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Planned genres of my fiction works: Biography, Mystery, Historical, Romance, Humor, Western, Sci-Fi, Manga and General.

Notes: There will be absolutely NO SWEARING in any of my stories.

Much of my stories will make reference to some classical music pieces (I.e. The background music for some scenes in my stories or the musical piece the character is listening to).

Heads up: Most of my fiction work may consist of a mix of English and Chinese, which will be accommodated with translations.

Example: 英文 (English)

My characters and stories are of my creation, so NO copying my stories.

Favourite ideas to explore and elements to use in stories:

Sense of humour, used especially to lighten up a serious situation. The idea of different dimensions, universes A humourous way to describe an event or narrate a story (For example: Describing someone looking foolish all in a sudden before slumping to the ground indicates that someone has hit him/her in the head) Use of a mysterious character in a story


Colour: Green

Music: Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss, Bizet)

My characters:

Name: Garfield Stephenson Wu (English) - 吳慶 (Traditional Chinese)

Age: (TBD)

Date of Birth: June 23, 1953

Ethnicity: Taiwanese-Canadian

Place of Birth: Ottawa, CCT, Canada

City: Ottawa, CCT, Canada

Family (Italics for deceased):

Gordon Wu - 吳景源: Father (DOB: May 27th, 1920) Melissa Lee - 李宜月: Mother (DOB: November 22th, 1922) David Wu - 吳廣輝: Brother (DOB: December 15th, 1955) Diana Wu - 吳宜蓮: Sister (DOB: October 7th, 1956) Emma Wu - 吳國芳: Sister (DOB: October 7th, 1956) Garfield Thompson: Adoptive grandfather (DOB: July 20th, 1895) Arlene Kelly: Adoptive grandmother (January 19th 1899 - April 20th 1976)

Occupation(s): (TBD)

Hobbies: Drawing buses, trams and trains, playing the violin and piano, listen to classical music, solving mysteries, reading, collecting model trains and aircraft.

Quotes: (TBD)

Languages: English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese Hokkien, Taiwanese Hakka, Cantonese

Physical appearance: Short black hair, brown eyes, black glasses.

Dimension Four Stories:

D4 Garfield and the Secret of the School Library! (Completed) D4 Scooby-Doo! A Haunting at the Ottawa SuperEX! (FanFiction) (Completed) D4 Garfield & the Legend of the Phantom Cadet! (Completed) D4 The Final Calculus Problem D4 Gunless Scooby D4 A Musical Haunting D4 Waltz of the Phantoms

Name: William Walter "Will" Wu (English) - 吳獷勝 (Traditional Chinese)

Age: (TBD)

Date of Birth: June 23, 1995

Ethnicity: Taiwanese-Canadian

Place of Birth: Ottawa, CCT, Canada

City: Ottawa, CCT, Canada

Family (Italics for deceased):

Winston Wu - 吳國院 (Biological father) Laura Lee - 李媇闌 (Biological mother) Martha Wu - 吳媇琳 (Twin sister, status unknown) Jonathan Hideki Kudo (Foster father) Sandra Kodama (Foster mother, wife of Jonathan Kudo) Jessica Kudo (Foster sister, daughter of Jonathan and Sandra Kudo) Patrick Kudo (Foster brother, son of Jonathan and Sandra Kudo)

Occupation(s): (TBD)

Hobbies: Drawing buses, trams and trains, playing the violin and piano, listen to classical music, solving mysteries, reading, collecting model trains and aircraft.

Quotes: "Let's give it a shot.", "Houston, we've got a problem!"

Languages: English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese Hokkien

Physical appearance: Short black hair, brown eyes, black glasses.

Significant other: (TBD)


Phantoms and the Talent Stars Finals (FanFiction) (Completed) A Midsummer Afternoon Murder in Coolsville (FanFiction)

Note: Dimension One counterpart of Garfield Stephenson Wu


Dimension One:

  1. Riddle of the School Lockers (2010)
  2. Legend of the Undead Soldier (2012, D1 version of Legend of the Phantom Cadet, with William replacing Garfield and involving a crackdown on military impostors)
  3. Case of the Broken Glass (2012, D1 version of Secret of the Broken Window, with William replacing Garfield and takes place in Ottawa instead of Morrisburg)

Dimension Four:

  1. Garfield and the Secret of the School Library! (1968)
  2. Garfield and the Legend of the Phantom Cadet (1970)
  3. The Final Calculus Problem (1971)
  4. Rush Hour in Hong Kong! (1973)
  5. A Study in Rituals (1975)
  6. Dans Le Train Bleu (1977)
  7. Riddle of the Empty House in Pringle Creek (1979)
  8. Garfield and the Secret of the Broken Window (1983)

Planned stories:

Garfield Stephenson Wu franchise:

The GSW franchise is subdivided into two different series, all of which takes place in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with Garfield Wu depicted as being born in 1953.

Dimension Four:

Floating timeline exists between 1969 and 1991, in which characters age once every two years, on top of a world that is deeply different than in real life, especially with the presence of magic and the supernatural.

Oct. 1968 - Garfield and the Secret of the School Library!

Oct. 1970 - Garfield and the Legend of the Phantom Cadet!

Oct. 1971 - The Final Calculus Problem

April 1973 - 在港尖峰時刻奇兵 Rush Hour in Hong Kong

Based on the 1998 Jackie Chan film Rush Hour. When the daughter of the new Commissioner of the Canadian Commission in Hong Kong gets kidnapped, Garfield is called in to assist in the investigation, especially since the kidnapping came not long after the Commissioner, who is a family friend, oversaw a joint RCMP-RHKPF raid that led to the recovery of countless stolen Indigenous artifacts in Vancouver days earlier.

February 1977 - Dans Le Train Bleu

Inspired by and based on the famous Agatha Christie novel Murder on the Orient Express. Garfield's working in London led him to a party when he won a raffle draw - in the form of a winter two-way trip on Le Train Bleu to the French Riviera. However, trouble follows him wherever he goes, especially after priceless jewelry starts disappearing on the train. To complicate matters, a guest was later found dead overnight in her cabin on the sleeper car.

October 1978 - 驅魔的考古學之際 The Adventure in the Magical Temple Expedition

Based on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with elements incorporated from Batman and the Mad Monk! and Jiangshi (殭屍) films from the 1980s, particularly the Hong Kong film Magic Cop (驅魔探長). Taking part in an archaeological excavation in Taiwan, Emma Wu enlists help from her brother Garfield when people began disappearing mysteriously in the course of the excavation. With the excavation on hold as a result of the disappearances, coupled with the disappearance of a corpse that was supposed to be buried in the nearby village, the siblings investigate and soon find themselves on a collision course with a dangerous supernatural cult.

June 1979 - Riddle of the Empty House in Pringle Creek

Based on the Murdoch Mysteries Season 2 finale Anything You Can Do...with elements from the Sherlock Holmes story Adventure in the Empty House. During a ride on the Canadian after returning from Vancouver for a conference, Garfield stumbles upon another mystery when the Montreal-bound train was forced to come to a complete stop in the middle of the Rockies as a result of the discovery of a body left on the tracks. With help from his brother David, the brothers uncover a mining company's fraudulent practices surrounding a land deal of which the victim intended to whistleblow on.

April 1981 - A Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and sequel to A Study in Rituals. A string of seemingly-unrelated suspicious deaths brought Garfield Wu onto a dangerous game of cat and mouse, one that also puts him on a collision course with the Ministry of Magic of Canada as the case finds itself with implications that could deeply impact the magical and supernatural worlds.

April 1983 - Garfield and the Secret of the Broken Window

A couple weeks after Garfield started his first full-time job as a licensed professional engineer, a chance hanging out with colleagues at Billings Bridge one Saturday morning led him to reunite with someone he haven't spoken much to after graduating from Carleton University - Rebecca Lee, who recently started her new job at an architectural firm. The duo will later cross paths again when Garfield travels to Cornwall for a conference, only to later come upon a mystery when a former OPP police inspector was found dead in a room with a broken window in his home - a mystery that becomes a murder investigation and leads to something related to Garfield and Rebecca's respective feelings deep down in their hearts.

Dimension Seven:

Consists of real-world events in a darker and realistic setting, though there are some slight differences compared to real life.

Oct. 1968 - A Study in a Missing Will

Dimension Seven version of Garfield and the Secret of the School Library and origin story for Garfield Wu in this continuity.

Oct. 1971 - The Deceptive Game

Dimension Seven version of The Final Calculus Problem with some inspiration from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Now in his first year of undergraduate studies in civil engineering at Carleton University, Garfield continued with his streak of standing out in his classes and making new friends. However, his investigations into a seemingly-unrelated string of robberies and business acquisitions across Canada led him onto a collision course with one of his professors and a mysterious "Colonel of the Shadows" and a game of deception where everything's not exactly as it seems.

Professor James "Jim" Moriarty, Jr.: The professor of Garfield's calculus course whose namesake is the infamous Napoleon of Crime, James Moriarty, Sr., who is also his paternal granduncle. Appears laid-back and calm, though he may be hiding something.

Colonel (retired) Paul Wilkinson: A retired Canadian Army officer who served in the Devil's Brigade during the war and is acquainted with Moriarty, Jr.

June 1973 - The Whistle-Blower's Trail

Dimension Seven version of Rush Hour in Hong Kong! with inspiration from the James Bond novel and film Dr. No. When the body of a MI6 operative is found in the residence of the Canadian Commissioner in Hong Kong, Garfield is assigned with two investigators from the RCMP Security Division and are dispatched to Hong Kong to get to the bottom of the case, where he soon finds himself embarking on a trail that pinpoints towards a major case of police corruption at the Pearl of the Orient that has ramifications in the intelligence world. Functions as a backdoor pilot to The Lee Kîm-Fai Chronicles (李金輝之記事).

Senior Inspector Kevin Lee Kîm-Fai (李金輝): The renegade CID commander of the Shau-Kai Wan Division with a reputation for being arrogant and reckless. Not a lot of CID men wanted to work under his command, as they find him difficult to work with. Also speaks Chiuchow (潮州話) fluently.

Superintendent Chin Gwok-Wan (錢國灣): Divisional commander at Shau-Kai Wan and Lee's boss, not sure how he put up with the renegade senior inspector's antics

Sergeant Choi Kai-Hing: CID officer who is Lee's unofficial second-in-command. Although he never hesitates to defend Lee's decisions and actions, he has expressed irritation for Lee's antics in private. Also knows plenty about Lee's past

Detective George Kang: CID officer who is Choi's partner. Also loyal to SIP Lee, though like his partner, he never hesitates to privately express his irritation about Lee

Superintendent Fred Chu: Commander of the Special Activities Unit (SAU) of the Special Branch, one of the sub-units of the E group.

Senior Inspector Denise Hung: Intelligence officer in the SAU who doesn't get along with Lee

Sergeant Leo Hon: Hung's second-in-command in the SAU and likewise harbours a deep dislike towards Lee

Chief Superintendent Douglas Graham: The head of the E group (E組) of the RHKPF Special Branch, responsible for counterintelligence work

April 1975 - A Study in Himeji

Inspired by the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. Garfield teams up with agents of Japan's National Security Intelligence Service to get to the bottom of an industrial espionage case that has ramifications on the shift in the global balance of power.


Assistant Superintendent Nelson Ng Gwong-Yuen (吳廣源): Commander of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) detachment in the Central Division of the Singapore Police Force.

William Wu series:

Oct. 2010 - Riddle of the School Lockers

William's origin story. A disappearance at school lead William into his first case, where he found that there is more to the school lockers than meets the eye.

Feb. 2012 - The Legend of the Undead Soldier

Basically the same as D4 Garfield and the Legend of the Phantom Cadet!, only with William instead of Garfield.

March 2012 - The Case of the Broken Glass

William and Elizabeth received one of the most baffling cases they had ever worked on when a former Ottawa police chief inspector was found dead in a room with a broken window at his home.

Aug. 2012 - William vs. The Harbour Pirates

Story based on the Batman story Hook Morgan and his Harbor Pirates! from Detective Comics #54, first published in August 1941. William and Elizabeth went on a trip to a major port city, but trouble seems to follow them wherever they go, and shortly after their arrival, news broke out that the cargo from an incoming cargo vessel has been looted at the harbour and that the pirates have made good of their escape when pursued by the police.

June 2013 - A wild-goose chase to Australia

After his 18th birthday, William travels to Melbourne, Australia to visit his relatives living there, as one of his aunts from his mothers side is getting married there. Little did he know that he will end up going on a never-expected adventure, such as being stranded in Los Angeles for a day.

Oct. 2013 - The Riddle of the Missing Twin

In the beginning of William's final training year in the air cadets, the notable Manchester Air Cadet Sherlock Holmes, Maria Wu, arrived at his squadron for an one-year exchange. For some reason, she looked quite familiar to William and has begin to develop a close bond with him, leading to some jealousy from Elizabeth. That jealousy only turned worse when the trio were called in to investigate a counterfeiting ring, and in the process Maria revealed a secret that might further complicate issues.

Nov. 2013 - A New Era

Sequel to The Riddle of the Missing Twin. William and his lost twin sister Jennifer reconcile after being apart for so many years, going through all of the cases he and Elizabeth managed to close in the past 4-5 years, while Jennifer and Elizabeth had a chat about Elizabeth's romantic relationship with William.

Jan. 2014 - The Secret of the Hidden Tunnels

University life became a source of new adventures for William, Elizabeth and Jennifer, as they enjoy their time in first year civil engineering, industrial design and architectural engineering respectively. However, the trio stumble upon a mystery when a former engineering professor, who also had a degree in archeology and the arts, spoke the words "The tunnels will guide the way" in his dying breath.


Note: All real-life locations mentioned in my stories are fictionalized

Dimension Four:

In terms for world affairs and boundaries, the world of Dimension Four is going to be semi-anachronistic:

Examples of defunct monarchies that are still active in the present-day: The German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Greece, the Ottoman Empire, Korea, Ethiopia, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iran, all in the form of stable, democratic parliamentary constitutional monarchies The Indian subcontinent is encompassed by a federal parliamentary republic in the form of the Indian Union (Itself divided into three constituent countries) The pre-1949 Republic of China (Excluding Mongolia and Taiwan) is still in control of the mainland, aside from being a stable, semi-presidential republic with the status as the world's largest democracy and largest social-welfare state The United Kingdom only consists of England, Scotland and Wales as of 1921, with the fictionalized Republic of Ireland (Who's still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations) encompassing both real-life Ireland and Northern Ireland

In terms for passenger rail in Canada, the worlds of Dimensions One and Four are semi-anachronistic:

Examples of defunct rail services that are still active in the present-day: The Super Continental and the Atlantic The Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick is a road and rail bridge, with daily VIA Rail service linking Charlottetown, PEI, with the New Brunswick cities of Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John There are two rail links to Newfoundland: One through a rail bridge from Labrador and Quebec and the other through a rail tunnel from Sydney, Nova Scotia. Both rail links terminate at St. John's The VIA Rail-operated Canadian continues to use its 1950s and 1960s CP Rail routings, connecting Vancouver on the west end with Toronto or Ottawa and Montreal on the east end VIA Rail continues to serve Ottawa Union Station, though the real-life Ottawa Railway Station at Tremblay that opened in 1966 in real life is opened in 1977 as a temporary station while Ottawa Union Station in downtown undergoes renovations with the tracks electrified and twinned and moved to underground tunnels in the downtown core. Following the reopening of Ottawa Union Station in 1983, the temporary station at Tremblay is renamed as Ottawa East Station LRC is the name of VIA Rail's high speed rail service adapted from the Bombardier LRC trainset that entered service in 1982, though unlike its real-life counterpart, the LRC is electric-powered and is of push-pull formation (With later models shifting towards electric multiple unit) MOOSE Rail is the primary operator of commuter and regional rail in the Ottawa-Hull region, having had taken over operations from VIA Rail, CP Rail and CN Rail in the 1990s All rail lines in the Ottawa-Hull region that were torn down since the 1950s and 1960s in real life are still in use today, aside from minor adjustments in the routings if applicable Montreal's Windsor Station is still active as a railway station, therefore the Lucien-L'Allier Station is merely for use by the Montreal Metro with the RTM station of the same name not existing. That being said, the CP Rail tracks linked to Windsor Station are now underground with the railway station linked to Bell Centre and Lucien-L'Allier Station In addition, Windsor Station in Montreal still functions as the headquarters of CP Rail with Canadian Airlines having offices in the station (Due to CP Rail owning a majority stake in the airline in 1997), in addition to trains arriving from Ottawa and Toronto not continuing to Quebec City terminating at the station

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