
Murphy's Lawyer
He chuckled. "See if she matches your criteria. She's back there - see if you can guess which," he taunted. "And no thanks."
6/16/2007 #202
"So you can't take jokes?" Hanlon said, his voice completely flat. He was lost in his throughts, thinking of what he was going to do and how Hernandez would react to the news of his car being wrecked... but mostly because the people he was with didn't feel lik ethe "vampires" he knew.
6/16/2007 #203
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry? I can take a joke as well as the next person.."
6/16/2007 #204
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko finally found someone,and returned to the others with said person.'Here's someone who can help you with your car.' she thought,sending the thought to Hanlon.
6/17/2007 #205
Murphy's Lawyer
Ana-Li appeared behind Ritsuko, seeming oddly shy. She looked at her feet, then glanced past Hanlon, Ritsuko, and whoever this other person was, and finally looked at Thomas. She'd heard his thought earlier, about her needing to get over the 'incident,' as he'd put it, and had to admit, unfortunately, that he was right.

"Thomas.." she said softly.

His head snapped up. "What?"

"I'm sorry." The words were barely more than a whisper, but she knew he'd heard them.

6/18/2007 #206
((Hehe... can we say that Aislin has just been listening to the conversation the whole time? As she really can't talk, it'd make sense that she hasn't replied at all. ^^))
6/19/2007 #207
((Okie dokie. :D))

Hanlon raised his eyebrows and his eyes widened as he heard the girl speak to Thomas. Since he was still wearing his sunglasses he thought that they couldn't see his eyes, and then lowered his eyebrows to kee-

"Gah!" he yelped, jumping. The third girl had walked straight up behind him and he hadn't heard it! He slackened and then began to laugh softly with relief.

"Sorry... you scared me a little," he said, smiling weakly at the girl. She hadn't spoken at all when he had seen Thomas... now that Hanlon thought about it, she hadn't spoken at all since he had met the group. And he recognised her as the one who had that wierd glow coming from her fingers.

"So... what's your name?" he asked.

6/20/2007 #208
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas stood silently, watching Ana-Li, unsure she'd really said that. Then, he finally gave a slow nod and answered in a low voice, "So am I."

Ana-Li nodded curtly, then seemed unsure of what to do next. So instead she settled for just smiling slightly at the other man, the one who'd jumped. "Her name's Aislin," she answered for the girl.

6/20/2007 #209
Aislin laughed silently when Hanlon jumped, and raised an eyebrow while smiling slightly. 'Wow... what a jumpy guy,' she thought, and almost laughed again. When he apologized, she just shook her head, holding up a hand, to let him know it was alright. But at his question, she bit her lip, not sure how to answer.

When Ana-Li answered for her, Aislin smiled, and sent the other vampire a grateful look, mouthing the words, "Thank you."

6/20/2007 #210
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