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By day, I write code and by night, I write stories lol. Characters have been running around inside my head waiting for me to write down their stories and this is the perfect place for me to share them. :) Besides writing, my other hobbies include reading YA, listening to music(als), binge-watching movies/TV shows/kdramas/anime and playing video games.

Story Updates


This 2000-word short story was the result of my final project in 2013 for my Writer's Craft course to combine my love for the fantasy genre and wizards. I drew inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki's film Howl's Moving Castle which was based off the book of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones.

A WOLF'S BANE (AWB) - Undergoing revision

The idea to write a story about werewolves was inspired by me binge-watching The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf back in the day lol. As a result, I wrote the 1st chapter for this back in 2015. I didn't continue with it until 2017 and within that same year, the story went on a long hiatus. Now, I'm presently revising/rewriting all my old chapters (13 of them) with the hope that I'll be able to write a better version of this story. So, for old and new readers, thank you for your patience! :)

FOUR SEASONS OF RAINY DAYS (4SORD) - Ranging from monthly to quarterly updates

I've actually had many incomplete versions of this story since middle school (lol), but finally settled on a plot and cast of characters that I want to keep. So, I'll mostly be revising/editing future chapters or writing new ones to fill in time gaps between my chapters. After reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell back in 2013, it was the first book I ever read where I personally could relate to the protagonist in terms of her social awkwardness. It's always fun to read about the strong heroines in literature, but that novel really spoke to me and I wanted to write a story like that so this is what 4SORD has eventually become haha.

Lastly, thank you, dear readers/writers who have somehow stumbled across my stories or profile and were curious enough to click on the title whether it was the cover or summary that caught your eye. Special thanks to the lovelies that have favourited/followed/reviewed my stories. It means a lot to me. :D x

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Karin Fang is a witch that uses haiku spells to cast magic & Radley Baines is a werewolf who can't seem to get along with his inner wolf. As the Alpha's son, he's expected to fulfill his duties by forming an alliance with the Evergreen Pack, but when Karin goes missing and his betrothed's pack wants her blood spilled, Radley must find the witch or betray his own kin. [REWRITE]
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