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Hi! Welcome to my profile! I'm SnowflakeSoup, though you can call me Snowflake. I'm an aspiring writer. A friend of mine started writing stories for (Sage.Meryllis.Banks), and I decided I wanted to do something similar--you know, writing and posting stories online. However (as you should know if you have read any of Sage's stories), I heavily disapprove of fanfiction, so this account was born!

I'm a Chinese-American girl who loves to create stories, read, sing, act, and draw (though I'm not very good at that). I apologize in advance for any slow updates. Between my homework and the fact that I'm just generally a pretty slow writer, I won't be able to update all the time. However, I do write short (well, my idea of short) drabbles/oneshots with my original characters--once I post enough chapters of my original stories, I can release those whenever I don't have a chapter ready to post.

As for music, my tastes are pretty diverse. I occasionally listen to dubstep, trap, and electronic music, but I also like alternative/indie pop (thanks to my friend Sage). A few of my favorite artists are Lily Allen, Melanie Martinez and BANKS. However, I usually like anything that has an interesting sound, from Glory and Gore to Blank Space. I also enjoy listening to Vocaloid songs (if you don't know, don't ask), although only a little bit. A lot of them are stupid, since anyone with enough money can buy Vocaloid software and make a song.

I wouldn't be able to write much of anything without one of my best friends, Sage.Meryllis.Banks. She absolutely loves to write and read, which is why we're besties. We both have quite different tastes, which can lead to extensive book arguments that go unresolved. But though I make a point not to read any fanfiction, her writing is great! A bit of a different style, but good all the same. She writes Vampire Academy fanfiction, so go take a whirl at her stories if you have read the series and condone fanfiction. She helps me edit my stories and adds in some comedy whenever my drabbles are lacking in hilarity. As I have mentioned, without her, this account would probably be nonexistent. We always go on Google Docs and chat for hours at a time, bouncing ideas off of each other as we write. Many of my greatest drabble ideas were co-created with her. We're toying with the idea of making an original story collab, actually. After all, our best stories were made together! She often invades my ANs, so you'll probably become very familiar with her when I post my stories.

She has now made a FictionPress account with the same username. She told me she might write some original content so go give her a follow!

Random, but how old do you think I am? Sage asked the same thing on her profile, and I want to know how old you perceive me to be.

Any feedback is appreciated! I want to know how to improve my writing, but please don't be rude!


--My pen name comes from my Chinese name, which means snow, and my last name, which means soup. I just added the -flake because SnowSoup doesn't sound as cool as SnowflakeSoup.

--I own six pet chickens! Their names are Alice, Charlotte, Sophie, Quail, Venus, and Artemis. And before you ask, NO, I AM NOT GOING TO EAT THEM.

--My favorite Vocaloid is Gumi, but my favorite Vocaloid song producer (Pinocchio-P; check him out, he's really good) only uses Miku. The world is a cruel place. (BTW, I hate semicolons. They're really ugly. I just had to use one for this trivia fact and it killed me.)

--My favorite book is The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I have reread it approximately thirteen million times. Other favorite books include A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Eleanor and Park, and Counting by Sevens.

--I have an older brother who is currently a computer science major at Princeton University (he has a blog about literary analysis that is awesome. Check it out here).

--I do own a blog, where I post stuff about my life whenever I can (which is not a lot, unfortunately).

--My favorite Vocaloid songs are, in order, Common World Domination, Patchwork Staccato, Floating Shelter, Slow Motion, and Rotten Heresy and Chocolate. All of them (except for Patchwork Staccato--that's by Toa) by Pinocchio-P of course.

--I usually don't care when my peers read my writing. I guess it's because, with the exception of Sage and a few choice others, most of them have extremely subpar writing skills. I freak out when my family reads my stuff, though. I suppose it's because they have a much higher standard for my writing skill, and they are MUCH more inclined to harshly criticize me.

--I absolutely DETEST the Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Their popularity makes me wonder about humanity. I actually wrote two long rants on my blog about them, if you're interested in that kind of stuff.

--I love to write and read in third person limited. Third person omniscient and first person aren't nearly as good, though they aren't terrible. I always feel like it spoils things if you know what other people are thinking, and I just personally don't like first person that much.

--I hate present tense in story writing. It's disgusting. And first person present tense is just about the worst format to write a book ever. I do acknowledge that there are good books written in first person present tense (like Counting by Sevens, though only partially). But if I open a book and see that it's written in first person present tense, the book and the author lose 150 respect points from me.

(EDIT: I just had an epiphany about the true reason I dislike present tense. I still do believe that present tense is inferior to past tense just because of the weirdness of the verbs and the general awkwardness, but it's terribleness lies with the writers who use it. For example, my favorite short story writer (Simon Rich, see bottom of this profile) utilizes present tense all the time, and his stories are brilliant. Without the present tense, the stories wouldn't be half as good. And so I've realized that (in the words of Sage) "present tense needs a purpose." It is inherently inferior to past tense because of things that can't be helped, but it can add beautiful uniqueness if used properly and stylistically. The problem is that most writers just randomly use present tense for no reason at all.)

--I watch some animes, though not many. Like the Vocaloids, many of the animes out there are actually disgustingly horrible. Some of my favorites include, not in order, Tatami Galaxy, Ping Pong the Animation, Princess Jellyfish, and Uchouten Kazoku. My LEAST favorite animes include 11eyes and Sword Art Online. I have written a rant on my blog about Sword Art Online as well.

--My favorite video game voice actor is Troy Baker. My favorite anime voice actor is Miyano Mamoru.

--I believe that having good taste is the utmost of importance. Unfortunately, good taste must often be incubated right from the beginning. Many of those addicted to terribly written things like Divergent are too far gone.

--My favorite word to say is "totalitarian." One of my favorite negative adjectives is "disgusting." One word I use a lot is "actually."

--My handwriting is godawful.

--I often read and reread the short stories of a guy called Simon Rich, who writes stuff for the New Yorker. Unprotected is my favorite story from him. Check it out! And I want to see if you can tell what the narrator is. Three of my friends couldn't, even though it was kinda obvious.

--My secret dream is to have a house-trained chicken.

EDIT: To ATHAS readers, here is Char's dress! And here are Char's glasses!

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