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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Ramalama - bang bang
(^,,,,,,-,,,,,,^ Kawaii!!!!)

"Come on" he said softly, taking her by the hand, and leading her under the roof of a near by building.

6/29/2007 #481
kage-youkai girl
(SUPER KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Rikku followed close behind.She stood close to the wall,so not to get anymore wet from the rain than she already was.

6/29/2007 #482
Ramalama - bang bang
(HEhe I know!!!)

Draye put his hoodie (zip-up kind) over her shoulders, just in case she was cold, then wrapped his arms around her and hugged her affectionately from behind.

(Me has to go D: Sowwy Kage-chan, I be back laters, though *huggles for super long time and friendly kiss* Me is glad you're back!!)

6/29/2007 #483
kage-youkai girl

Rikku smiled,and cuddled a little closer to Draye.

(I g2g too.It be okaies.*huggles back for super long time and friendly kiss back* Me is glad to be back.)

6/29/2007 #484
Tyrone grinned down at Ritsuko, and hugged her close. Somehow, he had the feeling that something wasn't right. 'Are you okay?' he asked, sending the question to her mind. 'I was just talking mentally with Thomas, who's with my friend, Senna. Just keeping tabs on him in case something goes wrong... does that bother you?
6/29/2007 #485
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko blinked a few times,and shook her head.'No...I just I felt something..that's all.' she thought.
6/30/2007 #486
Tyrone visibly relaxed at Ritsuko's answer, and his smile returned. 'Alright, well that's good. Nothing's wrong, so don't worry,' he thought, grabbing hold of her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
6/30/2007 #487
((Got to go! Sorry! *hug* Bye!))
6/30/2007 #488
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko gave a small smile,and nodded.'I can't be.I can't be.I just can't be...can I?' she thought,hiding it from Tyrone.


6/30/2007 . Edited 6/30/2007 #489
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas returned Senna's smile, and held her close, smiling more widely as he heard both her laugh and her whisper. When he felt her shiver he couldn't help teasing, "Cold?" before chuckling again and pulling her against him. He gently brushed a piece of hair from her face, then whispered in her ear, "You really are the most beautiful woman I've ever met."
6/30/2007 #490
Murphy's Lawyer
((I'm not here for long. Just posting quickly.))

James grinned back at her, sliding his arms around her to return the hug without thinking twice about it. "About time," he teased.

He smiled smugly when she moaned slightly, feeling her skin tingle under his hands. At her question, he smirked slightly as he responded, "That you were trying to tempt me." He leaned in closer to her and whispered in her ear, "And did I mention it worked? Very, very well?"

James made a face at Damien as he pretended to whine, "She only took your side of things because you're such a fantastic kisser!" and then commented, "How would you know, Damien? You'd better not have been doing things to me while I sleep..."

6/30/2007 #491
Ramalama - bang bang
Draye smiled, nuzzling her a bit, and humming a soft,sweet melody.
6/30/2007 #492
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled,and listened to the melody that Draye was humming.
6/30/2007 #493
Ramalama - bang bang
It ended, fading softly, as he kissed her lightly, smiling still.
6/30/2007 #494
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled,and lightly kissed back.
6/30/2007 #495
Ramalama - bang bang
"So.. What do you wanna do?" he asked her, still holding her close
6/30/2007 #496
kage-youkai girl
Rikku turned her head to face Draye."How about go inside..?" she suggested.
6/30/2007 #497
Ramalama - bang bang
"Sure" he nodded, holding her hand, "In here? Or do you wanna go somewhere else?"
6/30/2007 #498
kage-youkai girl
"In here's fine." she said,giving Draye a smile.
6/30/2007 #499
Ramalama - bang bang
"Okay" he said, leading her in. He felt happier than he'd even been before, when she smiled at him.
6/30/2007 #500
kage-youkai girl
Rikku felt a few pairs of eyes on her,and felt the presence of a few other vampires in the building.'They must not trust me or something.' she thought to herself.
6/30/2007 #501
Ramalama - bang bang
"Any of you touch her, I promise you'll regret it" Draye threatened, glancing around into the darkness. "We can go to my apartment, Rikku" he told her.
6/30/2007 #502
kage-youkai girl
Rikku nodded."Ok."
6/30/2007 #503
Ramalama - bang bang
He led her up the stairs and to where his apartment was, unlocking the door. He held it open, "Go on in" he said warmly, relieved that he was a clean person, and not like the others in the building.
6/30/2007 #504
kage-youkai girl
Rikku walked into the room.She lightly felt around.
6/30/2007 #505
Ramalama - bang bang
It was lightly furnished, and well kept. Draye closed the door as he walked in, "Would you like anything?" he asked her
6/30/2007 #506
kage-youkai girl
Rikku shook her head."No thanks.I had a meal before I came here."
6/30/2007 #507
Senna grinned at his tease, and snuggled closer still, shaking her head. "Nope," she said firmly, stiffling a yawn. Her skin tingled as his fingertips brushed her face when he moved her hair away, and for once a modest smile slipped onto her lips at his whispered words. Quietly, she whispered back, "Thank you..."
6/30/2007 #508
Ramalama - bang bang
He nodded, "Well, feel free to make yourself at home" he said sitting next to her.
6/30/2007 #509
Vala smiled as he hugged her back, and laughed at his tease, wacking him lightly in the arm playfully. "Count yourself lucky; it doesn't happen often."

She opened her eyes to see him smirking, and her eyes narrowed even as she grinned. Realization dawned on her features, and she smirked as well, especially at the words he whispered. "Oh, yeah? Very, very well, huh? Hmm... and I wasn't even trying that hard. What a push-over," she teased, pushing him lightly.

At Damien's whiny words, she laughed, sending him one of her signature 'give-me-a-break' looks, one hand on her hip. But at James's comment, she laughed again, a bit harder, and shook her head, putting a hand to her forehead. "Oh boy... You guys are so entertaining," she said, smiling.

6/30/2007 #510
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