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My deepest and most profound apologies to one and all. I have been so completely bogged down with both school and work that I havent' been able to write much. I'm trying to hop back on teh bandwagon here and finish up lost love. I'll finish it, make no mistake, and I'm sorry to everyone who has been waiting for teh new chapter. I'll get it up soon, I swear! I'm going to finish it soon here! Thanks to you all. EMail me or im me to whip my butt into shape here! ^~

To one and all who are expecting the next chapter of Lost Love and the lengthened version of Knight in Shining Armor...this summer has been a pain in the butt so far, so I apologize to one and all who have been waiting...but it might take a little longer to get the next chapter up. I've been searching fruitlessly for a job, but no one wants to hire a college student for the summer...grumble grumble, stupid economy...on top of that, my computer has been going wiggy on me and I'm no longer on line half as much as I was, so it's just been a real pain, but I swear, I'm going to try to get the next chapter out soon and I'm also trying to get up and running on Grace and Shane's story, which I have the first chapter started for...so once again, sorry, but hey, once I get back to school, I'll be updating more frequently...I never really thought that I'd miss school...wow.

Alright, so I made it into college. I love VCU, Richmond is one of the greatest cities!!! I'm an English major (I want to be an editor), so, if anyone ever wants any of their stories edited, email, or im me. Either way, I'll get back to you. I'm living the life up here, partyin, having fun and all that jazz. I plan on posting more, but I've been kind of hesitant about posting original stuff, but how else am I going to get known?
Pip, babe, I love ya. Thanks for hookin me on .
Im sorry to say I've got issues finishing things, but most of those are on . Anyway, so i'll be putting up a few more good original stories soon, but maybe later. Anyway, give me feedback, let me know what's goin on, how you think about my stuff, and please review it! Thanks.

Thanks for the reviews! I love getting them!! ^^ Even if you say what all the others have said, then at least I know what has to be done, right? I mean if enough people pound it into me, then I should listen, right?

PS. I had some complaints about how the format of the stories was that they all ran into one another. So, I reloaded em, I'm sorry about before, but hey, i fixed it.

P.S.S. There is an author by the name of Dee1, and they have a story called Lost Love too, but it is completely different than mine, adn they are a completely different author than me, so don't get us mixed up please. THank you.

And I have another post note, if you're going to review my stuff, i really do appreciate it, but don't leave a mean review with no constructive help, and if you're going to be mean, at least sign it!!! This is going out to a certain somebody who just said that they hated a story of mine. I can understand personal differences, but don't tell me it sucks, then give me no reason, and then not to have the balls to tell me who you are. But anyway, that's just a small pet peeve of mine, you don't have to worrry about this section if it wasn't you.
See, i'm happy, i'm a good girl! ^^
As Zach said, "A happy Dee, is a good Dee." Thanks Zach!!! And Ryan had it right when he sad "a mad Dee is a bad Dee." alright i think i've gone on long enough this is getting out of hand!

WOOO!!! Update on Lost Love!! Chapter 11 is up (that's technically chapter 12...) and plus new story up, another fractured fairy tale!!!

If you want to see some of my artwork that is currently up on the web, go to They are pretty pictures, I assure you! ^^

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