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Not a writer, more of a reader of very good works, mostly of the m/m slash variety. Fun fact, username is semi-from an RP I do. I don't review often, let alone favorite something.

My Pet Peeves that writers do:

1. Not seperating dialogue belonging to different characters via a new paragraph. (total turn off for me, I skip the story.)

2. Romanticizing stockholm syndrome. *looks at stories involving slaves loving their masters for virtually no reason, even if they're not cruel to them or anything like that*

3. Being overly cliche that is so textbook like it's rediculous. Caveat: Being cliche isn't necessarily bad, they're just incredibly hard to pull off well. They're more of a guilty pleasure than anything.

4. Using defiantly instead of definitely. They mean completely different things.

5. Not giving an actual summary or do the whole "summary sucks" crap or similar.

6. Using apostrophes for dialogue instead of quotation marks.

7. Outragiously large amount of text talk when characters aren't texting/improper capital letters when needed/other major and frequent grammatical/spelling errors. Seriously, who doesn't have microsoft word or similar to at least do spell checks? It won't get everything, but it should get a lot of things...

8. Absolutely zero indications of a scene change.

9. Jumping right to the sex when it's not a one night stand, but just started dating.

10. Huge blocks of text. With no paragraphs or anything. Or extremely few paragraphs. And I mean without even a line between them.

11. The "Rape Kiss." See Stockholm syndrome. I read an essay recently about that and I agree whole heartedly.

Tropes that I usually do not stand, but could be guilty pleasure every once in a while:

1. Soulmates. I am a fan of choice. I have read one story that takes the concept, flips it on its head, and spins it to the point it is interesting. Any other time, I'm very hesitant on this one...it looks more like stockholm syndrome to me, especially with a set dominant/submissive subtext. *looks at Inside Out and Silverback Wolves and glares at them, especially the latter, great premise, but then succumbed to it...facepalm*

2. Vampire/werewolf stories. There are only a handful that actually seem good. *looks at the New Night series* there was another one that was discontinued, but I can't remember its name...it had a hybrid in it, thats about all I remember beyond parts of its plot, it wasn't m/m slash or even romantic. Another interesting one that is discontinued was My Dog, a Werewolf or something like that.

3. Arranged Marrages/matings. Especially when one or both hate each other, even more so when it is rightfully so. Stockholm Syndrome at its finest to me. There's been only one that haven't been like that. 2 technically, though it was very much early on before the author abandoned it.

Cliches that are done way too much:

1. Protag. falls for their bully. (I despise this one...unless it was a long time ago, this should not be happening. I've seen one story that actually does this right.)

2. Protag. falls for their best friend or vice versa.

3. Nerd/Jock

4. It all began with a move (protag moves, new kid comes in) (Admittedly, this one is kind of a favorite of mine...)

5. Popular/not so popular

6. Dominant/Submissive architype

7. Employee/Boss

8. Instant attraction/love (uh huh...I know some quick marriages happen *looks at my own parents, but they usually don't last...my parents' did, but they are the exception, not the rule.)

Hard to stomach situations that I...frown on, but may continue reading the story if it's okay to good:

1. Rape *looks at Tears of the Neko (caveat, yes it's a slave story, but is an exception to the stockholm syndrome trope and is actually fairly good) and All In both by craftingmom, with All In being very hard for me to stomach, but couldn't stop reading*

2. Abuse of any kind *looks at I'm with the Band by ThisIsSoAwkward and Still Suffering by Shady Shinigami*

Top 3 stories I wish would continue:

1. Getting Used to it by Waiting for Summer

2. It's not all Mary Poppins by Toasted Crumpet

3. I'm not Ready by Thisdizzydreamer (it is not m/m)

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