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I did change my name. Sorry for any confusion.

1/01/03 Name: Stacey/Archer/M.S. Fisher
Age: 16 years 10 months 28 weeks and 197 days 1617 hours 5309 minutes 17432 seconds - I'm old. ;-)
Sex: Yes please, er, I mean, female.
Location: Michigan, United States
Education: Junior in High School
Comments: It's my greatest ambition to rewrite my stories, which is, and always will be until further updates, the ongoing project.
Contacts AOL- Archer Malfoy, MSN- suffer_immortality@, YahooID- slf045
member since: 05-02-01 # of SNs: 3 (this one is the only one active)
Recommendations: Anything in my favorites should be worth checking out. As well as favorite authors.
Journal: http:///users/msfisher/ (It's a review journal. If I've reviewed you, it's probably something you want to check out) http:/// (my personal blog)

Draco Malfoy is my absolute favorite character in the books. Sorry Ginny babe, but Draco has got the #1 title. You can be #2, which is cool cause you can stare at Draco's backside...Er yeah. So I write about Draco mainly ;)