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Hello Seattle, I am a Mountaineer, on the hills and highlands

I fall asleep in hospital parking lots, and awake

in your house.

Hello Seattle, I am a manta ray deep beneath the blue rays

I'll crawl the sandy bottoms of Puget Sound, and construct a

Summer Home.

Hello Seattle I am the Crescent Moon, shining down on your

face, I will disguise myself as a sleeping pill,

and descend inside of you

Hello Seattle I am a cold seahorse Feeling warm on your sand,

I sing about the tide and the ocean surf, rolling in,

the evening breeze [Breeze x 5]

Hello Seattle I am an Albatross, on your docks and moored boats

I sail above your inlets and interstates,

through the rain and open wind.

Hello Seattle I am a old lighthouse, throwing beams of bright light,

red in the morning blue in the evening sun,

Taking heed for everyone.

[Verse 1]

Take me above your light,

Carry me through the night,

hold me secure in flight,

sing me to sleep tonight. [x 2 while singing verse 1]

YEAH, Im weird. I know it and accept. It comes with being a fangirl. Weird is a quality, a talent of mine. I guess some people call it stupidity, but I just laugh, say thanks, and walk away. What they think doesn't matter. It's what I think. And what God thinks. There's my holiness for the week, toodles.