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Updated: February 8, 2018

It's been a long time! If there's anyone who even still remembers me or my stories still around, I'd be surprised.

Random updates about my life in list form: Graduated university, moved to a new city, broke, and job hunting.

So, as much as I could spend my unemployed time cleaning up what past me made, I won't because job hunting is a full-time job in itself. FictionPress is just my creative outlet to keep me sane.

What to expect from me at this stage of my life is new stories that I wrote up on a whim! They're probably just goofy or short or whatever without any real deep thought to them since those kinds of stories take a lot of work.

GOALS (ordered by priority):

- Current Goals

Just going to post random stories and dropping them at random times. I'm not being a very good author on FictionPress right now.

- Edit Chapter 1 of Rules of a Fairy Tale [PAUSED]

(Past Me Says)

I had some really good critics on the first chapter. I have yet to edit that because school happened right when I was in the middle of doing it. So, when I do get back to my computer for some story time, this will be the first on my list to do!

(Current Me Says)

Uhhh... I forgot where I was going with this story. It was written 3 years ago, and all I remember is that I was going somewhere really deep and hopefully thought-provoking... except I misplaced my notes on this story. I don't have the time to dissect the story or pick it up. Maybe when I'm more settled down in life, and not so flighty and uncertain, I'll pick this up again. Sorry for people who were waiting for this.

- A Stepsister's Story shorts

(Last Post but I'm keeping it up here to explain what the shorts are)

A friend of mine gave me this hilarious idea to do some behind the scenes extras since the entire story was told from Lucienne's point of view, and we're missing so many details about what the others do on their free time. After all, it'd be nice to reveal what kind of things Julius, Lysander, and Ella do when they're just hanging out. I'll just be updating this when I have some free time or when I'm stuck in a rut.

(Updated Post)

I'll probably work on this if I feel like procrastinating on the above on everything. 8D I'm horrible. I know


Updated: February 8, 2018

My pen name is SweetHotChocolate, so you can refer to me as that. If it's too much to write, shortened versions of it is fine too such as Choco and Chocolate. Not too sure about how I feel about being called Sweet or Hot though...

Anyways, I'm just your regular person that likes to make stories, and I figured I'd just dump them here. Maybe someone will enjoy them or maybe I'll get some nice advice.

I have no idea what to put on these profile things so I'll leave it at that. I'll stalk around the community and figure out how to do a proper profile intro or whatever this is...

Whenever I get reviews, if someone has a fictionPress account, I always send a response PM. I'm not sure what the typical protocol is when it comes to reviews, but I always feel bad if I can't address them or acknowledge them in someway--especially towards guest reviews. I considered posting responses here, but I'm worried about spoilers for people who haven't read the story. So, I'm just putting this little blurb here as a way of apologizing if it seems like I'm ignoring reviews. I really am reading and appreciating them, and I do consider all suggestions and criticism.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and reading about me!

- SweetHotChocolate

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