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Has anyone read Peeps by Scott Westerfield? Or Twilight by stephanie meyer? Really good vamp. books!
5/5/2007 #1
Hi =) I've never heard of Peeps, but I absolutely LOVE Twilight. It's pretty darn awesome, if you ask me, and so is New Moon, and I'm sure that Eclipse won't let me down, either.
5/5/2007 #2
Ramalama - bang bang
I've read both :) Truly great books! If I remember right So Yesterday is the sequel to Peeps, right?
5/6/2007 #3
Murphy's Lawyer
I've read both too. They're very good, and as someone else (didn't really see the name, sorry) said, I'm sure Eclipse will rock too.
6/12/2007 #4
That was me, but don't worry. ^^ I miss names all the time. Comes and goes.
6/13/2007 #5
Murphy's Lawyer
Okay. ^-^ I'm usually more interested in reading the posts, as it happens... *wink*
6/14/2007 #6
Murphy's Lawyer
I don't think So Yesterday is a sequel to Peeps... I'm not sure.. :S
6/14/2007 #7
Perhaps I should check out the series. Need some good ideas.
6/27/2007 #8
Murphy's Lawyer
Check them both out! They're awesome! I have to say Twilight and New Moon are my favourites though..
6/28/2007 #9
I'm thinking of writing a vampire novel... not like Hunt, which is more on the Blade side of things, but one similar to 'Salem's Lot. This, of course, means horror. :D Sorry to everyone who wants romance stuff... :(
8/22/2007 #10
Murphy's Lawyer
Right. Just wanted to say: ECLIPSE (sequel to Twilight and New Moon) IS AWESOME! I'm only on page 202, but it's still absolutely terrific. I already read the bit you see in the preface, which is kinda odd.. but god is that book awesome. :D For anyone who was wondering, Bella's not a vampire yet.. but she did make up with Jacob. ((Sorry if I gave too much away, but those were some of the main things worrying me. Had to reassure you all.)) On another note, sounds like a good idea, Dawley. I'm actually considering a vampire story too, though without as much horror as I'm sure you'll put in. ^^ (Not sure I have the endurance - or attention span - for a full-blown novel, though.) The idea actually came to me when I was walking home from work tonight. I get ideas all the time. It's kinda annoying, cause they're all going "WRITE ME! WRITE ME!" and I'm going "I can't! I have too many stories on the go already!" But they don't listen and I write them and then I end up totally swamped. Oh well! Shutting up now... o.O
8/22/2007 . Edited 8/22/2007 #11
Heh. I'm in the exact same position. ;) Anyways. I just thought it could be a cool idea to try a full-blown horror novel with vamps, because most of the books these days seem to be about romance. I think that Hanlon could be in a relationship, sure... that's because he's technically human. Oh, wait, going off track... *pinches earlobe* Well, if I get my muse fired up I should be able to do a full short story within about a week or so. I remember that it took me only a few hours to write Guard's Journal, and I finished The Thumper all in one day (but I did the first 400 words about three months earlier). So then, who wants to read it when I'm done?
8/22/2007 #12
Murphy's Lawyer
Well, I don't have much time on my hands, but I promise you I'll try!!
8/24/2007 #13
Yayness! :D
8/24/2007 #14
Murphy's Lawyer
*grins* *tackle hugs Dawley*
8/26/2007 #15
*shrieks and collapses* Heh... anyways. I have a bug to write now... I just started Atoll and I may continue on with the vampire book.
8/26/2007 #16
Murphy's Lawyer
*eyes go wide* *dumps pitcher of ice water on Dawley to wake him up* Haha, yeah, me too. I'm writing a sneak peek for one of my stories... *grin* It's hard to explain, you'd have to read the Author's News section of my profile.
8/26/2007 #17
Okay then, will do. :D I'm really, REALLY happy with this new version of Atoll. There's just... something about it. And I can't wait to introduce the villains, either.
8/26/2007 #18
Alexx Wich

OMG. I read the whole series of Twilight by Stephie Meyer. I love it so much! I kept accidentally giving it away to my friend, though. She kept screaming at me for getting ahead of her! HAHAHAHA. Oh, that was funny. Whoever hasn't read Twilight has to.

12/3/2008 #19

has anyone found out if you play with the covers you can spell love?

12/26/2008 #20
Elyon Bliss

you can? i didnt know that...

5/18/2009 #21

Really? That's cool. I didn't know that. So I've read All Twilight. So that would be Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I loved them all!

I'm writing a vamp story. Called Bloody Roses. I'm not that far into it yet I think I have like 3 or 4 chaps. up so I gotta get a move with that one.

But I have some studyin to do. -makes disgusted face- final exams are comming up like next week, I have to take my Gym exam and my Health exam...soooo easy, but still.

I actually have to act out a sceen from Romeo and Juliet for my English exam, I'm Juliet, but we are making it a parody so no kissing! Cuz Romeo is not a boy!!!! LOL.

5/31/2009 #22

Back to Vamps. Who's ur fav. Cullen?

I like Alice, and Edward the best but Emmet comes right after them!!!

5/31/2009 #23

Because of the baseball clip on YouTube, I can't stop listening to Supermassive Black Hole.

Damn you, Cullens! xD

6/15/2009 #24

Yes, I've read Twilight and it, by far is the best book I have read so far. XD

My favourites would be Edward and Emmet from the guys and Alice is too awesome not to like!!!

I've also read another vampire book called Vampire Beach and Vampire Kisses which were okay I guess.

9/14/2009 #25
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