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Hello there everyone~! People refer to me as either Dixie or Shaylena, but neither of these are my birthname. Only a few people can call me by my birthname.

I am sixteen years old and I have been writing since I could pick up a pencil, my first story was called "Lily Was a Cat". Haha, cute right? Right now, my focus is set on my book, Fallen Ice.

Anyway, I identify as an asexual, demiromantic lesbian! My main interest is Medieval Fantasy and I LOVE to RP.

I currently own a 7-year old Maltese named Snowflake, a 1 year old calico kitten (I raised her from a bottle) named Kaori, and a 1 year old Belgian Shepherd/Wolf named Raziela-Jade. I have two older sisters and ten nieces and nephews, and countless cousins. (Seriously, this family needs to keep their pants on.)

There's really not much to me...

So, there you have it. A boring profile!