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Hello there guys!

My name is Catherine and I am from Singapore

Anyway, I may put some of my longer stories on Tumblr http:/// ,so anyway I am pretty vertsaile in genres,trying Sci-Fi,Comedy and mostly Fantasy (which is my flair of the stories). I do love reading the classics like The Sound and The Fury,The Great Gatsby and epic poems like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

For stories-wise,I will change over the courses over time


Legends (Nanowimo 2015 work)-Miranda, who has a recurring dream of falling off from a motorcycle have to go through a secret society of girls whose are either reincarnated or have an ancestor who is a famous historical figures.

ICARAUS (CAMP NANO 2015 novella) A young girl-Caelestra who has to lead her survivors to reclaim a kingdom of Icarcus that was devastated by internal war, with an old friend of her father-Mayor Drago, lovers, pirates and a mad Queen-Anionetta.

Small stories (By genre)


Icarcus Universe

Mayor Drago's adventures (All realms is a traveller)-Drago,a sheepish young man went to follow the his father's and grandfather's trades,to meet The wonder of Icarcus Auberon on adventures from solving a murder in Dalontea,meet the tyrannical Jasper The Golden King to a chance encounter with the wilful Alexandria of Isyla.

Eulalia's story (untitled)-Set in the same time of Icaracus,It follows Eulalia, after seeing the massacre of her family discovered her destiny through battles and meeting the hot-tempered The Prince of storm and Ash.

The Avenger of Arcona: Following Cecily's adventures as the local folk hero of Arcona, where she met dragons, scheming humans and find love.

Etain's story-A prince was enchanted by the sinister Queen of Stars, in trying to avenge his mother’s death. It leads to the most unlikely squire who was his sister in disguise to rescue the prince.

Magical Realism

Older and Wiser: A dead body and three quarrelling Fates brothers, they must prevent themselves from being caught by the forces, and the worse thing happened that Maria knew the victim.


Gwendolyn and Eobsm: There is a little girl called Gwendolyn and she lives in a no-ordinary house.,it was, in fact, a species of reclusive monsters where she makes herself at home. There she and Eobsm travelled to various towns and changed each other's lives.


Battles-In a dystopian future, famous people could be resurrected and engage in matches to the death. However, T.E Lawrence, a brilliant stargerist determined to navigate that future and gained alliances to save him and the peers from their fate.

Redhill 2035-Prince Arden of the planet Sabana, figuring out the whereabouts of Ao Guang, a young boy who saved their planet from Guo Pu's invasion only to slowly slipping to his madness, and at the same time, ancient kings went and haunt their hill.

Fox on The Run: A thief Hikaru who have to get away from the eyes of Armide.


Dymphna-Tresa, a young girl formed to be the elixir for the king for the Damon society-tried to save young girls from certain deaths

Slice of Life

The Huijin and the Towkay-A comedy piece, of otaku in Singapore opening a book which unleashes the creatures and he becomes a new leader.


Roxana and the Magpie-Following by the widow’s mysterious death, Roxana found a mysterious ransom note which spills secrets however the Magpie is on the hunt for the note

Gawain-On this particular New Year’s party, a group of friends decided to play the prank on the reclusive “Green Knight”. Unfortunately, this prank turned out for the worse when the “Green Knight” decided to take in Gawain, the baby of the clique. However, as Gawain was given the tasks as a rebate from his peers. He slowly discovered deep secrets on the reclusive green knight.


Protect me: After many holy wars-Gabrien, the Resilient grew weary, where he has to train a new knight.

The King's Artist: A Telling of Raden Saleh and his rise and fall to be in European courts

Southern Gothic

Almost Home-Lee and Laurelie Stevens, seem to be detached of the town, for they harbour a dark secret as many think they are drowned Stuart sisters

Film Noir

Pretty Vacant-here people know of the legend of Leann sidhe, a fairy who sucked the life out of artists, through partial accounts of the victims and herself too.

Sonnet: From the Witch to Rapunzel by Moriarsh reviews
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The Man in Glass reviews
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