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"Some have asked me why my name has 'Wolf' in it if I describe myself as a hyena, I simply reply that 'Dana' translates to 'desert' in some ancient tongs. And in times long gone, hyenas were seen as the wolves of the deserts. DanaWolf is a direct translation of Desert Wolf, the Great Hyena."

"Is that true?"


Name: Dana Wolf

Appearance: Well, I’m fairly big for my age, I’ve got large shoulders, a rather straight mussel, my ears are formed like rhombes, I’m pretty muscular, I’ve got a nice brown fur coat with black spots, and one of the cutest little tails.

Race: Hum… Hyena.

Personality: I’m extremely French.

Hobbies: Well, when I’m not daydreaming in class, I waste my time on youtube watching videos.
But I do like to draw comics, read books, write stories, critique movies that are far better then anything I've ever done, draw in general, make videos, and create rpg video games. I suck at all these things. It’s hard to do stuff with paws!

About me: I was born in 1999 and live in France.
I like weird stories, and by that I have no idea how to explain what qualifies as weird.
What I know I do like in stories are: Monsters (I love supernatural stories), horror, good character development (if you can’t make it realistic, just make them smartly bizarre), and strangeness.
Ever since I was 11 I wanted to be an author. However, I don’t have access to any writing class so I had to teach myself how to write, avoid Mary-sues, make interesting stories and use language to my advantage. To this day I don’t think I’ve mastered any of it.
I signed up to fiction-press because I was hoping to have a medium where I could publish short experimental stories to get a better grasp on my writing language.
For now I’m just writing short, strange stories that don’t necessarily connect to anything but are meant to be experimental.
But hopefully one day I’ll write a bigger, better, longer story.
It would be a great pleasure if readers were to give me their thoughts and reviews.

Edit: Well, it's seems that when I said I would stick to short little stories, I was wrong...
My writing muse is like a fluttering bunny, and I always have new ideas that haunt and plague me, and all I can do is write them down and publish them. If there is a story that you read and are worried that I lost interest in, worry not, I tend to get attached to my stories and I at least try to write a couple of chapters before I upload them.
Sometimes updates will be slow, but I have an excuse in the sense that I have a very tough school life at the moment, and I don't always have time to write...
Anyway, I hope that I will be able to update the stories from time to time.

Reviews: So lately I've been thinking... Anyone who's written stories on FictionPress knows that getting criticism and reviews is often scarce. A lot of very good stories and good writers often do not get the reviews they deserved. I myself try to leave a comment or a review on any story I come across, but sometimes I do not have the will to look around the site, or I'm too busy, or their are other reasons that imped me from going out there and giving my ideas on other peoples works. So I've been thinking that I could myself offer to review anyone who asks me: for example; if there is a story you want me to review, just send me a PM and I'll try to check out your story and comment on it.
I'm not going to go around and claim that I give the best reviews or criticism, or even that I am that harsh, or that I write the best stories, but I do generally have a few ideas on good story telling and I'd be most happy to share my opinion with anyone who asks. I do not ask anything in return, but will admit that an occasional review will be most appreciated.
Writing and reviewing is my passion and I am willing to review any type of story, just know that I do have a harsh life outside of the internet and if your story is quite long, or a type of story that I am not used to reading, it will take me some time.

Otherwise, feel free to PM me on any number of your stories. It will be my pleasure to check them out.

A tip of the hat, Dana. :P

My story, The Diseased, has cover art! Yay!

You can see it here on my Deviant-art account: http:///art/The-Diseased-624266013

I don't think you can copy paste (I honestly don't know anymore), but my deviantart pen name remains DanaWolfStudios.

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