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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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This is a vampire only club. Warding spells are around it to make humans want to go away asap. Signs are scattered around saying things like: no bitting, no live food, no garlic, etc. . The club seems to be made of dark corners around a dance floor and bar. The bar serves all types of blood and also regular drinks like martinis.
3/25/2007 #1
Ramalama - bang bang
(Sounds cool! ^-^)
3/25/2007 #2
Elizabeth Wolf, known mainly by only her surname, walked in the bar as soon as night had fallen upon the city in which soon the human dwellers would be going to bed. Just as the real fun began as the living dead awoke. She was tall for women born in her the 18th century standing at 5'8" with a light tanned hourglass form. She had on jeans with holes ripped in the knees and scattered about and a rich red corset tank tob. While she appeared to be only 18 she was really some 1900 years. While this might scare off a normal human male it was like nectar to bees with her own kind. For age brought power to their blood. She gave a half smile to the bar keeper as she walked over to the bar and sat down and flicked her long black hair over her shoulder. "I'll have type O blood tonight Tomas." she said ignoring how he gave her the usual once over before giving her the drink.
3/28/2007 #3
Ramalama - bang bang
Hayashi Aki pulled his twin sister, Amaya, into the the bar, "Will you come on!" he hissed, "we'll be safe here, I promise." Amaya hesitated, tossing an uneasy glance over her shoulder before following her brother into the club.
3/30/2007 #4
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko walked into the club,wearing her usual outfit.And went over to one of the corners.
5/5/2007 #5
Ramalama - bang bang
Aki and Amaya sat at the bar, looking over at the different choices, trying to decide which to take. Amaya glanced around the club, her dark eyes staring intently at her surroundings, "This is cool..." she murmmered quietly.
5/5/2007 #6
Aislin walked through the doorway of the club, quickly taking in the band and the general atmosphere of the place in one glance. Pressing her lips together slightly, she made her way through the dancing crowd, trying but failing not to make contact with anyone on the floor. Once she'd made it safely to the bar, she settled down into her seat and motioned to the bartender. She'd been there too many times to count, so she didn't have to bother trying to convey to him what she wanted. He already knew her preference, and handed her a small glass of blood. Looking around, she noticed another girl sitting next to her that had long black hair. Normally Aislin felt pretty comfortable in her own skin, minus the slight problem of not being able to talk, but next to the pretty vamp she felt quite plain. Rolling her eyes, she picked up her glass and shot the blood down her throat, nodding to Tomas who gave her a small grin.
5/5/2007 #7
Ramalama - bang bang
Amaya saw Aislin from where she sat next to Aki, she watched her curiously, ignoring her twin's muttered complaints about the people outside in the town.
5/6/2007 . Edited 5/6/2007 #8
Aislin's bright eyes looked around the dark club, and she nodded her head slightly to the music. Everything seemed to be going well so far; there didn't seem to be any trouble-makers tonight, for which Aislin was thankful.

That is, until she heard the loud crash of someone being knocked through a table near the dance floor. Aislin's eyes widened, and she turned around in time to see two vampires fighting over what seemed to be a dance partner. Aislin's muscles relaxed, for she'd been prepared for a confrontation out of habit, but it didn't seem like there was any real danger.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed two younger looking vampires in the corner. Normally she wouldn't have paid them much attention, but the girl was watching her, and Aislin felt her curiosity grow slightly as she wondered what the other vampire found about her that was so interesting. And despite her original plan to rarely show kindness, something about the girl's quiet gaze made the corners of her mouth turn up slightly. It was the first time she could remember having anything even close to a smile on her face.

5/6/2007 #9
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko watch the two vampires fight over the dance partner.She did a small sigh.'Men...they're all stupid.' she thought.
5/6/2007 #10
Ramalama - bang bang
Amaya smiled back, but was embarrassed at being caught watching the older vampire. She averted her gaze to the two vampires that were fighting, shook her head and ried to find something to do. She could hear Aki drinking like a starved vampire, she rolled her eyes at that. She looked quickly back over at where Aislin was sitting again.
5/6/2007 #11
Aislin caught the embarrassment behind the younger vampire's smile, and noticed that she seemed unsure of where else to look as her eyes shifted around the room and landed back on her own. Understanding the lack of certainty, Aislin sighed and left her seat to make her way slowly towards the table where the two vampire twins were sitting, once again careful to make as little contact with others as possible.
5/6/2007 #12
Ramalama - bang bang
Aki looked up and saw Aislin approaching, he looked questioningly over at Amaya, the turned his head back to Aislin. Amaya watched as she approached 'She doesn't seem the least bit angriy...' she thought quietly to herself as she gave a small wave
5/9/2007 #13
As she neared them, Aislin saw the boy look to the girl, a puzzled expression on his face. 'Well, I suppose it is odd that I'm coming over there,' she thought, but then caught the girl waving and returned the gesture. Once she was free of the dancing crowd, she motioned towards the empty side of the booth, asking silently if the seat was taken or if she was welcome, a small smile on her features.
5/9/2007 #14
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko watched as one of the guys approached her."Hey there.Wanna have some 'fun'?" he asked...obviously drunk.Ritsuko glared at him."Drop dead." she said,turning to go to a different spot,but he grabbed her arm."Hey!You're playing hard to get...aren't you?" he said,the smell of the drink on his breath was really bugging Ritsuko."I.said.drop.dead!" she yelled as she raised her arm and scratched the guy in the face,leaving four marks that were close to bleeding.
5/9/2007 #15
Aislin froze momentarily and then whirled around, her eyes widening as she saw a girl scratch the guy in front of her in the face. Her jaw tightened, and she threw an apologetic look over her shoulder at the twins before making her way quickly towards the source of the commotion. Once she was there, she stood next to the girl, locking her gaze with the guy who was now shocked and bleeding. Her eyes were bright blue, brighter than usual, and her anger sparked when she realized that the guy had tried to force himself on the girl. Unfortunately, her temper wasn't the only thing that sparked-- blue sparks flew from her hands, ripping through the bandages and opening new wounds over the old ones. Ignoring this, she glared daggers at the man, lifting one of her hands up threateningly.
5/9/2007 #16
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko watched this,and looked back at the guy...he had the look of fear in his eyes.She started to bear her fangs at the guy.'Let this be a warning for you...if you ever mess with me again...I'll make sure you suffer.' she sent her thoughts to the guys mind.And soon watched him run off,not wanting to have an early death.
5/9/2007 #17
Ramalama - bang bang
The twins saw Ritsuko, but stayed unfazed. "Please,do sit" Amaya said, nodding.
5/9/2007 #18
((Um, Aislin is over near Ritsuko now, but she can come back. ^^))

Aislin tried not to wince at the pain that the sparks were inflicting on her wounded fingers, and watched as the man suddenly fled as fast as his legs could carry him. It was as if something had suddenly scared him away, and she had the feeling it wasn't her unusual power. Aislin's brow furrowed slightly, and she gave Ritsuko the best smile she could and nodded, before turning back towards the twins' table. 'That was strange...' she thought, shaking her head slightly, wondering what could have frightened the man so badly.

5/9/2007 #19
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko read the girl's thoughts."They're all the same." she said to herself,walking to a different part of the room..
5/9/2007 #20
Aislin stopped in her tracks, feeling waves of frustration coming from the girl she'd just been next to. Turning around, she followed the girl, not sure what she was doing, but she knew she had to help the girl somehow. She wasn't sure why, but she thought the word, 'Wait.' She wasn't sure if it would do any good, but it was all she could really do.
5/9/2007 #21
kage-youkai girl
Ritusko felt the girl she met a moment go think.'What is it you want?' she thought,not sure if she could really trust the girl.
5/10/2007 #22
Aislin froze, but other than that there wasn't any indication that she'd heard the girl's voice inside her head. She took a deep breath when the she could, and thought, 'You're not the only one with... I guess you could say a 'unique' ability. I can feel people's emotions that around me as if they're my own, and I felt your frustration and anger.' She paused for a moment, and then held out her hand, thinking, 'All I want is friendship. It's really all I have to give, though you're free to turn me down, if you like.'
5/10/2007 #23
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko looked at the girl's hand,and looked back up at her face.She remembered the last time she trusted almost got her killed.'I'll think about it...and I'll get back to you on it.' she thought,as she headed to the stairs that led to the roof."...Brother...why did you have to get yourself killed..?" she asked the wind.
5/11/2007 . Edited 5/11/2007 #24
Aislin let her hand drop to her side and watched as the girl walked up the steps. 'Okay. The offer is always open,' she thought, hoping that the girl had heard it. With that, she turned and made her way back to the twins.
5/11/2007 #25
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko heard the girl's thought."Yeah...sure..." she said softly.She looked up at the sky and started having flashbacks about her past...when her 'brother' was alive.
5/11/2007 #26
Murphy's Lawyer
Ana-Li stepped inside, the warm crush of dancing bodies pressing close to her and making her slightly irritable. She'd always been a fair bit of a loner, except for when she went to clubs like this one, looking to meet... someone.. anyone, really. Any friends she may have had in her human life had died long ago, and here she was, left behind, with the eternal life of the damned ahead of her. She grinned at that silly thought. She'd long ago given up all religion. Sighting a bar, she made her way over and glanced at the barkeeper, motioning him over. When he reached her and asked what he could get her, she grinned and said seductively, "Surprise me," before turning and watching the dancing people.
6/12/2007 #27
Aislin sighed, seeing that the twins had long ago left, and turned towards the bar. Her shoulders slumped slightly, and she realized how exhausted she was. After sitting down in one of the chairs at the bar, she scanned the dancefloor, wondering how anyone could celebrate being damned for eternity. Shaking her head and sending dark curls into her pale face, she put her back to the crowd and motioned the bartender over, but he seemed to be busy with another girl. Her brow furrowed slightly, and a small growl of annoyance made its way through her lips as she settled for staring at her hands. 'Well, isn't this exciting...'
6/12/2007 #28
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko stayed outside for a few more minutes,then went back inside.She glanced at the males that were eyeing her,and let out a warning growl.'Come anywhere near me,and you die.' she sent her thoughts to the men.She went to the far end of the bar,and waited for the bartender to get done with the two girl who were already waiting for him.
6/13/2007 #29
Murphy's Lawyer
The bartender raised his eyebrows at Ana-Li. "Well, there's a first. Most vampires know their preference and stick to it, in my opinion." She shrugged. "Blood is blood. Now you may want to hurry. You've got two other ladies waiting." The bartender moved away, and she turned back to the dancing crowd again.

A young man, perhaps eighteen, appeared beside her. "Dance with me," he ordered, but Ana-Li shook her head. He was a pretty one, undoubtedly good in school, sports, and the like. What a shame it would be to drink his blood dry.

"C'mon," he persisted when she didn't move, grabbing her wrist and tugging. "Whoa, you're cold." Ana-Li stood and lifted her face to his, letting her fangs slide down enough for him to see what she was, leaning in close and whispering in his ear, "You have no idea. Now get away from me." Dazed, he obeyed, and Ana-Li resumed her seat.

6/13/2007 #30
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