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I just got an idea!I was thinking that I start a paragraph of a story,and we can mix ideas from many writers who are interested in investing to this creation.
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Sophia Lee
"I've been sick. That's why I haven't been at practice," I explained tiredly. Everyone who came seemed to ask the same question: Where had I been for the past week? Nicholas wasn't any different. A frown creased his brow. "You're not contagious, are you?" I sighed. "No. Whatever I had just affected me. No one else so much as sneezed." Nick let his hand rest on mine. It made me start to think about how much I had missed seeing him the week I missed. ~*~ When I wasn't sick or out of town, I attended a fencing club locally. When I started at the end of 6th grade, I had no clue that I would become so enmeshed in the close-knit group. I guess I was the only one who noticed that I was the only girl there. ~*~ "Katy?" Nick's voice brought me out of my memories. I looked up at him. "Yeah?" He slowly bent down. I realized he was going to kiss me. Even more shocking, I realized I wanted him to.
4/10/2007 #1
"Whoa," a male voice let out. "Idiot! You're supposed to KNOCK before you walk into a girl's room!" another yelled. "How was I supposed to know?" he defended. My gaze drifted over towards Nick once again, my cheeks just as red as his. I was so close, so close! I sighed, "Come on in, guys." "Are you sure?" "Yeah," I breathed. The moment was gone now.
4/11/2007 #2
Sophia Lee
The door opened again, and my friends Tom and Jake walked in. Both had the mannerisms of someone who knows he is interrupting something. "Hey, Katy," Jake said sheepishly. Tom looked apologetic. "I tried to get him to knock! Some people . . ." He shook his head in disgust. ~*~ Tom was one of the older members of the fencing club; he was currently teaching me how to fence sabre. Jake was one of the only leftys in the group, and was my age. We got along fairly well. I was actually surprised to see him here. ~*~ "Thanks for coming to see me," I said, honestly happy to see them. I just wished they had better timing. Nick and I had never gotten that close before. He was finally letting himself get closer to me. I wanted to be close like that; I just didn't want to scare him off. Boys are flighty, you know.
4/12/2007 . Edited 4/16/2007 #3
"Sure," Tom answered. "We heard about...what happened..." he hedged. "Yeah, I know," I responded softly. "Listen, we' if you need anything," Jake said. "Thanks, guys. I appreciate it," I answered with a small smile.
4/15/2007 #4
Sophia Lee
They both nodded. There was a moment of silent communication where at least Tom (who was always better at the whole "without words" concept than Jake) understood that Nick and I wanted to be alone. "Hope you feel better soon, Katy. We'll see you on Tuesday?" Jake asked as he and Tom started to leave. "Yeah, probably. Thanks for coming." I grinned. "Bye." They both left. Nick turned to me. "Now where were we?" He asked me shyly. "You know, I don't remember. Let's start over, shall we?" He nodded, and bent once more. *knock*knock* Nick groaned as my mom came in. "Katy? Your friend Ria is here." Maria - or Ria, as we all called her - came in. She looked at me, then Nick, then back at me. "Am I interrupting anything?" I glared at her. "What do you think? You know me better than I do." She laughed. "No seriously, Ria. You're the one who keeps psychoanalyzing me. What do you think?" "Come on, Katy. I'm joking. Any idiot can tell that nothing's going on." She laughed again at my outraged expression. "Joking! Again. I just wanted to swing by to make sure you're going to be there for the big test tomorrow. The weekend's almost over, you know." She turned to leave, then paused. "Oh, and Katy?" "Yes, Ria?" She smiled at me. "Have fun. But not too much. And you'll have to tell me what happens tomorrow!" She called over her shoulder. The door shut - finally - behind her with a *snick*. Nick didn't even wait to see if I was going to say anything; he just leaned over me, took me into his arms, and gently pressed his lips to mine. ~*~ Well, maybe "gently" is the wrong word. Let's try "hungrily." Or "eagerly." Whatever it was, it wasn't gentle. Nick could really kiss! He lay down next to me - (outside the sheets, sicko) - and we just lay there, mouths locked together and bodies entangled. His hands came up to stroke through my hair, and mine simply pulled against the back of his neck to fuse us together even more. It was perfect.
4/15/2007 . Edited 4/16/2007 #5
Sexy Vampirechick
We kept on kissing for what seemed like hours,but was only a mere second.He pulled back and stared at my flushed face.Brushing a strand of hair from my eyes,he started to kiss my neck.He traveled up until our lips met once again.He kissed me vigorously,push my back against the bed post.My hands went exploring through his hair and his hands were caressing my little back. We broke apart to take in a breath.The door opened in an instant after that.My mother came in with a tray full of cookies and two glass of milk."Cookies,anyone?" she said cheerfully. We looked at her and laughed.
4/16/2007 #6
Sophia Lee
Later, after Nick had gone home, I took my mom aside. "Cookies? I mean, thanks, but kind of an old excuse, don't you think, Mom?" I laughed disbelievingly. "Oh come on, Katy, you know how much I appreciate your friends coming over. They always eat any cookies I make." "I know. And thanks."
4/16/2007 #7
Sexy Vampirechick
I put my arms around her shoulder and we walked towards the kitchen."Do you mind giving me one of those delicious cookies that EVERYONE likes to eat?" She turned her head and smiled at me."Sure,honey."She went over to the cupboard to the right and took out a cookie jar.Handing me one she said,"Now don't stack up on these cookies.Having too much is not too good for your health." I snatched it from her hand,and grabbed the jar from her.Sticked my hand inside,taking more than enough and took off towards the living room. There sat my brother watching the re-runs of X-men.He turned his head looked at me."Hey,pass one here!" "If you want cookies,then get them yourself." I snapped,munching on my last one.Licking my fingers off of the crumbs.
4/16/2007 #8
Sophia Lee
"Geez, no need to snarl," he laughed as he took some. I gave in and smiled. "Which X-Men is this?" "Number two." "Yes! That's the best. How far?" "The manor was just raided." "Cool. I'm still early." ~*~ We sat and watched for a while, until the phone rang. Mom picked up. "Hello?" She waited, then called, "Katy, it's for you!" I reluctantly got up out of my warm spot on the sofa and grabbed the cordless. "Yes?"
4/16/2007 #9
Sexy Vampirechick
"Hello." I said into the receiver. "I missed you." a muffled sound came through to my ears.At that instant I knew it was Nick on the other end.A smile spread across my face.Holding the receiver to my ear walked towards the kitchen door that leads to the backyard. "I missed you too." I replied back once outside.The mid-night sky was dotted by myriad of sparkling stars.I started connected them and realized the face I saw was Nick. "Katy,are you listening to me?" I snapped out of my thoughts to the words spoken through to me. "Yea,I was,-I am." I profoundly lied. "Sure you were." He said with great sarcasm."So can you come?" I raked my brains to remember what he had said earlier.Tough luck!I wasn't even listening.What should I say?I felt panick crept over me.
4/16/2007 #10
I sighed, "Okay, I wasn't listening." "I knew it," he said triumphantly with a grin in his voice. "Wanna tell me what you asked?" I pressed.
4/17/2007 #11
Sophia Lee
4/17/2007 #12
"Nick, come on, please? I'm sorry..." I said, trying to make my voice sound cute and helpless. "Fine," he sighed. "Do you want to come with the guys and I to this party someone at school is having?" "Party?" I asked, a slight tone of nervousness ringing out in my voice. I wasn't exactly the partying type. "Yeah. Please? You'll have fun, I promise," he begged. After a moment's hesitation, I answered, "Fine," with depression in my voice. Only for him.
4/17/2007 #13
Sophia Lee
~*~ The night of the party, Nick showed up to drive me. My mom was thrilled that I was finally interacting with people my age, but Dad was a bit disapproving. "What time are you two going to be home?" he asked gruffly. Nick answered for me. "Around midnight." "Katy, what do you do if you see any alcohol or drugs?" "I find NIck, ask him to leave, and come right home," I recited. "Now can we GO already???!!!" Dad thought, then nodded. "'Kay, see you later!" I called as I rushed Nick out the door. ~*~ "What was all that about?" Nick asked in the car. I grimaced. "Oh, Dad's just overprotective. He knows I'd never touch anything bad, he just wanted to check your expression when he mentioned it. He's got this thing where he can read peoples' faces really well. If you had looked guilty, he wouldn't have let us go." "I see."
4/18/2007 #14
Sexy Vampirechick
The music blasted loudly in the living room of Jake,some jock from our school.I didn't know him much,but heard he has a big ego and brags a lot. Girls danced and whined on the dance floor.Half an hour passed by,Nick asked if I wanted to dance.I hesistated for a moment and recented.We danced to a slow song and one of the oldies.I was surprised to find one of those playing at a teenage party. A drunken dude with messy brown hair carried a can of beer bumbed into me while I was standing in the middle of the dance floor.Nick had went over to talk one of his buddies."Hey little missy,one a swig?" he said giddly. I shook my head and turned to leave.He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around.I came face to face with him.I was so close our nose nearly touched and I could smell the alcohol in his breath."Come on." he stared into my eyes. "I know you want some." I tried to push him away,but his grip was firm and held me in place.Looking around I tried to find someone I knew,but all was either drunk or dancing.No familiar face met my eye.Leaning forward he pecked me on the cheek and the beer spilled itself on my purple blouse.
4/19/2007 #15
My Brighter Darkness
This did not seem to stop the man though. He dropped the empty can and moved his hands to rest on my hips. "Nick!" I tried to call over the music. But it must have been to loud. I was on my own.
4/20/2007 #16
"Hey," he slurred out in a voice that was meant to be seductive. "Back off!" I yelled out as I tried to push him away. "Hmmm...playing hard to get...i like it," he mused to himself with a stupid, sly, smirk on his face. He latched his hand around my wrist as I started to walk away and shoved me up against the wall. He pressed his body up against mine and i could feel my pulse pound with fear. He put his feet over mine, preventing me from kicking, and held my wrists above my head. I attempted to squirm under his strong hold, but found it futile. "That's better," he stammered as he roughly kissed at my neck. "Nick!" I called out again. My throat scratched from screaming and my eyes swelled with tears. The man's head suddenly whipped back, and I saw Nick grabbing the man's hair. While in pain, he loosened his hold on my wrists and I pushed him away from me. Nick slammed the man's head into the wall and he slumped down to the ground.
5/2/2007 #17
My Brighter Darkness
I breathed heavily as I jumped away from the scene. "Thank you," I panted. Nick grinned, "No problem."
5/2/2007 #18
"Let's get outta here," I said. I felt disgusting, as if i had to go home and shower. I could still feel his weight pressed up against my body, his sweaty hands on my wrists, his sticky lips on my neck, his hot breath on my skin. I wanted to scrub away every ounce of his presence.
5/3/2007 #19
Sophia Lee
Gradually, I became aware of Nick staring at me. "You ok?" I forced a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Who WAS that, anyways?" "Obviously not one of my crowd. Probably some egotistical jock who thought he could score on the prettiest girl there." Nick popped his knuckles, "Not on my watch." I heaved a sigh and snuggled into his chest. We let the music wash over us and danced. ~*~ Nick takes ballroom dancing lessons, so occasionally I'll go to watch. When I do, he drags me in to be his partner. So purely by association, both of us can waltz. ~*~ Eventually, the rest of the partygoers realized that Nick and I weren't exactly dancing the same way they were. The music had the perfect beat for a tango, so he had snatched a rose, presented it to me formally, then gently took over. "You do know we've got an audience, right?" I breathed into his ear. His head jerked away from me, and he laughed. "Yeah. You do know I hate that, right?" I smiled. "If I wasn't chewing on a rose, you wouldn't be able to talk." "Look who's talking."
7/2/2007 #20
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