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It's exactly what the title says, a vampire rp! Modern day setting 2007 all are welcome to join! Vampire hunter so the vampire involved humans welcomed as well
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Well, I hope that this is okay... I asked if I could put this up a while ago. :)

Needle Point is a town on the coast. It was a popular resort a few decades back, but the town was abandoned after a hurricane tore through it. Since then, though, it has become a reasonably popular place for vampires to hang out. Think of it as The Village for the immortals. ;)

Needle Point is named after a long rocky outcrop that stretches out into the ocean on the northern side of the beach. The town sits on a hill just above the beach, and the beach itself is flanked by two small cliffs which have some small houses at the top. The town itself contains a bar, a mid-size hotel, a few small stores and about twenty houses. The cove, wlong with the beach, is used to anchor yachts and boats.

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kage-youkai girl
( is this going to be a place to rp or what?)
6/23/2007 #2
((Um... that's the idea. ;) ))
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kage-youkai girl

Rikku walked along the beach,admiring the sounds of the water combing the beach and the birds that flew over head."What wonderful noises." she said to herself,and soon made her way back to the town.

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Nick Hanlon was passed out, fast asleep, on the couch in his apartment. And he was snoring loudly.

His apartment was inside the hotel on Needle Point, and a few months back it had become waterlogged during a rainstorm. As a result Hanlon had moved almost all of his belongings out of the place and was fixing it up. The only things that he stil had were the television, the couch, a brand new refrigerator and three floppy disks... even though he'd wrecked the computer and thrown it out.

Four years ago.

Suddenly, Hanlon woke up and gagged loudly, yanking the cockroach out of his mouth and flinging it out of the window. It froze in the air for a second and then dropped like a stone. Hanlon spat for a few moments before running along and washing his mouth out.

Now that he was awake, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. Grumbling, he put on a new shirt and slipped into his shoes and leather jacket before heading downstairs. It wasn't even midnight, which meant he had been asleep for only three hours...

"I hate bugs," he grumbled to himself as he walked out the front of the hotel and into the street.

He went down to the beach, thinking that he could try and skip a few more rocks.

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kage-youkai girl
Rikku soon heard an extra pair of footsteps."Huh?Who's there?" she looked around...her being blind wasn't really helping answer that question,but she hoped someone would answer her.
6/23/2007 #6
Hanlon paused as he reached the top of the stairs to the beach. There was a girl there, and evidently she had heard him, which meant-

Quietly and smoothly, he darted over to an old shack by the stairs and ducked behind it, waiting for the girl to come up.

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kage-youkai girl
Rikku followed where she heard the footsteps go." anyone there?" she said.'Please don't let this whoever/whatever it is be a vampire hunter.' she thought to herself.
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Hanlon smirked. The girl was scared, although she didn't seem like a human. And there was something overly cautious in her voice. He went quiet again as she walked straight by the shack, and realised that she must hve been blind.

Quietly, Hanlon straightened his jacket and began to walk behind the girl. She was about... five metres or so in front of him.

"Hello," he said softly. "What are you doing out at this time of night? A bit dangerous, don't you think?"

6/23/2007 #9
kage-youkai girl
Rikku heard a male voice behind her."I can manage." she said softly."What are you doing out here?" she asked.
6/23/2007 #10
Hanlon put his hands in his pockets and stopped. "Oh, I live here. Courtesy of my boss," he said.

"I haven't seen you here before. And... you don't seem like a human," he said. He went rigid, preparing to fight in case she got a bad idea and attacked.

6/23/2007 #11
kage-youkai girl
"Oh...Im just passing through...just visiting...then I leave" she said."And Im a vampire...don't worry...Im not much of a threat,being blind and all." she said,giving a small reasurring smile.
6/23/2007 #12
Hanlon managed to stifle a laugh. He wasn't going to think of a blind person as being harmless ever since the lobby fight with Ferrera... but she seemed like a friendly enough kind of person.

"Seems kinda strange, that you don't have a place to stay when you can't go out in the sunlight," he said. "This is an hour away from anywhere else by car."

Hanlon paused. "...what are you. Organic or non?"

6/23/2007 #13
((Cool idea, Dawley! ^^))

Vala walked the streets of Needle Point, enjoying the soft breeze that blew at her pale face as she passed building after building. A small smile lifted the corners of her mouth, and she shook her hair out of her eyes. Finally, she was able to relax some... it'd felt like so long since she'd had that chance. Sighing softly, she looked around, and caught sight of two people nearby. Curiosity got to her, and she abandoned her original plan to just keep to herself for the night as she made her way over to them.

"Good evening," she said, smiling pleasantly, her hands in her pockets as she walked up next to the two strangers. "Out for a little stroll, are we?"

6/23/2007 #14
((Thanks. :D))

Hanlon turned slowly, eyeing the girl coming towards them. She had red hair that seemed almost purple in the moonlight, was pale, and had black clothes on. LOTS of black.

"Oh... hello," Hanlon said, giving a small smile and raising his hand. He began to laugh. "Geez, everybody wants to come here, don't they?" he said.

6/23/2007 #15
kage-youkai girl
Rikku gave a small smile."Im not much of a fighter either." she said as if reading his mind.

"I stay where ever they have plenty of shade from the sunlight." she said."Oh...thanks for that information..I think." she continued.

"And if you're asking if Im a natrual born vampire..I am." she said,turning a bit to face him.

6/23/2007 #16
((You're welcome!))

Vala raised an eyebrow as the guy eyed her, and smiled a little wider. At his raised hand, she waved as well, and laughed at his question.

"I guess so. Although, if we're the extent of the town, then I'd say this place is on its last legs," she said, grinning.

6/23/2007 #17
Hanlon nodded. "I see..." He turned to look at the second newcomer. It was then he realised that he'd made his clothes look as good as possible before he got up and stifled another laugh.

"Okay then, we didn't get to introduce ourselves. My name is Nicholas James Hanlon, born Manchester, currently residing at the Point. I am an organic..." he fumbled the words, "Well... you know. And you are?" he asked, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and tucking in his shirt as he spoke.

6/23/2007 #18
(Call me slow, but what's Hanlon laughing at now?)

Vala smirked as she watched him tuck in his shirt, and didn't bother to stifle her own laughter as she said, "Name's Vala. Vala Mae. It's nice to meet you." She held out her hand, smiling.

6/23/2007 . Edited 6/23/2007 #19
kage-youkai girl
Rikku waited to hear the second newcomer.'More vampires?' she thought.'Atleast Im not alone...I think' she continued.
6/23/2007 #20
((He's laughing at the fact that he made himself look good when he was just going for a 5-10 minute walk. The guy's got a factory of screws loose, remember?))
6/23/2007 #21
"It's nice to meet you, Val," he said. Hanlon took the hand and shook it, but as he did so he felt his heart skip a beat. She... she was cold. As cold as ice, or... a vampire.

Hanlon shook off the nervousness and turned to the blind girl. "And your name?"

6/23/2007 #22
((Haha... right, right, how could I forget? ^^))
6/23/2007 #23
kage-youkai girl
Rikku took a breath."Well...Im Rikku." she said softly,giving a small smile.
6/23/2007 #24
Hanlon shook Rikku's hand. Hers wasn't as cold as Vala's but it still gave him goosebumps at the touch.

"So then, are you two going to be staying here?" he asked. "If you are, my boss might want to offer you a job."

6/23/2007 #25
kage-youkai girl
Rikku thought for a moment."What kind of job are we talking about?" she asked.
6/23/2007 #26
"Oh, anything," Hanlon said casually, shrugging. "Mainly, it's based around recruitment and other smaller jobs."
6/23/2007 #27
kage-youkai girl
Rikku,even though blind,gave a small look of discouragment."Im blind...I don't think I could be of any help..." she said softly.
6/23/2007 #28
Vala smiled, as he seemed a bit surprised with how cold her hand was. Turning to Rikku, she paused.... 'She's blind?' she thought, but then just shook her head sligtly and said, "It's nice to meet you, Rikku."

At Hanlon's comment, she smiled again. "Really? That's interesting... I wonder if I could get my hands on a night shift," she pondered, tilting her head to the side, wondering if he would catch on.

6/23/2007 #29
Hanlon cocked his head. "Sorry? Don't catch your drift. And if you're talking about that then I have a girlfriend."

((Sorry! I HAD to say that.))

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