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I just got an idea!I was thinking that I start a paragraph of a story,and we can mix ideas from many writers who are interested in investing to this creation.
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Sexy Vampirechick
Placing my hand on the old wooden door of the house,I heard a tree branch snapped.I turned around to see my brother coming up towards me.His face filled with disgust.His eyes with rage of fire. "What do you think you're doing here?!" his voice boomed a few feet away.When he finally reached next to me,I could feel his heat penetrating towards me. "I...I was just--." "Don't even try little missy." He interupted me.Grabbing me by the wrist,he dragged me out the grassy lawn and through the steely gate.
3/26/2007 #1
Sophia Lee
My wrist hurt as he dragged me back home. Our father was waiting. "Where have you been? Don't you know that you're not allowed outside?" he bellowed at me. "I won't have a daughter of mine being disobedient!" He reached for a willow switch. I seized the opportunity to twist out of my brother's grasp and run for the door. "What-" they both took off after me. This wasn't part of my plan. I knew they could both easily outrun me. I had hoped to catch them off-guard and get to a safe place. Unfortunately, I had not reckoned on their reflexes.
3/30/2007 #2
Sexy Vampirechick
Once again my brother grabbed me by the wrist,this time harder than the last.It felt as if the blood that were inside my veins we being blocked by his mighty force.My father pushed me inside the house and my brother blocked me from escaping from the back.He threw me on the couch and the process of our everyday routine start to play once again. I should be familiar with this by now.Ever since mom died,they've always done this to me.The pain is not the physical touch,but it's the pain that's within;from my soul.It's hard for me to see that my family changes day by day after my mother's departure.
3/31/2007 #3
Sophia Lee
Their muscles bulged under their skin as they beat me. I could only curl up and try to avoid most of the blows, but the worst ones always landed. When they finally tired of this cruel sport, I dragged myself up to my room and cried, wishing for the days of old when Mom would be around to stop this torment. ~*~ Mom died in the fall. I remembered days in the spring, though, when we would shed our winter layers like snakeskin and run through the dewdamp meadows. Okay, so maybe there weren't too many "dewdamp meadows" near our home outside of Seattle. Usually the damp was from rain or early morning mist. But the idea remained the same. I guess I never noticed how often I would see bruises across Mom's back or face. I was still young and innocent then, but maybe if I had seen, then she wouldn't be dead now. ~*~ Everything has blurred since that Halloween when I found Mom with a broken neck and multiple gashes on her chest and back. My father became abusive, and encouraged my brother to help him. Mostly everything has blurred into neverending pain.
4/4/2007 #4
I awoke the next morning, afraid to look in the mirror, afraid to survey the damage they had done this time around. Every inch of my body screamed out in pain as I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling, yearning for earlier days. But they were gone now, and the past rest behind us. After death, life continues to carry on. My family had changed and transformed, with my father and brother turning into monsters that I could never fathom had once existed inside of them. Would the anger and hatred never end? I swallowed the acid that had crawled up my throat and slowly slid out of bed, wincing as I flexed the muscles in my legs and back. I reluctantly dragged myself to the full-length mirror that proudly stood in the corner, its harsh, evil surface preparing to haunt me with its image.
4/6/2007 #5
Sophia Lee
I steeled myself to survey the damage. When I looked, I immediately wished I hadn't. This was so much worse than ever before. Both eyes were blackened and swollen; I had bruises everywhere I could see, and I could feel others; and it felt like my ribs were at least cracked, while my collarbone was definitely shattered. I winced, then softly moaned at the pain such a simple motion brought. This required a doctor's aid, but going to a hospital was tantamount to asking for help.
4/7/2007 #6
I heard a soft knock at my door and my breath caught in my throat. Afraid to answer, I watched as the doorknob slowly turned and the door quietly opened. My brother crept in and gently closed the door behind him. And I broke down. "Come here," he whispered as he gathered me into a hug. My hot tears soaked his shirt as I continued to sob, every muscle in my body screaming from the effort it put out. "We need to get you help." "Cameron, you know that we can't," I managed to answer. "This can't go on any longer. It has to stop. I can't keep pretending; he'll figure it out sometime. Did I hurt you?" "No, not as much as he did." I whispered, "You had to make it convincing." "But-" "What's done is done. Just tell me that this time, you found it," I answered while I looked up at him expectantly. Please, I thought, don't tell me that I went through another round of torture for fruitless results. He paused and answered, "I think so." Our eyes met and he held me closer to him, his towering figure engulfing me in his grasp. I let out a small sigh of relief. Now we may actually have a chance, as long as we didn't get caught. "I hate him," Cameron said softly. "Don't say that," I begged. "You look like him when you use those words." The monster in Cameron came out whenever he spoke of our father, that vile, evil man.
4/7/2007 #7
Sexy Vampirechick
I woke up before the sunrises the next morning.Splashing my face with cool water to clear off yesterday's nightmare. I started to powder my face when my brother came in with some toast and a glass of orange juice. "I knew you'd wake up early to get away from him." "Thanks." I said as he put down my breakfast and sat at the edge of my bed.Looking into the mirror wasn't as horrific as yesterday.My face looked as if it was smacked with my whole make-up bag,but at least it hides the bruises. "You sure you don't want to see a doctor?" my brother's voice cut the silence. He turned to look at me and realised that tears were starting to trickle down my rosey cheeks.He came over and put a hand on my shoulder, "It'll be alright.This nightmare will be over soon." His assurance was soothing but,the pains still lays within me.I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and nodded.
4/7/2007 #8
He went back over to the bed and picked up the medical supplies that had rested on the breakfast tray. He looked over my face and arms, and then asked if there were any cuts he needed to care for. "I can handle them," I said. "No, tell me where they are," he ordered, taking over the position of my protective older brother. "I did this to you, I need to take the responsibility." "They weren't from your hits," I muttered. He never hit me hard enough to truly hurt me, but just to put on a show for our father. "Won't he be upset if he sees you in here helping me?" I asked as Cameron bandaged an open wound on my lower back. I flinched and he quickly apologized. "It's okay. But where is he?" "He went out. For the day, I think," he said. "They're all in on this, you know," I answered quietly as I pulled down the back of my shirt. He paused, "I know." There was a soft knock at the door to the house and Cameron and I exchanged nervous glances. "I'll go," he said and left my room. I heard a quiet exchange of voices from downstairs and the patter of shoes going up the steps. Moments later, my door softly swung open. I took in a sharp gasp of breath and ran into his arms. He caught me and planted a kiss on my forehead as I breathed in his calming scent. A tear rolled down my cheek, and he lifted my chin so that our eyes met, his filled with love and concern. "What did he do to you, baby?" I placed a deep, passionate kiss on his soft lip before I answered.
4/7/2007 #9
Sophia Lee
"It was so much worse this time," I whispered. The words fought my throat on the way out. "All I was doing was trying to get something he wanted, and it was a trick. Why, Justin? Why does he do this?" I finally broke down and sobbed into his chest. "I don't know, love." Justin proved how good of a boyfriend he was by taking me into his arms despite the blood I knew had trickled down my bare back and dried. He didn't even seem to mind my absence of a shirt: the one I had been wearing had been flayed to rags. "He just is that way, and we have to learn to adapt." He kissed me again, slowly and gently, but deeply enough to steal my breath. We almost went further, but I remembered Cameron standing there just in time. (A/N: no pun intended) Reluctantly, I pulled back. "Any idea how much time we have?" "At least two hours. He was headed for the bar, and you know what that means." I winced. When Father came back from drinking, he was always in a bad mood. Justin looked at Cam. "Do we have enough time to get her out?" Cameron nodded. "Good. Let's go."
4/9/2007 #10
Sexy Vampirechick
Before we set foot out of the house,my father came tumbling in.Holding a bottle of beer in one hand,the other sweeping the air visciously.He looked up the staircase with his blood-shot eyes and saw me holding onto Justin. "You-." he started to protest,but clapsed onto the floor before he could say another word. I looked up to Justin with a worried look.Cameron came rushing out of the room and flew down the stairs to pick my father up from the ground.He put him on the couch to rest.Justin and I stood there,not a word dare escape our throats. "Hey,you two still wanna go out or what?" screamed my brother. I snapped out of my blank thoughts and searched Justin's face for an answer.He nodded and we both slowly walked down the stairs. My father started to twist and turn on the couch.An angry m*** came from his direction.I clutched Justin's hand tighter and we stopped in our track as he got up and open his eyes in our direction.
4/9/2007 #11
My Brighter Darkness
'We're going to die! We're going to die!' I chanted mentally as he made it to his wobbily feet, there was no way he was going to let this one slide. "We need to go now!" I felt Justin grab my hand and I turned to him just in time to for him to take off in a sprint. He still had a hold of my hand and I almost tripped but quickly regianed my balance and joined him in what felt like our personaly track meet. I could hear the sounds of my father yelling after us, using profanity that I had never heard leave the mouth of a man his age. Something sharp hit my foot and I soon found myself lying flat on my face. I lifted my head to see if Justin had stopped, but he had not seen me fall and was almost to far away for me to see.
4/9/2007 #12
I watched as he slowly turned around and screamed out my name. He quickly came running back for me, despite my efforts of screaming for him to turn back. He had to escape. I fumbled as I tried to stand and stiffened as I felt a tight grasp on my arm. "Let's go!" Cameron yelled as he dragged me along with him. My eyes grew wide in shock as he ushered me along. The two of us sprinted further and met halfway with Justin. I turned back one last time to see my father standing in the middle of the open field. He slumped to the ground and broke out in tears. My heart panged with a guilt I had never experienced before. "We can't leave him!" I said. "Are you crazy?" Cameron asked. "He'll have us killed!" "Can't we at least have...I don't know...SOMEONE come and help him?" "Sweetheart," Justin said, "you forget. They're ALL in on this." The familiar pit of anxiety formed in my stomach once again, along with a sense of determination that propelled me forward, leaving my father as a helpless man crying amongst the tall grasses.
4/9/2007 #13
My Brighter Darkness
I couldn't believe that I know wanted to return to help this man. Just moments ago I had wanted to be worlds away from him. "He looks so helpless," I whispered as tears sprang to my eyes again. I could Justin wrap his arm around my waist and pull my back tightly against his chest in and effort to comfort me. "Sweetheart," he murmured into my ear, "It's just an act, you can't fall for it. If you go back now he'll kill you." "But what happens if I leave him now?" Justin thought for a moment, "He might come looking for us, sooner or later he'll give up and move on-," I took this as an invetation to make a sprint towards the field. "Dad, are you okay?" I reached down to touch his shoulder, feeling like the biggest idiot in the world he jumped to his feet and seized my arm. "You stupid b***! Wait till' you see what you've got coming to you!"
4/9/2007 #14
Sexy Vampirechick
I couldn't believe that I wanted to return to help this man. Just moments ago I had wanted to be worlds away from him. "He looks so helpless," I whispered as tears sprang to my eyes again. Justin wrap his arm around my waist and pull my back tightly against his chest in and effort to comfort me. ***Just a little grammatical error and spelling I've found in the last entry so I've corrected it in order not to have any confusion.(Please don't feel offended)*** "Sweetheart," he murmured into my ear, "It's just an act, you can't fall for it. If you go back now he'll kill you." "But what happens if I leave him now?" Justin thought for a moment, "He might come looking for us, sooner or later he'll give up and move on-," I took this as an invitation to make a sprint towards the field. "Dad, are you okay?" I reached down to touch his shoulder, feeling like the biggest idiot in the world. He jumped to his feet and seized my arm. "You stupid b***! Wait till' you see what you've got coming to you!"
4/9/2007 #15
Sexy Vampirechick
I AM SO SORRY...I WASN'T PAYING MUCH ATTENTION AFTER I CORRECTED THE ERROR AND MADE SOME MYSELF.HERE IS THE CORRECT FORMATTED ONE. I couldn't believe that I wanted to return to help this man. Just moments ago I had wanted to be worlds away from him. "He looks so helpless," I whispered as tears sprang to my eyes again. Justin wrap his arm around my waist and pull my back tightly against his chest in and effort to comfort me. "Sweetheart," he murmured into my ear, "It's just an act, you can't fall for it. If you go back now he'll kill you." "But what happens if I leave him now?" Justin thought for a moment, "He might come looking for us, sooner or later he'll give up and move on-," I took this as an invitation to make a sprint towards the field. "Dad, are you okay?" I reached down to touch his shoulder, feeling like the biggest idiot in the world. He jumped to his feet and seized my arm. "You stupid b***! Wait till' you see what you've got coming to you!"
4/9/2007 #16
Sophia Lee
Realizing it was a trap (like Justin and Cameron had warned me), I tried to backpedal and escape. But my father's grip was too strong. I screamed, even though I knew it was too late. ~*~ Over the course of about two decades, my father, a very good businessman, had bought out the entire town. Everyone either owed him a lot of money, or worked tor him. Even the police force was in the palm of his hand. If I did manage to get away, I wouldn't be able to do anything about his abuse. ~*~ Something heavy hit me at the base of my skull. I assumed it was Papa's fist, as I slumped into unconsciousness . . .
4/10/2007 #17
Sexy Vampirechick
My head was paining me.I try to reach for the back of my head,and realised my hands were tied together and my source of oxygen only came through my nose.I wanted to scream but when my eyes scanned the room I noticed some else was here along with me;Justin. His head was slumped to one side and the only sign of life was his chest heaving up and down.Dried blood was marked on his forehead,I assumed that he was trying to fight off my father when he knocked me unconscious.My heart had an aching feeling every time I look at him.How could I have dragged him into this? I looked away reluctantly and the door started to open.HE came in.A phone clutched in his hand.He was mumbling some words into it that I could not understand.My puzzled expression caught his eyes and he came over,kneeled down and pulled the tape off of my mouth.
4/10/2007 #18
Sophia Lee
Acting on pure instinct fueled by adrenaline, I jerked up. My head connected with his nose. Instantly I felt a warm liquid soaking into my clothes. Some even got into my mouth, which was the only way I identified it as blood. I managed to scramble backwards as my father fell. Apparently I had knocked him out. Once I could breathe evenly, I realized that the knots on my bonds were poorly tied. I quickly undid them, then untied Justin. After that, I sat, completely at a loss as to how to revive him. ~*~ It took an hour, but I finally managed to wake him up. Papa was still out cold, thank God. Justin groaned as he awoke. I breathed a sigh of relief. "Tina? Is that you? Where are we?" He tried to sit up. Typical of a guy. I pushed him back down. "Shh, it's me. I don't know where we -" I stopped. "We're in my room. That B***! There's no going back now, we have to get justice!" "Tina? Umm . . . have you thought this plan out? I mean, for starters, we have to find out where Cameron went. I don't think they got him." Justin sounded uncertain. I could completely understand. Now that Papa had used my room, of all places, to imprison me, nothing was firm and steadfast. ~*~ I wasn't quite sure how, but we got out. Cameron met us at the bus station on the other side of town. "Are you two alright?" he asked. Justin and I looked at each other, at Cam, then back at each other. We decided not to answer. Cameron pressed on. "I mean, that blood isn't yours, is it?" I sighed. "Not on me, that's Papa's. I think I broke his nose." Justin put an arm around my waist.
4/14/2007 #19
Sexy Vampirechick
"It'll be ok.First we have to find a place to hide." he whispered in my ear. I looked up at him.His warm brown eyes told me that this was the best solution there is.I nodded and we got into on-coming bus.Having no clue where we're heading,we sat there staring out the window.The scenery that past made me think back at the time of my childhood,when I had so much fun. But now it's all a blur.A vision I must leave behind.As the bus carries us far away from what I use to call home,I buried my face in Justin's shirt. Sitting in the back was Cameron,who felt sorry for what has happened to me throughout the years.Tears started to fill his eyes,but he never let them escape.He blinked them back,closed his eyes and dozed off. *** "Hello.Miss.Sir." A voice shook me awake from my sleep. I opened my eyes slowly to find us in another place.It was dark,and look somewhat like a tunnel."Miss,I'm glad you're awake.I've been calling you for minutes now." A man said. I shift in my seat to get a better glance of him.He wore the uniform of a bus driver and I realized we mush have fallen asleep on the bus."I'm so sorry." The words manage to come out of my mouth.I kisses Justin and his eyes fluttered open.We both called out to Cameron and came off the bus. "Now where do we go?" I asked,inspecting our new destination.
4/16/2007 #20
Sexy Vampirechick
"I suggest we find a place to stay first." Justin said. He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked out onto our new territory. "I withdrew some money from the account I had with dad." Cameron explained."I think we can go to hotel and stay for a night or two." "Yeah,then we'll think of the rest." I finished for him. We walked around,looking at stores and did some window shopping.There this pretty snow globe that had two persons in the middle clutching an umbrella and kissing while the snow flakes danced around them.Justin promised to buy me one,once we settled. *** Justin use to be one of the best basketball players,until his mother died and his father went mentally crazed.He was forced to go to the orphanage.He gained his freedom this February,as he became eighteen. He started writing stories of tragic moments and seldom talk to people.His friends left him in despair.His mind ran with more and more thoughts until the day he met me.His eyes once again filled with the power and strength he had before.
4/19/2007 #21
Sophia Lee
Sometimes he told me that I was his reason for living. Usually he would say that during one of our increasingly rare make-out sessions, right after he had kissed me especially long and passionately. I used to tell him that he was wrong, he was the only reason I kept fighting for my life. He would smile and whisper that we both needed each other equally. Then he would kiss me again and again, each time bringing me nearer to ecstasy. ~*~ Then Papa discovered beer. Once he did, he forbade Justin from ever coming over, and wouldn't let me leave the house. Cameron became the favorite child. I gradually slipped into a terrified, animal-like state, until one day Cam took me aside and talked to me like a person. Because of my brother, I found myself again.
7/8/2007 #22
Sexy Vampirechick
"Tina,you and Justin take that bed," my brother pointed to a twin bed at the left side of the room, "And I'll take this one." The room was small and stuffy.If we had luggage with us,I don't think it could've fitted.Us,three people could barely move around.There was a table and a bedside lamp and a digital alarm clock. It isn't so shabby for fifty bucks a night.It would have to do for now,since we're low on renvenue. "Ok,no problemo bro." Justin replied.I looked up at his warm brown eyes and give him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to take a bath.I'm so pooped out from all this drama." I told him before heading to the bathroom.
7/9/2007 #23
I reached around the edge of the bathroom doorway and fumbled for the light switch. One of the two bulbs in the ceiling lamp exploded, and jumped me out of my skin. Justin and Cameron jumped up and turned to see what happened. They stared at me, poised. "Just the light," I said through a nervous laugh. They looked at each other and exhaled. "What do we expect for fifty bucks," Cameron said. The bulb pieces stayed inside the ficture, so I decided to put off cleaning it up, until I had had my bath. I ran the water and climed into the tub, letting it fill up around me. The gentle slapping of the water against the side of the tub was soothing, and so was the dim light fromt the single bulb. I really didn't want to see the color the water was turning after soaking my wounds anyway.
8/30/2007 #24
Sexy Vampirechick
I climbed out of the tub,my hands reaching out for a towel but there were none in sight. I strained my eyes to see if there was anything to dry my body with.I looked all around,not that the dim light helped much.I noticed a dirty piece of rag at the corner of the room.Oh well,something is better than nothing. I went outside to find my brother and Justin both asleep,one on the couch and one the bed.I took the blanket and placed it over each one of them. I too slipped aside Justin on the bed,wishing I could fall asleep as easily as them.Hopefully this time,this night I won't be engulfed in such mind-shaking nightmares.
9/10/2007 #25
I awoke suddenly, not from nightmare but from a knock at the door. I groaned, my muscles ached. I silently got up and strode quietly up to the door careful not to wake Justin or my brother. One of them shifted to face me, it was Cameron. "What are you doing up already?" he questioned, turning to the dirty digital clock next to him. "It's only five am. You should rest longer." "I heard a knock at the door," I replied in a hushed whisper.
11/15/2007 #26
Sexy Vampirechick
"Shh..don't open it." Cameron got up slowly and stood next to the door anticipating the next knock,but there wasn't any. He motioned for me to back away. I did as he told. He stared at me with open as the sound of a saw started sawing.Justin woke up from his sleep and saw the fear crept upon my eyes. "What's going?" he whispered softly.It came out hoarsly,unlike his usual smooth silky voice. Putting a finger to his lips he immediately stopped talking.The sound of the sawing continued.
11/16/2007 #27
I heard Justin get off the bed. He tapped Cameron on the shoulder and gestured to the window. I walked over to the window and jerked it up. It made a loud crack before finally giving in. We were on the second floor, so if we decided to leave, we would have to find a quick way down. Cameron stood and stared at the door as the sawing stopped abruptly.
11/16/2007 #28

Hi I have just come back to this site after a lengthy absence and i don't seem to have a document manager option so how on earth am I supposed to upload any new stuff? I used to write under the name Davina Thompson

10/20/2008 #29
Sexy Vampirechick

Hi, I haven't been to this page in a long while too.You don't need document manager for this page.It's a creative writing story,where all writers gather here to contribute to this story that has been started. All you have to do is continue from the part that the story was last ended.

10/20/2008 #30
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