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Hey everyone!

I have many original works in the making, whether or not I post them them (or if they're good enough to be published) is the question...

You can find my Fanfiction Here.

Keep in mind that I have not worked on my fanfiction in a long while due to my *personal life and the ongoing process of writing a full length novel with my best friend. (More on that in a moment.)

If you have read the prologue to A New Beginning please review! I am not sure if I will continue writing as of yet (*See above). Though, the plot has not yet left my head, I may have to write just to be free of the ever-present story that is stuck in the recess of my mind.

Remember that novel that I mentioned, the one that I'm working on with my best friend? Yeah, that one. Well, said friend (My bestie since we were five years old) and I went on a month long trip last summer. Over that time we came up with a *brilliant* plot idea and just couldn't let it go. As of now, we are nearly half way through the writing process! *Que music* *happy dance* Yeah, I'm super excited!!! Well, when we are done writing we are going to publish it, hopefully by the end of the year. Unfortunately, until then, I am not going to give much time to any other of my stories. We both REALLY want to finish this thing!

So, in short, you may have to wait longer than I would normally make you all wait for updates.

But anyway, let's get back on track...

I love reading other's works of fiction and will most likely spend more time reading stories on this site than writing my novels. *hangs head in shame* Terrible, I know. I really need to write. In fact, I should stop spending time on here, telling you all useless information about myself and my stories in order to start "playing author" as my sister calls it.

Signing off!


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