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The name's Lan. That's not my real name but it is what you may call me. Lan or Lanny, whatever :P I'm kind of mostly a lurker. I used to write a little here and there but I went too slow and lost interest. Now I just read. ;) I try to comment on things as I read them. I'll look over pretty much anything that holds my interest. I like music and some bands, particularly Muse and Fall Out Boy. If I were to try to write a story on here it would start out really interesting for a few paragraphs and then just fizz out due to lack of inspiration ;P if I ever try, don't expect anything great. My friends on this site are way better known than I am-- Silver Sheryl and PrennCooder. I will hopefully be reviewing their works soon. You should too! If anyone even reads these things, that is. I'm just some random guy and there's nothing making you read my profile anyway. If you care, here is some info on my OCs, copy and paste from my Fan Fiction account profile:

Lanny Quinten: the only one with a bio! My main OC! First and last name: Lanny Quinten (ITS NOT MY REAL NAME I SWEAR!)

Appearance: paleish skin, dark brown brown-blonde straight hair that's kind of longish, green eyes, usually wears a hoody, large headphones, and jeans

Personality: quiet, introverted, music-loving, flirtatious but only with the hot girls, smart, quick, can get silly and crazy when you get to know him, bit perverted, always has his eye on some girl, protective, wants to be a hero and get noticed for doing things, arrogant and proud, hard to make mad but he can definitely have a raging temper if ticked off

Hobbies: listening to music of all kinds, skateboarding, drawing comics but not well

Other likes: hats, collecting skateboards, worn out jeans, loud rock music, heavy metal headbanger music, cities, video games, ice cream, candy, Halloween, horror movies, cars, monster trucks, tigers, green, energy drinks, keeping those he loves safe, hot girls, working out, motorcycles, comic books

Dislikes: overly dramatic or invasive people, sports, running, too many people, Christmas, kid stuff, fairies, fantasy, manly or tough women

Notable family members: Two parents but more than that is unknown. It's mysterious.

Girlfriend: Silver Sheryl's OC

Backstory: There isn't much to say. He isn't close with his family and prefers not to talk about them with others. He met his girlfriend in High School. Some tragic events happened to him before that and he has some scars on his body but he doesn't talk about it.

Kara Simmons: band geek, curly brown hair, overweight, braces, not the best looking, manipulative, antagonist working for a ghost, trickster, rude, two-faced

Bob Foley: Tucker's cousin on his father's side, a player, thinks he knows everything, cool, popular especially with the ladies, African-American but with brown eyes not green like Tucker's (Adopted by PrennCooder who uses him more than I do)

Alex Lennard: dark black hair, orange hoodie, black jeans, skinny build, always listening to his music, quiet, dark, antisocial (New and In-Progres)

My friends: Prenn Cooder and Silver Sheryl (Prenn and Noz) They are the ONLY ONES who have permission to use my OCs. If you want to know more about them just ask, DON'T STEAL!!


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