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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Ramalama - bang bang
6/21/2007 #241
kage-youkai girl
Rikku put her head down."Oh...Im sorry." she said softly.
6/21/2007 #242
Ramalama - bang bang
"It's fine, I'm over it now. Like you said, it's the past" he said with a small, smile
6/21/2007 #243
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled."Right." she said.
6/21/2007 #244
Ramalama - bang bang
"I..." he began, unsure of what he really wanted to say, "um, how old are you?"
6/21/2007 #245
kage-youkai girl
Rikku gave a little smile."Just turned 100 this year." she said."How old are you?" she asked,tilting her head a bit.
6/21/2007 #246
Ramalama - bang bang
"Happy late birthday then"he said, "I'm like an old man almost, at 110 years old" he joked
6/21/2007 #247
kage-youkai girl
Rikku gave a nod."Thank you." she said."And you don't look that look like you're only a year older than me." she said...but Im only going by my other sences." she gave a small laugh.
6/21/2007 #248
Ramalama - bang bang
He laughed too, "Thanks" he said, smiling. He looked at her thoughtfully, "So,umm.." hebegan, unsure of what to say again, 'Why can't I talk? I feel like an idiot'

(Have you heard of the movie "I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"?)

6/21/2007 #249
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled.'Why do I have this I might can't be.' she thought to herself again.

(Yes!It looked sooooooo funny!!!I might go see it.Why?)

6/21/2007 #250
Ramalama - bang bang
"Y- you've got a really nice smile.." he said softly

(I just saw the preview it looks hilarious XDD)

6/21/2007 #251
kage-youkai girl
Rikku had a light blush."Th-thank you." she said softly.Then felt it was getting late.After finishing her blood."'s getting late...I think I better leave." she said,not really wanting to leave now.

(Me too...Adam Sandler playing a straight guy pretending to be gay!!!!XDDDDDD)

6/21/2007 #252
Ramalama - bang bang
"You're welcome" he said, "alright" he nodded, hiding his disappointment, "I'll walk you back, if you like?"

(I know XDD)

6/21/2007 #253
kage-youkai girl
Rikku gave a small nod."Ok...if you can handle going near a church." she said softly.


6/21/2007 #254
kage-youkai girl
(I g2g now.Byes.*huggles Ookami-chan*)
6/21/2007 #255
Ramalama - bang bang
(Aw bye bye Kage-chan *huggles Kage-chan back*)

He shook his head, "I don't mind" he said

6/21/2007 #256
kage-youkai girl
(Im back!We had to take Sunny to the groomer's...he's gonna hate us so bad.)

Rikku nodded,going to the bar to return the glass,and waited for Draye to follow.

6/22/2007 #257
Ramalama - bang bang
He followed, doing the same, "Lead the way" he said smiling

(Awww but he'll love you again in no time xp.)(Me can't be on though D: gonna go to Sears)

6/22/2007 #258
kage-youkai girl
Rikku smiled and led the way to the church.


6/22/2007 #259
Ramalama - bang bang
(Last minute posting. sowwies *huggles)

He followed curious to what the church would be like, "They have nothing against our kind then.. Right?"

6/22/2007 #260
kage-youkai girl

Rikku froze for a moment."To tell you the truth...I don't really know...All I heard when growing up was that vampires had a fear of holy objects or locations." she said,turning her head to face him.

6/22/2007 #261
Murphy's Lawyer
((WHOA! I missed ALOT! Sorry this took me so long, Bella.. :( ))

Thomas remained tense and still until he heard Senna's thought, and then he gave a small smile. He waited until her friends were out of sight and then gently pulled her into his arms, nuzzling her neck gently. The words she was now - in her mind, at least - questioning had left him before he'd had the time to think them through, but he knew that they were true. There was no way he could doubt it, not after the way he'd felt a huge load lift from his shoulders after saying it. Resting his head on her shoulder, he murmured quietly, "Having a hard time stopping your thoughts?" before gently kissing her neck and whispering, "Yes, I do. Very much, in fact."

He shook his head slightly at her words, surprised at the sudden rush of sadness that filled him the moment she suggested that she should leave. Her words about her own past confused him, but he didn't let it show. When she fell silent, he enfolded her in his arms once more and murmured softly, "Senna, did you not hear me? I said I care about you. That means I'm willing to be a target. I'm willing put up with Tyrone, even if he loses his temper, because to be honest, I don't exactly have limitless patience either. I'm willing to put up with anything that gets in our way, because I care about you. I'll put up with anything so long as it means I can have you near me when all's said and done."

6/22/2007 #262
Murphy's Lawyer
((Right, here goes with the new character..))

James Halloran sighed impatiently as a friend dragged him into the bar. He glanced up at the sign above the door, his heightened vision allowing him to read it even in the dark: Fangtasia. 'Oh, yes, let's flaunt ourselves to the world,' he thought dryly, rolling his brown eyes. 'That would go /so/ well for all of us.'

His friend Damien turned to give him a glare. "James, come on. For once, could you just have a good time?"

James raised an eyebrow and shook a black curl out of his eyes. "No, I don't think so," he replied boredly as his eyes swept around the club, ignoring the stage altogether. Performers tended to be needy, clingy, and often very eccentric. He'd been down that road before, and he wouldn't do it again, not if you paid him. After all, when you'd been alive for almost a century, money tended to lose its value.

Damien sighed. "F*** hell, you're impossible, mate. You're my friend and all, but loosen up."

James ignored him.

6/22/2007 #263
((It's okay! ^^ Don't worry.))

Senna noticed that he smiled slightly, and smiled in return as Thomas relaxed and took her into his arms and nuzzled her neck. At his question, she laughed softly, and nodded. When he answered her question, she looked up at him, and couldn't help feeling a wave of happiness wash over her. ".. really?" she whispered, her eyes bright.

However, when Thomas wrapped her in his arms again and began talking, she fell silent and just listened. At his words about his temper, she smiled a bit, but was otherwise speechless. After he was finished speaking, she bit her lip, hard, and looked up at him. She paused for a moment, and then leaned in to kiss him sofly. "Well... you want to know a secret?" she asked, a smile on her lips as she whispered in his ear, "... I care about you, too."

6/22/2007 #264
Murphy's Lawyer
Thomas gave a small smile, his eyes staying on Senna as he gently kissed her once more. "Yes, really," he whispered back.

Her silence almost unsettled him, but he knew she was merely listening to him, and that helped a bit. He didn't understand the nervousness filling him now: he'd never been nervous, in either his human life or his vampire one, and it was a new experience, but he'd put up with it, if it meant that he could have Senna. At her whispered words in his ear he smiled widely, feeling as though he was the luckiest man alive - and the fact that he was eternally damned could be, well, damned, as far as he cared.

He pulled her close and kissed her, gently but passionately, then put his lips against her neck, sighing in pleasure when he felt the warmth of her skin. His eyes closed, he whispered against her skin, "You've just made me the happiest person on this planet, love."

6/22/2007 #265
((Hehe... well, at least now I know what stereotype Vala is going to be held to. =P ))

Vala's eyes swept over the crowd, and stopped when they landed on the pair that had just entered the bar. One looked normal, and seemed to be enjoying himself mildly, while the other didn't look the least bit happy. Vala's head turned to the side, and she couldn't help but wonder why he'd ocme if he was just going to mope around. But then again, his friend might have dragged him here, for all she knew. He didn't even look at the stage, and Vala noticed that he seemed very down in the dumps about almost everything.

After finishing up the song, she cued the DJ, and recorded music began playing once again. Heading for the bar, she ordered a martini, and sipped it a bit before turning around to watch the crowd. She watched the two vampires with slight interest, and it seemed that the first one was having a hard time loosening up the other. With a small snort of laughter, she shook her head, thinking, 'Emo... it's so over-rated.'

6/22/2007 #266
kage-youkai girl
6/22/2007 #267
Murphy's Lawyer
((Haha, yep. James is going to be quite the a** at first, though, so I hope Vala's not too sensitive!))

James sighed yet again, tossing his hair out of his eyes and musing that he really had to get it cut sometime soon. Damien had disappeared to find himself a girl for the night after strictly warning him that if he left, there would be hell to pay, and though James wondered briefly how that was possible when, as a vampire, he was already eternally damned to hell anyway, he didn't leave.

Feeling a pair of eyes brush over him, he turned his head, realizing that it was the woman who'd been singing. He frowned as her thought reached him and shot her a brief, but lethal, glare.

6/22/2007 #268
Senna smiled back, and when he whispered in her ear that he really did care for her, she smiled again before his lips softly met hers.

When she answered him, she saw him smile widen, and couldn't help but return the gesture as she kissed his neck. As Thomas pulled her close and kissed her again, she smiled against his lips, and her breath caught as they skimmed the skin of her neck. His breath tickled her skin as he whispered, and she gave an involuntary shiver as she teased, "Oh, really? Are you sure there's no one /happier/ than you right now?"

6/22/2007 #269
kage-youkai girl
( me needs you to play Tyrone so I can play Ritsuko.)
6/22/2007 #270
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