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Hey all! Dusky Red Owl here! I'm gonna put stuff here later, but as suggested by a kind PM-er I am putting Spirit Shifters' character form here for now :)

Character Form

Full Name:





History: (What made them who they are today? When did they meet their Spirits? Add loads of detail please :D)

Clan: (I'll come to this later, but for now it's Fire, Wind, Shadow, Light, Life and Water. May change or update as the story progresses. Choose a clan name that fits the personality so it makes sense.)

Spirit: (Like Ibis and Soul. Cannot be Wolf, Owl or Red Fox and must be a creature native to a forested area. Must fit personality as much as the Clan, and I need a name and species.)

Clothing: (Anything related to the Clan's colouring. e.g. Fire = red, orange, etc, Wind = pale blue, white, etc, Shadow = all shades of black and grey, Light = white, yellow, etc, Life = green, brown, etc, Water = all shades of blue and some green. Stick to appropriate colours. This is set a looooong time ago, so no skinny jeans and halter tops please :P Otherwise anything suited to the time goes!)

Primary Weapon: (Well, they need to defend themselves! You may choose one medieval-style weapons - the first of which is the most used. Put it here!)

Secondary Weapon: (The backup weapon. Usually small like a dagger or throwing knife, maybe one of those pipe thingies with darts in them.)

Family: (Just put siblings, parents, others if relevant)

Anything you want to happen?: (Would you like a specific thing to happen to your character? If so, what? I'll do what I can.)

Gear: (What do they keep with them at all times, in a bag or just somewhere else?)

Extras: (If I missed something obvious that you want to point out.)

Spirits I'm looking for include Raven, Eagle, Wildcat, Deer, Wild Horse, and others native to northern foresty - type places.

Oh, and please submit via PM and not review!

Spirit Shifters reviews
A bold, wise teen and her owl. A playful, trusty kid and her wolf. Two sisters on the greatest adventure of their lives, with nobody but their Spirit Guardians to guide them. Staring demons in the eye and unlocking their greatest talents, Sierra and Mira must fight against all odds for the survival of the forest. They are Spirit Shifters. May need characters, info in chapter 1.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,087 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/25/2015