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Greetings fellow readers and writers, I am Osetto, or "Os" for short. I've also been known as RoninJD, J.D., or even just John. I am also the same Osetto that likes to hang around fanfiction.net and occasionally used to write about Star Wars.

You can also find me on DeviantArt ( ) where I post my multi-chaptered stories as downloadable PDFs, and potentially lesser stories unfit for Tales or whatever other collections/one-shots I might post here.

At the moment, my creative focus is centered around a story known as Sovereign: Echoes, a 'soft-reboot' of sorts for the original setting I've been developing for the past several years. Growing somewhat dissatisfied with my older projects, I realized that much of my writing and the ideas that fueled them stemmed from even older projects originating in the realm of fanfiction or other types of retrofitted adaptation. With Echoes (and a couple other stories in development), I want to create a foundation for the Sovereign setting (particularly in the Imperial Era) that I think things like Ascension and Dominion fail to provide, I'd never erase or render those stories non-canon, but for the sake of my own creative health, I desire a fresh 'entry point' to the series.

If you're interested, here's some background on my writings here:

The Sovereign series is named after the eponymous ‘Sovereign Order’ a group of mystics that hold dear the tenets of strength, individuality, and supremacy (as well as the fairly rigid adherence to a dark aesthetic, if for no other reason than to spite their Templar rivals). The ruling class of the Imperial Dominion, these beings of might and magic have maintained their dominance domestically and abroad since their inception, a remarkable feat considering their constant in-fighting and self-destructive practices. It is only by merit of a godlike Emperor, an utterly dedicated nation of mundane peoples, and the occasional noble soul that the Sovereign Order has managed to not only survive, but thrive for hundreds of years. But despite the series bearing their name, this group is not always the focus of stories. Instead, it is the ‘Sovereign Ideal’ that drives these works. Individuals working in concert. Men and women striving for something more. Beings mystic and mundane seeking to not only understand this world, but their place in it. In practically every offering from me, you will find the concepts of worth and identity explored through character-centric stories.

As of right now, the Sovereign ‘verse is divided into four eras: The Imperial Era, the Bestial Era, the Horizon Era, and the Frontier Era.

The Imperial Era is a period defined by both war and progress, emulating the real world’s early twentieth-century. As a Great War envelops the entirety of Ardonia, both the northern Dominion and the southern Federation are forced to adapt to the rapid modernization of the continent. Whilst magic has allowed mystics on both sides to remain dominant, the rest of society continues to advance, the likes of firearms, automobiles, and radio are proving to bridge the gap between the mundane and any wielder of the arcane. It is an age of challenging tradition, often in the face of supreme resistance. Sovereign: Ascension, the very first entry in the Sovereign canon, takes place at the tail-end of the Great War, and follows a group of outsiders seeking a place within an exclusive and xenophobic Order. Sovereign: Dominion, its follow-up, takes place after the war’s end and takes an in-depth look at what happens when a culture that thrives on conflict no longer has its primary source.

The Bestial Era is a period defined by mystical creatures and untested magics, emulating a more traditional medieval fantasy setting. By the time of the Imperial Era, magic has been studied and proliferated to the point that it has lost almost all of its mystique. But hundreds of years in the past, before the Sovereign Order had even splintered from its Templar roots, it is a time of rampant experimentation. With humanity having stepped out from the shadow of beasts, some thought to go one step further, binding the destructive forces of nature, if not creating their own. But as war is waged across southern Ardonia over the sanctity of these magics, the Freelands of Gheran find themselves embroiled in a different kind of conflict. There, the beast population remains strong, prompting the rise of mercenary groups and adventurers to defend the country from this ever-present threat. Sovereign: Beasts follows one particular company as it deals with beasts, men, and perhaps something in between.

The Horizon Era is a period defined by decay and desperation, envisioning a future where magic is on the decline. The mighty ‘mystic’ has fallen, replaced by ‘enhanced’ individuals that require severe gene therapy or cybernetic augmentation to make use of their powers. Gone are the likes of kineticists and conjurors, replaced by neural pilots and cyborgs. Gone are battles between light and dark, replaced by a conflict between those who cling to a fading world and those who wish to set out amongst the stars. Gone are the sprawling empires and federations, replaced by multinational syndicates and private mercenary companies. Resources are dwindling, but not all is lost. Inexhaustible and practically indestructible, mystic gems continue to provide a source of renewable energy. The eponymous Sovereign: Horizons offers a brief glimpse into this era, through the lens of a Sovereign haunted by visions of the future, unable to discern whether he has been granted true insight of what is to come, or merely a selection of potential fates that await his people.

The Frontier Era is a period defined by expansion and diversity, envisioning a future beyond the world of Atheris. After discovering a means to reach a distant galaxy teeming with new opportunities, humanity first sends a number of colonies on a one-way trip to establish a foothold, clinging on to a dying planet until the last possible moment. But as the last wave finally makes the jump, they find a people unwilling to reintegrate after braving the unknown. Loyalists and rebels fight for control, scions and demi-humans replacing the mystics of old. But with nigh-infinite opportunity for new settlements, those unwilling to fight instead flee further and further into the frontier, populating thousands of new worlds.

With that, I hope you enjoy. And as always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated across all my works.

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