Vampire RPG
It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Wait a minute... they did a bad movie about something similar to the "space vampires" not long ago. Heard of it? I think it's called 'Blood Suckers' or something similar.
6/25/2007 #301
Ramalama - bang bang
Okay, thank you! ^-^
6/25/2007 #302
No probs. :)
6/25/2007 #303
Ramalama - bang bang
^-^ I posted a character, but if you want me to fix anything,please do tell me! =)
6/25/2007 #304
Murphy's Lawyer
WHOA. Me confused. Me missed lots....
6/25/2007 #305
Hehe... don't worry, you'll catch up. ;)
6/25/2007 #306

Sorry. ;)

6/25/2007 #307
Hahaha ^^
6/25/2007 #308
Ramalama - bang bang

What happened? Did I miss something??

6/25/2007 #309
No, you didn't. ^^ Dawley's just being random, that's all.
6/25/2007 #310
Murphy's Lawyer
YAY, randomness! I went to a friend's house the other night, and her mom was getting mad at us cause I kept yelling stuff and she (my friend's mom) thought it was my friend when really it was me. I think at one point I actually yelled "Nurple McNoodyPants" or something to that effect... but in my defense, I'd had ALOT of cake. :P
6/25/2007 #311
Hahahaha... wow, that's funny! =D Oh boy... sugar-high alert. =P
6/25/2007 #312
Feed me Pepsi. Similar results ensue.
6/25/2007 #313
Hehe... yeah, if I have Sprite, or milk chocolate, I'll be bouncing off the walls for quite a while. =)
6/25/2007 #314
Milk chocolate doesn't do anyting but make my throat cold. And DON'T SKOL IT.
6/25/2007 #315
Aww... *hugs Dawley* I'm sorry. =)
6/25/2007 #316
Actually, it wasn't me. I egged on someone to skol a litre of chocolate milk... about two thirds full he said that he was "gonna throw up".

Five minutes later he drank the rest of it, and was fine. :)

6/25/2007 #317
Haha... nice. =D That's pretty impressive, though.
6/25/2007 #318
Most of my school time has been centred around scribling down random stuff and thinking of the perfect plot twist... for a story that I haven't written (or even thought of) yet. ;)

Are you going to check out my RP? *chibi eyes* (damn, I'm too old to pull it off. Oh well)

6/25/2007 #319
Hehe. ^^ I have started plenty of stories, but have yet to finish one of them.

Sure, what's it called? (Sorry if you already said it.)

6/25/2007 #320
It's the "Science Fiction RPG" and it's in my profile. I mentioned it at the top of the page.


6/25/2007 #321
... *small voice* Oh. *nervous laugh* Right.. *smacks self in forehead*
6/25/2007 #322
Heh. :) You seem to do that a lot, don't you think?
6/26/2007 #323
What, hitting myself in the forehead? *grins* Yeah, I do... I'm not very observant most of the time, hence the forehead-smacking.

It's getting late, so g'night! *waves*

6/26/2007 #324
I'm not observant, either. You should see the bill for the doorframes I've had to replace... *rubs head* ow.
6/26/2007 #325
Haha.. aww, I'm sorry. =) I bet that hurt..
6/26/2007 #326

So... should we start the RPG in Sci-Fi...?

6/26/2007 #327
Murphy's Lawyer
I know how you guys feel.. Not only am I unobservant when I have something on my mind (and for me, that's like 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time) but I'm also seriously lacking in the grace department. I can't walk around our kitchen table without hitting my hip. Owies.. :P
6/27/2007 #328
Haha... I'm sorry. ^^ If it helps, I hurt myself all the time.

I'm playing MarioKart right now, and am at my boyfriend's house, but I'll be home soon, promise!

6/27/2007 #329
Murphy's Lawyer
Okay.... hurry!
6/27/2007 #330
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