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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Ramalama - bang bang
Now, we all figure all authors, movies, and countries have their own beliefs on vampires. Do you believe any of them? Or do you have your own theory? Here talk about your theories, or whatever, even your own made-up kinds of vampires!
4/7/2007 #1
white winged
I'm a rabid Buffy fan, hence why I like vampires so much. Spike rawks. Oh, and Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice was very influential also. I didn't like the movie so much. So yes. I don't think that vampires would be wimpy and do-gooding like Angel though; but they wouldn't be completely heartless either. They'd be ... cool. Unlike Angel. Eheh.
4/13/2007 #2
Ramalama - bang bang
I've never really cared much for Buffy, but I'm still a mega vampire fan. I've been trying to find Interview With a Vampire for a while now! But, I've read Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak, the Twilight Series, the Vampire Kisses Series, and some of R.L. Stine's vampire-related works. Also a bit of Bram Stoker. But, I agree with what you said, it makes a lot of sense. They'd be very cool.
4/14/2007 #3
white winged
Definitely. And considering they're kinda like demony things, they wouldn't exactly have any interests in "saving the lives of humans" or "finding retribution from past mistakes" and whatnot. It's kinda silly, the way they do that. (cough Angel cough.) Have you noticed I dislike Angel? I hope it doesn't show. =P
4/14/2007 #4
Ramalama - bang bang
I have realized you dislike it. But, you have a good point. I mean, I think the nicest a vampire would be is to help it's own kind, and only it's own kind. Other than that, they'd be super cool cold-hearted people.
4/15/2007 #5
xox Kiyoui xox
lol hey. Personally I haven't seen Buffy, hencefoth, I have no idea who Angel is. I agree with most of what you have discussed though. They are deffinitely demon like creatures. I dont think they are just 'heartless' though. I believe they have feelings for eachother, such as hatred ,love and ect. I also think that most would hate humans. It would be a little hard to like them and yet be able to devour them. lol. But then again I also think there would be a few that would like them. Just like there a people who love animals. I mean we eat them too right? It can go both ways.
4/21/2007 #6
The Ferrett
Read Stoker, seen van helsing and checked out a dozen or so vamp stories. The only reason Viola is a vamp hunter though is because I was dedicating characters to people I knew and I asked said person what she wanted her character to be and volia. ::))
4/23/2007 #7
Hey everyone! ^^ First of all, I like the idea of a vampire hunter. It changes things up a bit. Secondly, Angel isn't such a bad vamp. I mean, he has his soul-- that's the reason he's so soft. I don't like arguments, but I felt that Angel deserved at least one person on his side. :)
5/4/2007 #8
Ramalama - bang bang
Hey :) I've never truly watched these shows, nor movies, but I read a lot of books. I recently checked Interview With A Vampire out, and I'm excited to start reading it. but, a personal opinion of mine is, in some ways being 'turned' into a vampire and being 'born' a vampire could also very much have an affect on his/her personality. I believe in both being turned and born. os the way I see it is if the person is being turned they most likely could still feel friendly towards humans, even though they aren't one themselves any longer. Whereas, if you are simply born a vampire, you'd probably have less feelings to the humans, than those that were turned. A human would be a mere source of survival, pretty much. But, this is only my opinion, formed by reading many, many different types of books.
5/4/2007 #9
Hmm... I always thought that vampires couldn't have children, as vampires never really grow old, or at least not as far as appearances go. *shrugs* =) Oh, and if you need a good vampire book to read after Interview With A Vampire, check out Twilight and New Moon, both by Stephenie Meyer. They're simply incredible. However, this is just my opinion, as well. ^^
5/4/2007 #10
Ramalama - bang bang
I've read both, they were super-incredible! I can't wait for the third, Eclipse. It comes out this summer! But,in some books I've read vampire can have children, but in others they can't. Only, I might give the wrong title of the books, because I've read way to many. ^-^'
5/5/2007 #11
Gin's lil Kitsune
5/5/2007 #12
Ramalama - bang bang
Hihi ^-^ We be talking aobut our opinions on the vampire personality, along with the books we've read on them *nods*
5/5/2007 #13
Gin's lil Kitsune
Oh....Hmmmmmmmm....I think it depends on how the vampire was raised,then in Vampire Kisses!
5/5/2007 #14
Ramalama - bang bang
*nods* Very much agreeable! Gosh, I'm only on page 29 of Interview With A Vampire, and it's //really// good. But, I don't agree with the fact the vampires need to sleep in coffins, it's a classic bed for them, but still, not necessary.
5/5/2007 #15
Hey kage-youkai girl. =) Yeah... I think that vampires having children would be neat, but I still don't understand how it'd work, haha.. And yes, I agree, coffins aren't necessary.
5/5/2007 #16
Ramalama - bang bang
Hi Bella =) True. But, I've got two ideas of how it could work. 1. Like a normal humans almost, only possibly shorter the three trimesters, and less sickness. OR 2. The two who want a child somehow find a baby (In say, an orphanage) and each transfer a part of their blood to the baby, but somehow eliminating any possible trace of once being human. *shrugs* But, those are only ideas.
5/5/2007 #17
I like the second idea, personally. That seems like a more realistic way for them to have kids. Well, if you can call anything vampire-related realistic... =D
5/5/2007 #18
Ramalama - bang bang
I agree, I'd read it in a Fic.Press story, and it made total sense. Uhh... Only the story was a yaoi @.@ But, it still made sense.
5/5/2007 #19
Gin's lil Kitsune
That's true...I kinda agree with the second idea.
5/5/2007 #20
Ramalama - bang bang
I'd say it makes sense. Of all real books I've read, none mention vampires having their own kids.
5/5/2007 #21
Gin's lil Kitsune
*clears throat* What about Vampire Kisses.Alex said nothing about him being adopted or anything.So his mother must have really given birth to him.
5/5/2007 #22
Ramalama - bang bang
True. You bring up a good point *nods* Maybe she did. If only we could find out for sure D=
5/5/2007 #23
Gin's lil Kitsune
Who know?But I just thought I sould point that out.Oh and Jagger and Luna,don't forget them.Jagger said he was BORN full vampire.Same with Luna.
5/5/2007 #24
*shrugs* You all bring up good points. I've just never heard of vampires giving birth, except in the show Angel, and even that was a special case. And I've never heard of Vampire Kisses, so this is all new news to me. =)
5/5/2007 #25
Gin's lil Kitsune
Vampire Kisses is a triolgy of books.Vampire Kisses,Vampire Kisses:Kissing Coffins,and Vampire Kisses:Vampireville.All three are really awesome books.
5/5/2007 #26
Oh, neat. ^^ I'll be sure to check them out, as I love vamp books and the like.
5/5/2007 #27
Gin's lil Kitsune
Cools! ^.^
5/5/2007 #28
=) I seriously can't wait until Eclipse comes out! The first two books are sooo awesome.
5/5/2007 #29
Gin's lil Kitsune
Eclipse?I've never heard of that one before.Do tell,please?
5/5/2007 #30
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