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My original/composed motto: "Everybody has a potential to write, we are powerful because God gave us a pen. A powerful tool to write our own stories, to write our own destiny."

I am an amateur online writer who wrote her own novels written in Filipino (my mother language), some are written in English, and some are written in English-Japanese (anime inspired). I had posted these stories online and if you happen to read some of them and wondered why there are stories that was uncompleted, please be reminded that I didn't abandoned them intentionally. A terrible incident happen where all of my stories were deleted. The only stories I managed to retrieve were the stories I posted online. Other than that, all of those conceptualization and chapters I drafted in advance were deleted. It was really painful but I have no choice but to let them go. I have a feeling I will never get to write it the same way again.

So now I am moving forward and just decided to write all over again, starting with my upcoming stories. It's easier to write them since they weren't written yet. Rather than trying to relieve those moments with my past stories. So for now I will start working on a series next year. Aside from my upcoming stories I also started writing my malec fanfics since I just love MALEC and they are my OTPs. You can find my MALEC stories in my fanfiction account.

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Want to know more about me? Have a tour in my website. I also post my own novels there! :)

My Dreams/Ambitions in the field of Writing:

1. Complete all my on-going and upcoming stories.

2. Write and complete trilogy/series.

3. Become a publish author and publish my novels as books (printed/ebook).

4. Collaboration with other writers to write a book/series.

5. Published collaboration works.

PS: I am looking for a beta for my stories. If anyone interested, please PM me.

Also, I wanted to have a friend or someone who shares the same passion with me in writing. Whom I can share my ideas with, whom who can be my beta (vice versa) and together we'll craft our journey in writing (like Clare and Holly).

Important matters and concern? Reach me in my email.


-Daime Guiral

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The Destined Book 2: Sora (Unedited) by Necromancer15 reviews
M/M, mpreg Sora is a sixteen year old Slayer claimed at thirteen by his partner and now lover, Kazuma, a claim created through a violent rape. When a vampire kidnaps the newly pregnant Sora, will Kazuma be able to get his love back before something happens to him or the baby? Book 2 of the Destined Series.
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All Alecki ever wanted was someone for himself and to has a family that he could showers his love to. It was a cliche bearer's wish, but that was all Alecki ever hoped for. He doesn't need any drama, but, a meeting with a perfect as well as perfectly mysterious guy might just give him that. Important warning: mpreg, slash, yaoi, mxm, m/m, werewolves (not the main plot)
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Cassious buys a new slave. m/m slash yaoi bdsm rape and more.
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A young assassin finds himself being forced to kill a Prince for his King. Unable to say no, he finds himself in a strange land trying to fulfill his King's wish. But maybe the Prince isn't as easy to kill as he first thought? And quite possibly, killing is the last thing on his mind when it comes to this strange man. Yaoi/slash/mxm COMPLETE
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In the end there's nothing worse then having to be someone's pet. Especially when your master is insane and is so damn confusing! I wish my life had stayed boring and uneventful. YAOI, Slavory, lemon.
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Camlo is forced into an arranged marriage of sorts with the Alpha of his pack. He only hears about it the night before. He makes the decision to run away. m/m, slash, yaoi, etc. m-preg later on
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An Island Feels No Pain by DawnSister reviews
[I'm Douglas and I just want to eat my lunch and get back to work except I have an uninvited guest that won't take no for an answer. Doesn't he realise that I'm just not worth the effort?] [I'm Mason, and I'm on a mission to make Douglas see that he is worth every effort I make to break down his defensive walls. No man is an Island] M/M and language that will make your toes curl.
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Between you and me by nekohime reviews
Aiden is the perfect alpha and warrior that everybody want. Zero, on the other hand, is a bearer that most would stay away from. And this is their story, as they strayed more and more away from the cookie-cutters others had prepared for them. warning: slash, mxm, yaoi, male/male, also mpreg.
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The Hunted by MpregMistresses reviews
When a young Hunter finds himself in the home of a Vampire lord, he ends up getting way more than a bite on the neck WARNINGS: Male/Male relationship. Mpreg. Language. Sex/Rape.
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Tears of the Neko REWRITE by craftingmom reviews
M/M Slash -REWRITE; A younger brother buys his brother, the Duke and heir to the throne, a surprising gift for his brother's birthday-a young, very skittish neko slave. But, Damien has no use for a personal slave. Warnings: M/M, angst, H/C, slave, rape. (Partially removed for publishing)
Fiction: General - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,409 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 10/23/2014 - Published: 8/4/2014 - Complete
Scream For Me by SigmaUnion
Something goes wrong, and Maverick ends up in the hands of the man he hates more than anything. And to further add insult to injury, he wants to train him to be a pet! Divine isn't pleased by this either. M/M
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ON HIATUS- [Slash, M/M, Yaoi] Lord Thane's new pleasure slave, Kegan, is everything he wanted and more, but also very disobedient. His new pet might be harder to train than he thought, especially when he begins to have deeper feelings for the boy. But will Kegan return his love? Or always despise the man who ruined his life? Warnings: Non-con, etc. See Author's Note.
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Elements of a fated connection by nekohime reviews
All Mika wanted was a simple life. To graduate, specialised and then get a job to support the simple family he plan to has. A twist of fate transfer him to a new school and a new crazy life. To top it off, he found out that he has a male mate. Fated to be forever together? He can't fight it, but that doesn't mean he accepted it. /slash/ rated m for later chapter.
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My life, Your Entertainment by TheLadyOnTheMoon reviews
Tokyo didn't expect much out of life, except being bothered by his best friend, Yuki, and his family. What he truly didn't expect, however, was meeting up with an old middle school rival who he is slowly falling in love with? Can his life get any worse? Slash. Kind of new to this, so yeah...
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The Destined Book 1: Luka (Unedited) by Necromancer15 reviews
M/M. Luka's life changed the moment the pull of his mate brought him to Alpha Zack, a boy who had just lost his whole family. Luka holds many secrets in his heart, but being an omega he must, when Luka is taken by a man from Zack's past, raped, and held against his will, Zack must find a way to bring home his mate. If he doesn't Luka will be left broken in the hands of a stranger.
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Kole was looking for a new start - what he found was a new world... and they won't let him leave. He's become their 'Key Keeper' for life and there's nothing anyone can do about it. But what else is in the bargain? Marriage with another man! Yaoi, M/M
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Charged with safeguarding the youngest Arathrian prince, Lukin Paniz became Kailin's keeper and protector. A low class Arlonite with a shameful past, he knew he could never be more than that. No matter how much he might hunger for more. M/M, D/s
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Humans and merpeople have remained separated for generations. But when a merman is captured by fishermen, Calder must prevent war between the two groups while contemplating his attraction for the merman who mysteriously developed human legs. Yaoi, m/m.
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HOWL by Kafuka Megumi reviews
Khione, a submissive warewolf pup about to turn into a teen,runs into a Alpha from another pack.However, upon their first meeting said wolf wants to mate and wont take no for an answer YAOI-SHOTA-MPREG
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The Last Bearers: Revised Edition by RikoRishodeathangeloflight reviews
On his thirteenth birthday, Daire begins a new life at The Institute, a safe haven for Bearers. Things are complicated by Aleksei, Daire's cold and uncaring mate. But as it turns out, Aleksei is the least of his worries. Slash, mpreg
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Bo Young lives with his father better known as the Coronel. Landon Hans is the all star jock who is in love with Bo. Will Bo allow his father push him in to the army or will Landon win his heart and help win his freedom? m/m
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Travis Cooper believes in patterns, and in his experience, love is a sickness that inevitably results in broken hearts. So when he runs into a guy who makes him feel something, he runs away. But said guy is persistent, and Travis knows he's doomed. M/M.
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Malcolm Leight, private consultant to the police, only fucks his roommate/assistant/doctor/lovesick fanboy Peter Grayson on the nights he solves a case. There is nothing sacred about the ritual, though Peter wishes there was. M/M. NOW WITH EPILOGUE.
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Slash/Yaoi/MxM - Finding out that the brother you hate is moving back into your life is tough. We know. INCEST/LEMON! COMPLETE!
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Claws that Bind Me by Shinigamigirl87 reviews
Devon moved away from his small town to be a successful artist in New York. Not as easy as it sounds. One night he was sitting outside on his balcony when he comes face to face with a stranger who somehow climbed 6 stories to his balcony. M/M yaoi
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[YAOI WARNING] Yuki's life was quiet and peaceful, until one night, he witnesses a murder. Soon, Yuki finds himself stalked by the charming vampire Cain, who seems to be after his blood AND his body. [COMPLETE]
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Phoenix is saved from the clutches of his Master and dragged into a world he has been oblivious to. His Master is not going to let his prize go and will stop at nothing to get him back. Warnings inside. MxM, Mpreg etc COMPLETE
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Blackmail Love by Darkladyknight reviews
YAOI: Allan Bates is a ruthless businessman who's use to taking what he wants. And he finds out he wants his personal assistant, only his assistant doesn’t seem interested. When he finds something that he can use against him, Allan Blackmails him.
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A gay teenager enters college, having made a peculiar promise to himself. But his life changes once he meets a womanizing sophmore (who vows to sleep with 122 women), and new, strange feelings in both of them start to bloom.
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