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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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kage-youkai girl
Rikku nodded,and cuddled a little closer to Draye.
7/1/2007 #511
Tyrone smiled back, and dipped his head down, kissing her lightly on the cheek.
7/1/2007 #512
Ramalama - bang bang
Draye smiled, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her cheek lightly.
7/1/2007 #513
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko blushed a bit,closed her eyes....and soon planted a small kiss on Tyrone's lips...then pulled away to put her head down.


Rikku smiled,and had a light blush cross her face.

7/1/2007 . Edited 7/1/2007 #514
Tyrone's eyes widened slightly when Ritsuko kissed him lightly, and his smile widened. When she put her head down, he shook his head, and hooked his index finger under her chin, making her face him. Slowly, he dipped his head down, and kissed her back, letting his hand rest gently on the side of her face. After a moment, he pulled away, and smiled down at her, before hugging her close. 'You're really beautiful.. you know that?' he thought, sending it to her mind softly.
7/1/2007 #515
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko blushed a dark as a stawberry when he kissed back.She soon relaxed when he sent the thought to her.'Y-You really...think Im beautiful..?' she thought.
7/1/2007 . Edited 7/3/2007 #516
((Got to go!! Dishes need attending to... . *hugs* Bye!!))

Tyrone smiled again, nodding. 'Yep, sure do,' he thought, sending it to her mind.

7/1/2007 #517
kage-youkai girl

Ritsuko gave a small smile.'Th-thank you.' she thought.

7/1/2007 #518
Tyrone smiled again, and shook his head, thinking, 'There's really no need to thank me; you should be thanking yourself, as it's you who's got the looks, not me.'

((Sorry if that doesn't make sense, Nikki. I'm just really tired right now (didn't get much sleep) so I'm a little out of it right now. Anyway, going to bed now... *waves, yawns* Goodnight!))

7/1/2007 #519
kage-youkai girl
(It be okaies.Okaies.Night-night.Sleep well,Bella.)

Ritsuko looked at Tyrone.'I was talking about the compliment actually...but..." she thought for a moment,and slightly tilted her head a bit.'You have some looks too...' she continued.

7/1/2007 #520
Murphy's Lawyer
((To anyone Canadian, happy belated Canada Day. ^-^))

Thomas chuckled as Senna moved closer to him, his smile widening at her answer. "I didn't think so," he said mildly, looking at her fondly as she yawned. "But you must be tired." At her whispered thanks he smiled again, nuzzling her neck yet again. "It's only the truth. No need to thank me."

7/2/2007 . Edited 7/2/2007 #521
Murphy's Lawyer
James tossed her a pouting look as she smacked his arm, pretending to be offended. "I'll remember that," he grinned.

"You really have to stop pushing me like that," he teased as he caught both her wrists in his hands to stop her from pushing him as she'd been doing. "It hurts my feelings." At her comment he snorted in disbelief. "Please. You were trying, love, and you were having fun. We both were."

Damien grinned back at Vala, and at James's raised eyebrows, insisted, "What, it's true! I've heard the women you've been with, and they all say the same thing, which basically adds up to 'Holy s*** that was amazing why did he leave?'" James frowned at his friend, raising an eyebrow, which made Damien sigh dramatically and exclaim, "There's that look again!" before grinning at Vala. "Well, I try," he said brightly. James rolled his eyes. "Do you ever," he muttered under his breath.

7/2/2007 #522
Ramalama - bang bang
"You're even cuter when you blush" Draye said with a small smile as he kissed her again
7/2/2007 #523
kage-youkai girl
Rikku blushed a little darker,and happily kissed back.
7/2/2007 #524
Ramalama - bang bang
Draye smiled again, happy that he was with Rikku
7/2/2007 #525
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled,happy to be with Draye.
7/2/2007 #526
Ramalama - bang bang
(I dunno what else to say D:)
7/2/2007 #527
kage-youkai girl
(same here.)
7/2/2007 #528
Ramalama - bang bang
(wanna just ff?)
7/2/2007 #529
kage-youkai girl
7/2/2007 #530
Ramalama - bang bang
(kay. next night then, i guess?)

Draye yawned a bit as he blinked open his eyes, 'I feel asleep?' he thought confused, then looked to see Rikku.

7/2/2007 #531
kage-youkai girl
Rikku was asleep right to Draye.She was giving a small smile in her sleep.
7/2/2007 #532
Ramalama - bang bang
Draye smiled, laying a thin blanket over her, and kissing her forehead lightly.
7/2/2007 #533
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled a bit more,and whispered." you...Draye..."
7/2/2007 #534
Tyrone smiled at her first thought, and thought, 'So was I, actually.' But then he chuckled softly at her second thought, and hugged her close. 'Thank you...' he thought, sending it to her mind quietly. After a moment, he leaned forward, and gently kissed her lips.
7/2/2007 #535
(( ^-^ ))

Senna grinned at his words, and then nodded slightly when he said she must be tired. "Yeah... I am... but I don't have to go to sleep just yet," she said, kissing him softly. When he nuzzled her neck, however, she sighed contentedly. "It's a variation of the truth, but I'm thanking you, so deal with it," she whispered, smiling warmly.

7/2/2007 #536
Vala smirked as he tried to look hurt, and merely shrugged at his words. "Alright, though it probably won't be the last time you get smacked," she said, grinning back at him.

She smiled sweetly as his hands enclosed her wrists, and leaned forward. "I'll stop when I see fit, thank you very much. And... who said I'd stopped trying?" she whispered, pressing up against him, brushing her lips across his ear softly.

At Damien's grin, she smirked, and shook her head before raising an eyebrow at James. "Quite a reputation you've got there," she teased, and grinned at Damien again, laughing softly at James's muttered words. "Got to give him credit for trying."

7/2/2007 #537
kage-youkai girl
Ritsuko blushed a bit,but kissed back.
7/3/2007 #538
Murphy's Lawyer
((Sorry it took me so long to post. I go back and forth from Mom's house to Dad's week to week, and Mom's internet isn't so great, so I can usually only post at Dad's. And sorry it's so short. :( ))

Thomas chuckled softly and gently kissed her temple. "Get some sleep, love," he said gently. "And don't worry, I'll deal with it," he added. "But it's no variation."

7/4/2007 #539
Murphy's Lawyer
James grinned right back at her. "I'll consider myself warned," he said jokingly.

He narrowed his eyes at her, pulling her against himself when she leaned in close. "I can think of another way to make you stop," he taunted as he bent his head close to hers. "Can you guess what it might be?" At her whispered comment he smiled. "I wouldn't expect you to," he grinned.

When faced with the look she now gave him, James shook his head and shrugged slightly. "One he must have made up." Damien set his hands on his hips, and, outraged, exclaimed, "I don't think so! I had my doubts, but after watching you two... it's PHEROMONES!" The last word was practically shouted, and James shot Damien a narrow-eyed look. "Shut your mouth, you," he warned, though his lips were twitching into a smile. He glanced back at Vala, grinning at her comment, and gave her a look of extreme suffering. "See what I have to deal with?" he asked, making a face.

7/4/2007 #540
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