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I guess I should tell me about myself.

age: 18

likes: video game, books, helping people, learning, and well making friends

dislikes: Mean people, liers, people that think there better then others, school, homework, and being bored

Fav things to say: "He is dumb as a box of rocks." "This is why I don't want to try." "And you think your better because?" "Calm Down!" "Keep it up and I will have to let it out." "Please stop. I don't want to get mad." "Stop before I hurt you." And... my most said is "Hello. Want to be friends?"

The only way my friends know that I am pissed or feeling weird. "I am going Jack!"

Least likely to say: "That is way better then (Put one of my fav games, movies, shows, or songs) Your are so right." "I think this is not a good idea." "Des nuts" (or whatever that weird shit is.) "Bro, lets do (anything bad that cops could be called.)" and least likely... "Man, I think she is the one."

I have a little bit of a temper. So yes I get mad a bit. I can be a bit detailed, that is because I role play.

Sex: I am me. Me is male. Meaning I am male.

Oh random fact... I read a lot more then I write. I type more then I read. 90% of all my work is in typing.

Fav colors: Black, blue, red, and sometimes white.

Fav things I have ever heard. "One day, your only friend my be your enemy."- unknown. "Let's burn it down"- My best friend in school. "Man, I think I love her."- The song. "You are my one and only"- Almost every lieing ex.

grade: 11th, yes I know. I was held back because of my birth day and missing a year.

Last thing... I make up a lot of things. I may not have a lot of friends or people to talk to in real life, but I don't mind talking to anyone here. PM me if you have a idea for anything or want to know anything about me.

No I will not say my real name, ever in a story or on here. If I get to know you better I may tell you.

I have many oc people. Jack Shadow, Kenny Locke, Alex, and Sam are most used. I may have beast come into one of mine.

Please if you want to talk about ideas. I don't mind pming.

Ok, I really don't mind making friends. If anyone wants to become friends just tell me. I don't mind talking to someone and becoming friends then maybe give someone my email or phone. Just please don't ask for it. I will ask if you want it after we talk for a bit

Well thanks for reading have a good day/night and/or life

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