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I'm 15 and utterly, completely, inescapably, obsessed with Harry Potter.

Sports: basketball, swimming, rockclimbing, sailing, quidditch.

Favorite character: Sirius Black has to be the hottest guy I've ever heard of and the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Favorite Book: Until book5 I'll have to say The Goblet of Fire

Fanfics: I've written a few 5th year stories, and posted my best for you. I love to write fanfics and draw fanart. I really like stories where Harry becomes a great wizard, Voldemort gets his ass kicked by Harry, or both. I like reading fanfics about the upcoming book, pray that it will be published soon.
Please read my stories! And remember to review!

I loved the first movie, saw it twice in the theaters and got it on DVD, it's perfect...well they did cut out some scenes...but it's still my all-time favorite!

My specialty is writing fighting scenes, (you know, where Voldie and his death eaters get the stuffin' knocked outa them?) You'll know what i mean once you read World of War. (read Order of the Phoenix first)
I plan on actually finishing through seventh year only two stories, Order of the Phoenix and Order of the Phoenix II & Sequel books. Dark year will end after fifth year and not be continued, if I even finish it at all.

On the door to my room there is a large sign that says PROUD MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE CREATION OF VAMPIRES!!!

I absolutely hate mary sues, despite that I've got what some really critic people might think of as mary sues.
GO KISS VOLDIE'S ASS WHOEVER TOLD ME I'VE GOT A MARY SUE PROBLEM! I really DON'T! They don't look, talk, or act like me! They're just new characters, I've got plenty of them, DEAL!