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Hello everyone. I'm a person you've never met and you'll probably never get the chance to meet me. I don't like making profiles, so I'll make this short and sweet.

I used to go by the penname Evil Dr. Yoho. My password wasn't working properly, so I made this new name instead of fighting with my computer.

I'm of the female gender.

I'm between the ages of 23 and 25.

Don't bug me and I won't bug you.

I'm easily annoyed, especially by the idiots that can't write or feel as though they have to steal someone else's work in order to be successful. If you don't annoy me, I won't annoy you. Just know how to write and have an imagination! :)

Crap that will earn you a flame from me:

1.) You rape the English language (i.e. you can't spell or use proper grammar for shit.)

2.) You ignore the ToS.

3.) You TyPe LiKe ThIs!

4.) Or lyk3 thiis!



7.) You plagiarize someone else's work because you're too stupid and uncreative to write for yourself.

8.) You review whore in an obnoxious way.

9.) Your author's notes are too long because you're too busy having conversations with your characters or yourself.

10.) You add your own insight into the story where it doesn't belong. (i.e. "John was walking down the hallway (A/N: John's such a jerk! lolololol!) and he tripped!)

Things I like:

1.) You actually try to write. Even if you aren't amazing in terms of your grammar and spelling, if you try, I commend you.

2.) You're friends with the space, enter, and shift keys on your keyboard.

3.) You accept constructive criticism with a smile.

4.) Your characters aren't amazingly perfect. I actually enjoy characters with issues.

5.) You're original.

6.) You aren't an idiot.

If you do any of the things I hate, I will find you, and I will strike. We won't have an issue if you know how to use your brain.

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