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katie killjoy
My name is Katie. I'm a writer, duh. Well, I am absolutely fabulous. I write a lot of real life stuff but trust me fantasy is a major thing I like to write. It's my birthday tommorow. Ill be 17. Sure, that doesn't seem old, but to me I feel old. My dream is to be the coolest ever old person...though my worst nightmare is being old. I am super awesome and very conceited. I think I am amazingly pretty. I don't have a style. I dress weird..."punk" if you want to call it something. i have orangish blonde and black hair. i am stalked by a 47 year old dude...and i am in love with a corpse. Anyhow, I am yeah...go and read my shizzit. If you want to know me...myspace it up partner and go check me out.
3/28/2007 #1
Hello, my name is methodius. I am also 17 years old, not that I feel old. As to my dreams I do believe that I will some day lead a terrorist organization fighting Capitalism. I have no real fear of being old but I would prefer to day before 60. I dress in anyway I feel like, mostly black for it is my favorite color. do not mistake me for an emo, for that is far from the truth. My hair is dark blonde, sadly i do not like that color but i deal with it. I might as well also say that I sleep at different times then what might be considered normal, I wake up at 5-6pm and go to sleep 6-7am because I prefer the night time. I have no doubt that your are "amazingly pretty",nor do i doubt you are "fabulous". This is my reply.
12/18/2007 #2
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