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I love anime, manga, my wonderful friends, and to both read and write fanfics, and I like to hear from people who read my fics, both the good and the bad. Though if the bad turns from useful critism to flames, I'll use it in a contest against Tasuki. Ok, I switched my name to Dawn Sweetie. There's a story behind that. Last school year, my sophmore year, I made friends with two seniors. They, plus a group of their friends, who I haven't met, have nicknames. The first name is a name either that the person thought fit themselves, or one one of the friends made up for them. The second is a name you would use in 'sweet talk'. They'd told me their nicknames, Skye Dear and Lily Darling. One day, while my two friends and I were eating at the mall, it was decided that I should get a nickname. I couldn't think of a good first name, so Skye decided she thought I could be a Dawn, which was accepted. Then I'm always liked Sweetie, so there we go.
Yay, I've got creative writing for a class this semester. The first day we had to write about where we'd rather be, then share the main idea. I said I'd rather be in Japan, having brought friends, and be shopping. I included for anime and manga in my writing, but not to the class, cuz only 1, if that, of them would have known what I was talking about, then I'd have to explain that manga is Japanese comics and anime is Japanese animation, which usually turns into they asking me if I mean Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and DBZ. And Yu-Gi-Oh, now...Maybe Gundam Wing for some of them...But really, I just hate that conversation, and I went through it in english last year. Ok, I'm rambling, and anyone who _did_ read this is pro'lly bored.