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Ravings and Rantings of an Insane Writer

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As you may all know me, I’m a writer for both Fanfiction and Fictionpress. Sure, that’s not the most exciting profession, or even a profession at all, but it is a hobby of mine.

To all my readers, I can only ask. Do you like my writing? Is it good enough? Well, I used to think so. Every time I got a new follower, a new favourite, I would literally leap for joy. But then, I looked at the more popular categories.

For example: How to Train a Dragon. I looked there for inspiration, and because I wanted to submit a story there. No such luck. There are over 10 000 entries; my little plot of land will go unnoticed. But I noticed something. A story. But not just any story, a truly popular one. One with 601 reviews, 413 favourites, and 408 followers. Wow. A measly 20 favourites on my side isn’t looking so good now, huh?

This got me thinking. What am I writing for? To vent out my anger and ideas on a page? To have people look up at me for my skills? Or to force myself to do something I really don’t want to?

I swear, I can’t decide if talking or writing is better. An email lasts an eternity, free for any skilled person to see. Words can evaporate in the air, never to be noticed. Words can be altered, changed in the blink of an eye to accommodate the situation. Writing has to be rewritten over and over to achieve perfection. Writing reflects who you really are, not just your speech patterns, and a desperate attempt to fit in.

I, myself, prefer to write. There’s no one to judge me, no one that knows who I really am. I’m free to write, unbiased by outliers. I’m free to use my real vocabulary, not the common speech that I use to seem normal. No one knows the author behind the words.

You see, I started writing as school assignments, same as everyone else. Then, in grade four, I started a little book, Caterpencil and Bookworm. It’s just a cute little thing about a pair of best friends who love school and have to survive everyday challenges, and it wasn’t well written. But since then, I have love, love, loved writing with all my heart.

Second breakthrough: Shocked. It’s a story about a school for magicians, about a pair of girls who discover amazing powers, and save the world from wayward dark forces. It all started with a dream. I dreamed about me, facing my worst enemy since grade four summer, a boy that was so repulsive and annoying that his memory has stayed with me to this day. It didn’t help that he and his little sister would walk past my school every day.

From that, and a whole lot of talking with my friends, and I do mean a lot, Shocked was born. My friends gave so many suggestions that there is no way that this thing isn’t written well. Still, after about four months, I've barely done more than five chapters. It isn’t that I have no ideas; it’s that I just can’t get them down on paper. I can think thoughts, construct sentences that flow, but I just can’t connect them. Shocked isn’t as good as it can be.

And that got me thinking. Am I really a good writer? Just because I can talk, I know what words mean, and I can type as fast as the next person, so it mean I can write?

What do you think? Take a moment to read my writing, and tell me what you think. Is this worth fighting for?

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And my fanfiction pieces:

And to any potential beta readers, please comment on my stories or private message (PM) me to let me know you're interested!

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