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= about me =

given name: Cassie
nickname: Cassie Bob
I'm female, stressed out, and 21 years old at press time. I love horror movies to the ends of the earth for reasons unknown, and basically anything with blood, martial arts, and/or explosions holds my short attention span captive. I divide my time (and residence) between Chicago and Valparaiso, the latter being where I go to school as an English / secondary education major (so be afraid, because I just might be your English teacher soon). I won't bore you with endless lists of favorite things, but I have quite a fondness for America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, British pop/rock (Mika and Hard-Fi are my latest obsessions), Tarantino movies, and Mike's Hard Limes, among tons of other stuff.

"I'm only this far / And only tomorrow leads my way" - "#41" by Dave Matthews Band

= extended summaries =

Fire and Ice - Cindy Cartwright, a member of her school's elite group, has renewed antipathy for class bad boy JC Connor after he steals her treasured notebook. As their luck would have it, they find themselves paired together in - what else? - their health class's marriage project. Though at opposite ends of the spectrum, they manage to find some common ground and even start to strike up a friendship. That all goes to hell when an ill-fated fistfight appeals to family loyalties and a long-standing rivalry, forcing Cindy to side against JC. When she discovers another betrayal, will she be able to patch things up with JC again? Or will her visions of romance be forced to lay by the wayside? (totally in need of a title change, btw)

Semantics (short story) - Desiree Benson, a self-described Grammar Nazi, regularly ponders life, love, and bad grammar at the Java Joint, her hangout of choice. Enter Derek, a brooding boy with designs of becoming an English major, who just happens to share her affection for the Java Joint and the written word. A whirlwind romance ensues, but Derek is more mysterious than Desiree ever could have imagined. Life, love... It's all really just a matter of semantics, isn't it?

Waxing Prismatic - a poetry series containing "Red", "As Snow", "Green", "Violet", and "Roy G. Biv" - Unrelated poems all focused on color imagery and love or life gone wrong. The poems all rely on the common connotations and images given to certain colors and using them to turn everything on its head. Themes include the destructive nature of innocence ("As Snow"), obsession ("Red"), greed ("Green"), and desire ("Violet" and "Roy G. Biv").

Fever (short story) - Trinity Sutter's life seems to be spiralling out of control. She hides behind homework and friends, taking solace in her chemistry major as she struggles with the spring fever that seems to burn in her. Alexander, whose passion rivals her own, offers her an escape. Control and restraint sometimes come at a high price.

= author's notes =

5/16/07: I added a new short story, entitled "Fever." It's absolutely not what most of you want, and to be frank, I don't know if I can complete "Fire and Ice". I can't seem to commit to any particular plotline, and the fact that I know it's unrealistic and immature frankly irks me. I don't know if it's worth an overhaul, especially when I lack so much direction. I don't want to make any promises. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the subject, on how you think it's going or how it looks right now - sometimes it just takes a little bit of creative pushing and prodding to get my ass in gear.

I'm thinking of adding another short story, "Electrical Storm", sometime after I get home (I'm moving out of my dorm tomorrow morning) and have a chance to revise it properly. I have a few ideas for new longer projects, but whether anything becomes of them really depends on my schedule during the summer. I'm hoping to find a job when I get back to Illinois.

Thanks for your time and support. Have a fabulous summer. :)

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