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Hi everyone,


My Sister's Profile:

FictionPress: TheFemaleHanyou


My joint profile with my sister:

FictionPress: Fire17-and-Ice22


My Awesome Friends (all on FanFiction):

Pirate King Navi


Elfen Children/Felan Lupus

I am currently looking for a job, and I am studying Japanese and Celtic/Gaelic. I have started to make up Cosplay outfits as well as playing my instruments again, and I am also doing Karate. I also have some family concerns that have come up that I am dealing with and am in the middle of getting some of my books published. Please forgive me if I take a while to post a new chapter up I try to do uploads every weekend.

I apologise for having only an Author note up, but that is because I am working with a publisher currently.

I will have a list here of my stories that I come up with listed here.

Upcoming Stories:

Be My Alpha

I have a FanFiction account.

FanFiction: Da-Wolf-Goddess (I used to be called Wolf-Lover26)

I have currently nine stories and three forums. Six of my stories are an Inuyasha Remix though one is a crossover story that is a crossover between Inuyasha and Dragon Age: Inquisition, two are purely Dragon Age: Inquisition and the last one is more a note than anything to keep you all up to date. Two Forums are also Inuyasha based though one is a more whatever goes and the third does have an Inuyasha forum in it but has others as well.

Inuyasha Stories:

Inuyasha Remix; Akira: Wolf Demon Love.

Inuyasha Remix: Kagome and Koga -- PAIRINGS; Kagome/Koga, Inuyasha/OC.

Inuyasha Remix; Yuzuki: The Hanyo Wolf.

The Priestess & The Assassin.

Inuyasha Remix: The half-demon, demon slayer -- PAIRINGS; Ginta/OC, Hakkaku/OC.

Crossover Stories:

Inuyasha/Dragon Age (Inquisition) - The Demon Inquisitor.

Other types of stories:

Author's Notes.

Dragon Age Stories:

Fen'Harel's Secret -- PAIRINGS; Cullen/Inquisitor, Solas/OC.

The Other Royal Warden -- Pairings; Cullen/OC, Elissa Cousland (Hero of Ferelden)/ Alistair.

These stories listed below are my upcoming stories on FanFiction.

UpComing Stories:

Kagome and Serena (InuYasha) -- PAIRING; OC/Ginta.

The Mage Uprising (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Ginta, OC/Hakkaku, OC/Koga.

Inquisitor Ameridan's Legacy (Dragon Age: Inquisition) -- PAIRING; (Inquisitor) OC/Cullen.

The Inquisition Agency (Dragon Age: Inquisition).

The Adventure Continues (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Bankotsu, OC/Ginta.

The Human Threat (Kamigami no Asobi).

The Secret Ring (Lord of the Rings) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Legolas OC/Tauriel.

unsure of the title at this point (Shall We Date; Hero in Love).

Masters of the Three Sacred Treasures (Shall We Date; Destiny Ninja 1) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Benkei, OC/Mizuki, OC/Hattori, Shizuka/Yoshitsune.

Stand by Me (Dragon Age: Inquisition) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Cullen, and possible pairing for Raleigh Samson.

Frozen Hearts (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Sesshomaru, OC/Koga.

Opposites Attract (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Ginta, OC/Hakkaku.

Mates for Life (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Ginta, OC/Hakkaku.

unsure of the title at this point (Dragon Age) -- PAIRINGS; OC(Inquisitor)/Rylen (former Knight-Captain, second in command to Commander Cullen).

The Mystical War; Miasma VS Shikon (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Ginta.

Don't Look Back *maybe title* (Shall We Date; Never Look Back) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Yori Kimura, OC/Kokonoe Tsukino, OC/Yukimura.

unsure of the title at this point (CROSSOVER: The Dog Island (Artists Collection) & Dogz) -- PAIRINGS; OC(the main character in Dog Island)/OC (Ivlet's son).

Forbidden Love *maybe title* (InuYasha) -- PAIRINGS; Kagome/InuYasha, OC/Koga.

unsure of the title at this point (Nanbaka).

unsure of the title at this point (CROSSOVER; Dragon Age Inquisition & I am Dragon) -- Pairings; OC/Cassandra, OC/Cullen.

Scandal after Scandal (Dragon Age Sequal) -- Pairings; OC/Cullen, Rhys/Evangeline, Geagior/Wynne.

A New Dawn (Hakuouki) -- PAIRINGS; OC/Saito Hajime, OC/Souji Okita.

The Heart's Desire (Hakuouki) -- PAIRINGS; OC/ Sanosuke Harada.

Fan Fiction Forums:

1. The New Gang - Naraku's Blood Brother and the Heavenly Jewel -- https://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/Wolf-Lover26/5029183/

This forum is called NBB for short.

I am writing this forum with three other writers, we all have different styles of writing so no hate PM's please and if you don't like it then don't read it thanks.

List of the writers in this forum are:



Elfen Children/Felan Lupus




In this forum, there is a spin-off story which is called Life at Feudal Prison (FP for short). It's a combination of Inuyasha and our NBB characters being in a world like the anime Nanbaka.

The people in that spin-off are:


2. The Modern Adventure! -- https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/The-Modern-Adventure/195197/

The forum is called TMA for short.

I am currently writing that with FireHanyou17

List of the writers in this forum are:


Pirate King Navi

Musa Tecna bestfriends forever




In this forum, there is a spin-off story which is called The Heavenly Realm (THR for short). It's taking your character from TMA and turning them into a God/Goddess.

List of the writers in this forum are:


Pirate King Navi

3. Role Play Forums -- https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Role-Play-Forums/199170/

This forum is called (RPF or RP) for short.

This forums as it clearly states by the name has loads of different RP's (role play's) to take part in.

List of types of forums in RPF/RP:

Cross-Overs (mix world) Descendants Digimon Disney Dragon Age Furry Harry Potter InuYasha Kamigami no Asobi Kill la Kill Kingdom Hearts Lord of the Rings Nanbaka Once Upon a Time Pokemon Skyrim Star Wars

List of writers in the forums:

Darkubus the god of darkness



If you would like to join, please send me a PM (Private Message) and let me know which forum or both whichever pleases you or you could comment in the Chat Room of either or both Forums.

I also have social media accounts especially for my stories and other things to post up like on youtube and stuff. I have albums on my facebook for characters in my stories and on the forum feel free to take a look to get a somewhat idea of what my characters' appearances. Yes, I have two Kazumi characters one is for my story another for my forum I just edited the one I am using for the forum.

These are my Social Media accounts.

YouTube: Wolfloverforever26

Instagram: dawolfgoddess1

Tumblr: dawolfgoddess

Twitter: @Da_Wolf_Goddess

Discord: Da_Wolf_Goddess#5609

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zara.wolf.26

Instructions on where/how to find my pictures on Facebook (if you don't know how to find them).

Where to find pictures from a Story/Forum of mine;

1. Go to my Facebook link.

2. Go to my Photos.

3. Click on Albums.

4. Then choose the Album you want to look at.

What are the Album names for each Story/Forum?

That's easy; they have the same name as the Story/Forum.

Album Names;

Story Albums:

Inuyasha Remix: Kagome and Koga Inuyasha Remix; Akira: Wolf Demon Love Inuyasha; Yuzuki: The Hanyo Wolf The Priestess and The Assassin Inuyasha Remix: The Half-Demon, Demon Slayer The Demon Inquisitor Fen'Harel's Secret

Forum Albums:

Naraku's Blood Brother and the Heavenly Jewel 'NBB' Feudal Prison 'FP' The Modern Adventure 'TMA' The Heavenly Realm 'THR'

Fiction Press Albums;

Forum (did not create but that I am in):

To The Shore 'TTS'

This is my FictionFiction account.

FanFiction: Da-Wolf-Goddess

The username was: Wolf-Lover26

(I upload the same stories there that I upload on; Wattpad, Archive of My Own, Inkitt, and Quotev.)

This is my account on Wattpad.

Wattpad: Da_Wolf_Goddess

(I upload the same stories there that I upload on; FanFiction and FictionPress, Archive of My Own, Inkitt, and Quotev.)

This is my account on Inkitt.

Inkitt: Da_Wolf_Goddess

(I upload the same stories there that I upload on; FanFiction and FictionPress, Wattpad, Archive of My Own, and Quotev)

This is my account on Archive of My Own.

Archive of My Own: Da_Wolf_Goddess

(I upload the same stories there that I upload on; FanFiction and FictionPress, Wattpad, Inkitt, and Quotev)

This is my account on Quotev.

Quotev: DaWolfGoddess

(I upload the same stories there that I upload on; FanFiction, FictionPress, Wattpad, Archive of My Own, and Inkitt.)

I am on Kahoot!

This is my username: Da_Wolf_Goddess

These are the names of my Quizzes and their game pins:

Who Should Be Mizuki's Mate? (A survey about my; The Demon Inquisitor, story) GAME PIN: 5025755 Who Should Be Yuzuki's Mate? (A survey about my; Inuyasha Remix: Yuzuki; The Hanyo Wolf, story) GAME PIN: 5193408

My Character Description;

Name: Zara Wolf (Not my real name, made up in purpose for my stories).

Nickname/s: Sis/Sissy (reserved for my little sister {TheFemaleHanyou} to call me), Sassy, Smiles, Wolfy, Blue, Kaz, etc. (I have heaps).

Age: In my 20's (that's all ya getting).

Gender: Female.

Race: Ookami Youkai in disguise...

Sexuality: Straight, I like males.

Era: Uh the heck if I know, I'm in my own little world here.

Country: AUSTRALIA!!!!! (land of 'everything can kill you')

Personality: Quiet unless in a hyper mood, friendly/caring/loving nature unless you piss me off (and you really don't want to see me pissed off), opinionated, crazy imagination that's always on the go, daydreams, very clumsy, can be very active when I want to be (sports/walking etc.), tomb-boy.

Appearance: Uh tannish... ??? I hate describing myself... My hair changes colour get over it and no I'm not lying, it's like a sandy-brown colour with red tints... I have blue eyes... height 167cm last I checked... weight ... the hell do I wanna know my weight for? I have no idea and I ain't getting on the scales to find out ...

Dress Code: Pants - Jeans/shorts. Tops - Shirt/singlet, jacket/cardigan (sometimes). Shoes - Converse shoes, slip-on shoes, boots or thongs (flip-flops). Jewellery - (both ears pierced, one hole in each earlobe) studs, dangly earrings or hoops.

Weapons: What weapons? XD

Powers: Disappearing, sorting problems out, listening, zoning-out/daydreaming.

Skills: Languages (French, Japanese, Gaelic), music (Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Clarinet, Harmonic, Didgeridoo, Violin etc), sports (Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, Swimming), Crafts just not the Art side, Gaming (PS, X-Box, PC, etc) and Multi-Tasking (at times).

Languages: French (Learnt in primary school and part in high school), Japanese (Currently learning), and Celtic/Gaelic (Currently learning).

Favourite Colours: Blue, Green, Aqua, Lilac, Red, Black (I know it's a shade by the way but meh whatever).

Favourite Animal/s: WOLF!!!! Seeing as we don't have wolves in Australia the next one would be a Dingo.

Favourite Movies: Voyage of the Unicorn, Secret of Moonacre, Army of Darkness, Harry Potter saga, Star Wars saga, Jumanji (both old and new), Ghostbusters (all), The Princess Bride, The Three Stooges, Home Alone (all), Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings saga, The Hobbit saga, Dragonheart, Pirates of the Caribbean saga, Titanic, The Proposal, Twilight saga (Because of the werewolves), Legally Blonde (all), The Holiday, Sydney White, Music & Lyrics, Eight Crazy Nights, Last Holiday, Crocodile Dundee, Primeval (croc movie), Lake Placid, Rogue, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!), Australia, Red Dog 1 & 2, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Young Einstein, A League of their own, The Rookie, Angels in the Outfield, Jaws (all), 47 metres down, Tremors (all), LOTS MORE!

Favourite TV Shows: Once Upon A Time, Prehistoric Park, Primeval, Round the Twist, Are you being served?, I Love Lucy, Murdoch Mysteries, NCIS, Bones, Law & Order, Castle, Death in Paradise, The Three Stooges

Favourite Anime: InuYasha, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children), Kamigami no Asobi, Nanbaka, Dragon Age, Fairy Tale, No Game No Life, Free, Digimon, Pokémon, Spirited Away, Miraculous Ladybug, LOTS MORE!

Favourite Artists: Troy Cassar-Daley, Pentatonix, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Bryan Adams, The Corrs, Gaelic Storm, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Mumford and Sons, Kyary kyary pamyu pamyu, Eurielle, Voice Play, Peter Hollens, Adrian von Ziegler, Brunuhville, Peter Crowley, Enya, Melanie Martinez, Ron Pope, EXO, MONSTA X, Elton John, Sam Tsui, Josh Groban, Men at Work, Sum 41, Jesse McCartney, Rascal Flatts, Ben Cocks, Chester See, Daryl Braithwaite, Natasha Bedingfield, Owl City, Five Fingered Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, LOTS MORE!

Favourite Games: Dragon Age Sequel, Halo (all), COD (Call of Duty), Red Dead Redemption, L4D (Left 4 Dead 1 & 2), Jak and Daxter (Sequel), The Sims (All the games), Zoo Tycoon, Big Fish Mystery Games, MX vs ATV, Assassin's Creed, Black, Dogz, The Dog Island (Artist Collection), Horsez Ranch Rescue (1&2), GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Need For Speed, Spyro, Croc, Hakuouki, Kamigami no Asobi, LOTS MORE!

Status (Single, girlfriend/boyfriend, engaged, married): SINGLE AND LOVING IT!!!

Family: Mum, Nan & Pop (My mum's parents), Toby (my dog) AND my little sister!!! TheFemaleHanyou ... That's my main family.

Companion: My loyal, awesome dog; TOBY!

Biography: I live with my mum, nan, pop and dog Toby, I used to have another dog; Bubbles but she got old had a bunch of things wrong with her, so we had to put her down. I live in Queensland, Australia. I have lived in New South Wales and Tasmania before. I have moved around a whole heap of times mainly in Queensland. I have been on trip/s & holidays to Vanuatu, Li fou, New Caledonia, Beijing, England. I have gone through primary and high school and even been to TAFE and university. I have worked in numerous places and have lots of experience in different workplaces (indoor and outdoor). Ok, so that's a quick sum up...

If I have any mistakes in the chapters of my stories I will repost the chapter so keep a lookout for the better version. If I don't post chapters up for a while, it's because I have writer's block, some may be uploaded more frequently then others. Please don't get upset I love uploading my chapters as much as you guys enjoy reading stories but if you give me feedback that would be a great help terrible or good I take all feedback well it all helps to be a better writer.

Also just adding if you don't like reading my stories please don't tell me to stop writing them as others do like them so I'd appreciate it if you don't like a story then there is one simple thing to do, don't read it.

Happy Reading Everyone :)

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