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I like to write fantasy and all those wonderful things.

I'm 19 and, well, writing is one of my favorite pastimes.

'Nough said.

I'm a girl. Yeah, shush, get over it.

I love the snoz out of fiction. I love adventure, fantasy, mystery, comedy, drama, horror... I think I like most genres, heck, even a bit of romance but sometimes too much of that makes me feel sick xP

But I have to say, adventure and fantasy are my favorite.

Music... I lean towards rock and roll. I'm stuck in the grunge, man. Also the 70's and 80's... and the 60's too (Um, HELLO, you can't not love The Beatles!). But I have to say, my top two favorite bands are Thousand Foot Krutch and System of a Down. Hands down, I pretty much know all the lyrics to their songs by heart, some of the best bands in my opinion (However, I'm not too fond of TFK's latest album, Oxygen, too mushy). I have to say, I listen to whatever is being played. I personally enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics and epic beats.

Books... Well, for one, I do like The Golden Compass series (the first series I ever read in Elementary) and anything relevant to the genres as said above. Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter is a good one that I like too. Going to college, I've been hitting the writing of the old times—they're good! So, I like those as well; plays, short stories, and et cetera.

Movies... I'm a sucker for The Princess Bride (and I've read the book), I don't care whattt you say, I love it. My taste in movies pretty much revolve around the genres I've stated above.

Games... Chrono Trigger and Zelda for the win.

I suppose you know me a bit more now, ya?

A Haiku for you

Oh Yeah ;):

They call me Red; when

I'm in bed, they say I'm a

natural at sleep.

End Haiku

My sword?! You can't handle my sword! ... It's red Damascus steel, they're pretty darn expensive :P

Yeah, those blades exist and they look super cool, look it up!

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