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Please check out my first FictionPress story: The Penance!: Here's the form below!

In the year of 2456, where the United States has been taken over by Russia for more than 350 years, there is the Penance, for what the United States did to Russia. The Penance is a giant competition where one boy and girl from all of the old 50 states, Washington DC, and the territories have to face terrible dangers, called Trials. Trials test your strength, smarts, state of mind, and everything you are as a person. There is everything from all-out death matches to tests that will bend your smarts to the limits. The child in the Penance who is killed in death matches or places last in others will be killed until one child remains. So submit your child to the ultimate slaughter of the 357th Penance under the flag of Soviet Russia!

Information Regarding Velbaeris:

I realize I left some important plot holes, like region names, and some stuff about Velbaeris.

Here are the regions and High Sects:

Regions of Velbaeris:

Centra: Greatest Sect: Malarai

Westerene: Greatest Sect: Grey

Eastren: Greatest Sect: Turin

The Northerns: Greatest Sect: Lenkoven

Southron: Greatest Sect: Verammi

The Nook: Greatest Sect: Valldie

The Stonegardens: Greatest Sect: Alabaster

The Parallels: Greatest Sect: Bondurant

The Greenland Valley: Greatest Sect: Greengate

Also, Velbaeris is the only civilized land, with two other uninhabited areas, one to the North (borders The Northerns) and one to the Southwest (Is separated from the Parallels by a river channel)

I will also be having a Tumblr page about it, regarding castles, the royal family, and other things. If you have any questions, let me know in a PM :)


Age (12-20):


State (States that train are California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, DC (I know it's not a state), and Texas)/Territory/DC (Territories are Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Marianas Islands, and the US Virgin Islands):

Appearance (Detailed, skin tone, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, height, weight, any birthmarks/scars):

Personality (Detailed):

Family (Give a little bit about each family member):





Weapon of Choice:

Lifesaver (volunteers) or Picked?:

Crippled, Visually Impaired (near or farsighted?), or neither?:

State of mind:

IQ (Be realistic, not something like 367, more like 100-170-ish, Stephen Hawking's IQ is 160, remember that):

Heritage (Like Russian or Armenian or something):

Smart or Stupid:

Weak or Strong:

Other Information:

Paragraph about life before the Penance Lotto:

URL or celebrity they look like (can be foreign):

I will select every character, but if your form is not good, I will probably kill your character off early (after empty slot characters(sorry!)). I will not keep the 'purple-eyed pyro's with an IQ of 298 and are 7' 8" tall'. I will either change them or just cut them out, even if there is 110 kids. If there is more than one person per state/territory/DC, I'll pick the better form and move the other character(s) to a different state/territory/or DC that has not been filled. If you have any suggestions about Trials or the story overall, please let me know, I am happy to take suggestions. You can submit as many characters as you would like. Happy Hunting!

Alabama: Open Alaska: Girl: Kirima Bjork: HestiaAbnegation11 Boy: Open American Samoa: Open Arizona: Open Arkansas: Open California: Open Colorado: Open Connecticut: Open Delaware: Open Florida: Open Georgia: Open Guam: Open Hawaii: Open Idaho: Open Illinois: Open Indiana: Open Iowa: Open Kansas: Open Kentucky: Open Louisiana: Open Maine: Open Maryland: Open Massachusetts: Open Michigan: Open Minnesota: Closed Girl: Regina Hopkins: Fairy Lori Boy: Beau Hopkins: HestiaAbnegation11 Mississippi: Open Missouri: Open Montana: Open Nebraska: Open Nevada: Open New Hampshire: Open New Jersey: Open New Mexico: Open New York: Girl: Open Boy: Seiji Nakamura: Fairy Lori North Carolina: Open North Dakota: Open Northern Marianas Islands: Open Ohio: Open Oklahoma: Open Oregon: Open Pennsylvania: Open Puerto Rico: Open Rhode Island: Open South Carolina: Open South Dakota: Open Tennessee: Open Texas: Girl: Brenna O'Neill: Fairy Lori Boy: Open US Virgin Islands: Open Utah: Open Vermont: Open Virginia: Open Washington: Girl: Talia O'Malley: Rosemarie Benson Boy: Open Washington DC: Open West Virginia: Open Wisconsin: Open Wyoming: Open
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The kingdom of Velbaeris is in chaos, with many High Sects losing control over the bitter rivalries of the others. Will your Sect be apart of this war? Let's see if they make it out!
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In the ultimate competition of a lifetime, a spy from each country across the globe is selected to participate in a competition of prowess, no matter physical, mental, electronic, or emotional. Do you think YOUR spy can handle the Game of Spies? SYOC OPEN! If you want to submit to Media Room, contact me or just send a form!
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The Penance: SYOC reviews
The Penance is a death contest put on the now Soviet occupied United States. This unlike any other, with challenges called Trials, where from one to a multitude of kids could be killed each challenge. This contest has been happening for 356 years, now going onto the 357th, can your child survive the horrors of the Penance? SYOC OPEN!
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 386 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Published: 4/15/2015