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Im going to just make this simple till I get time to make it more in depth and all that goodness. Besides, how many of you want to listen to me rant about myself? HAHA (who actually reads these anyway? Is it just me??)


You can call me Pendragon.

I an armature writer. (hurhurhur)
Inspiring comic-book artist.
Im 22.
A Cancer.
Im a tad vain, and my ego is the size of the universe.
I like to joke around.
Love classic Rock and Roll.
I love cars.

I dig things like ghosts, angels, demons, monsters, spirits, bad monster movies, Godzilla, blah blah blah etc etc.
Fiction writing is my favorite, and I also do comics with my own characters and story lines.

I dont normally post anything anywhere until I have a good amount of it done so people arent waiting for decades while I try to find time to finish stuff. My stories tend to pick up in the middle of action, pre-action, or post-action scene but after that I slowly explain details during the stuff after it (though some start at a beginning too). It's probably a weird way to write but it helps me get through stories (since I suck at beginnings). Hopefully Ill get better at that over time.
Im in college currently so it takes me some time to find moments where I can sit down and work on my stories or comics.
Most of my characters are male because I have a hard time depicting/drawing females (And I just like male over female characters personally).

Oh heads up I really beat the crap out of my characters so there's lots of fights and graphic violence in my stories.
During stuff like that I try to be as technical as I can be (Thank the gods for google and medical websites), but Im not perfect so sorry in advance if I mess something up like a body part or a sickness or symptoms or anything. I do try to make everything as scientifically close and accurate as possible.

I'm 99.99% chill all the time unless someone touches my computer or my Doctor Pepper (addicted to it badly), so if you wanna talk then by all means lets talk away.

My stories may have M/M, M/F, F/F (though mostly its M/F). I'll put warnings on my stories before the chapters just so people dont have to flip out if they dont like that kind of stuff. I dont write sex scenes or anything so the most you'll get is heavy make-outs/foreplay and lots of cuddling and hugging.

Violence, language, and graphic descriptions though are pretty common and highly detailed/used though.

I like to draw my characters out, so I have a tendency not to describe them so much. I forgot others cant see them, and Im working on that.


Update: September 27, 2015= WOW. Talk about forgetting something. I totally forgot this website existed. Jeez fail on my part. Anyway, having lost my flashdrive that contained Descended I ended up forgetting about this story. Good news though, I found it and reread it so It'll start up again. If I can stop forgetting stuff... man I really need to get my head examined; seriously. The rate I forget things at only 19 is terrible...

Update: November 4, 2015= UGH MY MEMORY WTF.

Update: December 15, 2015= STARTED A NEW STORY HOWEVER I HAVE MADE PROGRESS ON DESCENDED. So, an update on that is going to happen eventually, and if you're still reading it THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY PROCRASTINATION. Anyway, like dinosaurs and cowboys? Why not try my other story 'Wildly Prehistoric' ? Lol okay ending shameless self promotion.


Update: December 12, 2016 = LOOK WHO ISNT DEAD. Wow okay so Ive been on super hiatus from my writing because I was making progress and redesigning my comic book/characters. I have reread over Prehistoric as well as Descended. PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE. on both of them.

Update: August 25, 2017 = HOLY. SHIT. NUGGETS. Well, I mean come and go right? Wow talk about need to get on the computer more. Dont touch your computer for a year suddenly remember all those websites you USED to use a lot.

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