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Ok, so I've decided that no matter the changes I make to this profile, I'll never actually delete any giant change. I'll just date it. :) Boy, it's been a while since I've been on here... Um, so I've written a few stories, but I've realized recently that I'm a bit better at writing poems... Er, well... I find them easier to write. Don't get me wrong, I'm still writing stories to my heart's content! But I'm writing more poems... You see, the problem with my stories is that I can't seem to finish them... EVER. But I've written a whole lot of poems recently and I really like them. :) At first, in like 5th Grade, I used to dread poems because I couldn't rhyme for my life. My teacher said that I didn't have to rhyme, and so I didn't for a lot of my poems back then. But now... rhyming just seems to make poems just so much more haunting, you know? And that's what most of my poems are about... beware the angsty teen in them. Anyway, I'll post a lot of poems, probably at least one every day. But today I'll post a lot because I'll be translating them from Google Drive or my math notebook onto this website. Thank god I don't know any of you or it would be really awkward to know you're reading my poems because some of these I don't even let my sisters let alone my best friends read. I guess some things you can trust with strangers, huh? Anyway, this year, my math class was especially easy(let's hope it stays that way), and so I've had a lot of spare time with nothing to do(our teacher makes us put our phones on a table in the corner of the classroom). So, I started to write in my notebook. I started with a story but got to a point where I didn't know where to go from there. I'm still trying to write it, but it's not my main focus. In the time while I was figuring out the story, I decided to write poems. Because, well... poems seemed cool, you know? And I wrote a TON of poems. Like, my math notebook is now 80% poems/writing. It's kind of funny... :P I wrote a lot about what I was feeling in class and how I was feeling about what was going on in my life, and sometimes I just needed to let off steam(Ex. WTF is one of my poems that I have no idea why I wrote, but it helped me cope with stuff). You'll notice all these poems are very vague and confusing... it's supposed to be like that. I don't like things that are straightforward. If you think you understand the poem, PLEASE review or PM me to tell you what you think about it. If you're spot on I MIGHT tell you, but usually I like to keep things a secret and let my readers understand it how they do. :) Also. You might be wondering why I changed my name and profile picture... Well. I'm getting a bunny soon! I'm so excited! :D My birthday was a little while ago and my parents are giving me a bunny! :) I've decided to get a lop-eared one, and I did so much research on them, don't worry! I'm not sending a bunny to its death... Eek, so excited! I'll make it my profile picture whenever I get it. :D Toodles. AND DON'T FORGET TO READ MAH POEMS!! ;


Aziza is not actually my name, but that's okay, nobody needs to know that. ;) Aziza Femi is actually the name of the first character I made in a very cringe-worthy story that I may or may not post up here. Depends. Maybe I'll put up a poll about it or something. I dunno. But anyway, I doubt many people would vote because not many people have been reading my stories, and I doubt more than two people know this account exists. I have a few mortal enemies that I shall not name(Haha, you wish... Just kidding I really have no real enemies. XP) and a few very good friends(none... jk) that I will definitely name. :D Two of them are on this site, fierydragonwings and ThatOneSoulCrusher. So, look them up and yeah. They don't have any stories though, so yeah. I have some internet friends(not facebook friends) like Cairn Destop from Fanfiction, some dudes and dudettes from fictionpress, and my fifth grade teacher. Yeah I'm just that awesome(or nerdy) but anyway he's really cool, but he left my school and works at a different one now. :( We don't really keep in touch, but he's awesome. :D Anyway, I like writing and have nearly 57 books and only one of them is finished. :D I know, I'm awesome(not). Plus, it's a really crappy short-story. AND I JUST REALIZED THAT THIS IS ALL JUST ONE PARAGRAPH.

There we go. Fixed it. :I Well, where was I? Oh, right, well, I like to write romances and apocalyptic books and a whole ton of other stuff. I mostly write fanfictions though, (even though my mom says it's a waste of time...) and, uh, yeah. I'm currently deciding between two pennames, Aziza Femi, and Swirl Winters. Swirl Winters was one of my first fanfiction characters, and I sort of based her off of me, but she was a Mary-Sue... :P But I really really like her and I doubt I'll forget her anytime soon. Aziza Femi was the first character I came up with... that I'm willing to admit. Honestly, I like Swirl Winters better, but... I dunno. WHY AM I STILL TALKING(*typing)?! I DON'T KNOW! READ MY BOOKS! PLEASE! OKAY BAI! :D I know, I'm so funny(lol not really). You're totally jealous. Please tell me someone is actually reading this... Okay, I'm going to go now. Bai.

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