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Oi! Need a BIO, ne? I LUV ANIME!!!! ESPECIALLY shounen-ai. It shows the truest luv me thinks...

O.o *blinks* Yeaaaaaah, so...*grins like my Koganei MY*

Fav. couples: KilluaXGon (HunterXHunter= Status: I think real), KaoriXShima (the manga Yorozuya Takaido Honpo= Status: Not acted upon), Kamiu Tei TeiXKanata (the manga Sequence= Status: REAL COUPLE...I think), ToraXTatsuki (the manga Gururi= Status: SO SHOUNEN AI-ISH!), GoshiXYuu (from the manga MIX= Status: REAL COUPLE), ShoXMakoto (from the manga Tsuki Umareru Yoru= STatus: both-sided but then...T-T) TsuzukiXHisoka(Yami No Matsuei Status: REAL), KaiXRei (Beyblades= Status: Just FAN...I think), Kabu-chanXTokitou (from Araiso= Status: REAL), RabiXDaichi (from the manga C. Darwin=Status: REALLY REAL!), SanzoXGoku AND NatakuXGoku *sorry, me cant pick!*(Saiyuki= Status: Both REAL but not acted upon), TrunksXGoten (DBZ= Status: Ive heard rumors), AkiraXHikaru (Hikaru no Go= Status: Never said, still continuing), YamagiXRoose and HiedXZero (Megami Kouhosei= Status: Not much with Roose being obsessed, but Hied has some "feelings" for Zero), SuboshiXAmiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi-yes, it IS incest, freak= Status: Errrmmm ),AXC (Clamp's CLOVER-woh, incest again! ^_^= Status: REAL but 1-sided), HuskyXKooro (from the manga Anima= Status: Still CONTINUING), NagiXOmi (Weiss Kreuz=Status: FAN), Tao RenXYoh (Shaman King= Anime is still CONTINUING so its UNDECIDED. Prolly 1-sided tho), HeeroXDuo (GW=Status: FAN), SuohXNokoru (CLAMP School= Status: CMON, its CLAMP!!!!),TokiyaXKoganei (Reka No Honou= Status: PURELY FAN), SasukeXNaruto (from the anime and manga Naruto= Status: I STILL dunno), SatoshiXDaisuke (from the anime and manga DN Angel=Status: Continuing with the ANIME, but Satoshi DEFINATELY likes Daisuke), Yamachi (Status: FAN, but the creator DID hint some), Kensuke (Status: FAN, but MORE hints),IchanXAkari (Battle Athletes=Status: TRIANGLE but REAL) MireilleXKirika (Noir=Status: Prolly REAL but not acted upon),
VoiceXKurai (Angel Sanctuary manga=Status: REAL), HayamaXSana (Kodomo No Omocha=Status: REALLY REAL), RinXAlice (Please Save My Earth=STatus: REAL), OujiroXMisaki (Angelic Layer [anime NOT manga]=Status: REAL), VanXHitomi (V. of Escaflowne=Status: REAL), YukiXShuichi (Gravitation= Status: REAL and OBSESSED!) HaruXYuki (1-sided in a way, but Yuki DOES sorta like Haru back...) KyoXTouru (Fruits Basket again= Status: REAL), NakatsuXMizuki or SanoXMizuki and ShaoranXSakura (Status: REAL)(CCS-ACK, it makes me feel like...a GIRL T-T), InuYashaXKagome (InuYasha=Status: REAL)

My favorite animes: HunterXHunter, Hikaru No Go, Scryed, Rizerumine , Recca No Honou, Yami No Matsuei, Saiyuki, CCS, Shaman King, Gravitation, Please Save My Earth, Kodomo No Omocha, X the SERIES, Sotsugyo M, Noir, Clamp School, Rave, Akazukin Cha Cha, Ayatsuri Sakon, Beyblade, Inu Yasha, Juuni Kokki, Hanazakari Kimitachi E, Wild Adapter, Beyblade, Tiny Sugar Babies (dun know Y...It funny ^_^), etc. Those r my FAVORITES. I dun like COMP vcds, just DVDs, DVD/VCD, and VHS, sooooo IF ANYONE CAN TELL ME WHERE TO GET ALLLLL OF AYATSURI SAKON, BEYBLADE, AND WILD ADAPTER, please TELL/EMAIL ME!!!! ONEGAI!!!!
I dun really hate alot of anime *thinks* ...nope, itd take awhile 4 me 2 come up with 1 I REALLY hate, so... O! I hate alot of GIRLY animes! YEAH! Girly-GIRLS, 2! Notice they not on my favs down there! HAHAHHAHAAAAAAAA *spots Kurai-chan* KURAAAIIII!!!!

My fav. characters r Killua (HXH), Kurai (AS), Koganei (RNH-which is Flame of Recca in English, btw), Tao Ren (Shaman King),Mannen (Pretear), and Hisoka (YnM), but if I had 2 pick b/w them, Id pick KILLUA as my fav. character/thing Ive EVER seen!!!! (well, in THIS lifetime anyways...)D*MN, I LUV that guy! *acts all gay now* *huggles him* He can b purely EVIL- he's AWESOME!!!! *gringrin*

NEhoo, I luv swords, knives,-basically ANY blade, lets just say. If Im not talkin bout anime, Im ordering ALLLLLLLLL over Japan and China trying 2 GET anime! Or...YAY! FIGHT CLUBS! WOOHOO and WHEEEEE

Whats my gender? =P GUESS!

Am I straight? I prefer the nice lil English word of BENDABLE. I believe in that really kool phrase of "LUV is LUV." After all, I luv Kurai! YAY! and Killua! ^_^*glomps them*

My Family: O.O WE KNEW IT!!!! UR GAY!!!!

~.~ No, ppl its BI. Lemme give ya some lil phrases here:

Dont u lie, u kno ur BI
Ack! Im not bi,but..he IS a guy
Swing low, swing high, hey y not swing BI??!!
Matt: IM NOT BI! ACK, its TAI!!

C all that?? K, Im a freak, I kno it...I dun like yaoiyuri atleast (tries 2 get back his/her pals)

Ive gone out with BOTH. They guy lasted longer cause we had more in common (Im talkin bout SPORTS here, FREAKS!!!!). The girl dumped me 4 some guy-dun care. I HATE (as in HATE HATE WANNA SHOOT/STAB/KICK/STRANGLE the gay/lez/bi ppl that SOUND/LOOK/ACT/WALK like theyre straight-up gay/lez/bi. CROSSDRESERS and PURSE-WEARERS BEWARE! I WILL stab u. ^_^

I was dragged in2 a BI chat and...O.O Yeah so...
Hey, but look on the good side, luv is f*cked up and Im starting 2 think Im A-SEXUAL. The "A" stands 4 ANIME of course...ITS SO PATHETIC! ACCCK! *glomps Kurai and Killua*

Hey, Im still babbling, whaddya kno...

I luv sports, 2!!!! (or mayb just the fact I like running around...*thinks bout that 1*) Anybody wanna try me at bball, GO AHEAD and LOSE!!!! *grin* *smirk* If ur boring 2 talk 2, 4GET even writing/AIMing me, cause boring ppl just make me wanna kill something. Cant stand ppl like that, so LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And 2 finish this thing off: Im SHORT! 4 real, I dont look my age. I dont SOUND my age either. Geeez, a few weeks ago I heard my voice on an answering machine and I SWEAR it sounded like a freakin 9-YEAR OLD! Im not kidding! ...O.O r u...LAUGHING at me??!! ~.~

Even my TEACHERS call me short! 1 went so far last week 2 call me " my 85-pound small 1"...Lets just say my HIT-LIST is getting PRETTY long...

Im ,also, used as a COASTER for my friends' slurpees!!!! WHAT THE HELL??!!

cough* NEways...O! I used 2 b XPKoganei4XP (well, ...still am, I guess ~.~), but FF.NET wouldnt upload any of my fics and ERASED my HXH 1, soo...*shrug* yeah... Hey, did I tell u gyz me thinks me CRAZY?? No one is CLOSE 2 being likeme and its ...SCARY O.o

Im ADDICTED 2 HunterXHunter!!!! (Lemme tell u: ordering STRAIGHT from a Japanese store for something like...lets just say a vocal cd of Killua *huggles it anyways...* is a RIP-OFF! DONT DO IT! It got me BROKE 4 a few WEEKS! Ok, now then...*innocent smile*)... I got EVERYTHING on it except the stickers, statues, and plushies. Im even gonna write a fic or 2 of it!( NOT the plushies-the ANIME! Baaaaaaka...)

YAY! KilluaXGon (or is it just a +?)
Well, I dont write LEMONS!!!! I can show u some ppl who DO, but...not 1 of them will b ME. I just luv shounen-ai and mayb some good action fics. I luv Inu Yasha...heeheeheee! XP I got some other fics I started on that ppl r waiting in LINE 2 kill me for, so...*shrug #2*

O! I better include in: I got some fav. ppl here at ff.net and they r:
Mirai Kurosaki
Silvara Maxwell
and...yay, skittles!!!! ^_^

The only ppl I hate r the ppl who put Killua with someone else besides Gon and GON WITH HISOKA. Actually, just look at my favs and if ppl dun like them and think me a homo PERV, then ...*looks at them* ME HATE U! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Yare yare yare, taaaaku. This is BORING!

I guess ppl who type this much SCREAM OUT "NO LIFE, NO LIFE HERE", so me gonna go and grab me 1, k? Mayb a rocking chair on the way...ALONE, me gonna b ALONE T-T but ^_^ with ANIME! HAHHAHAAAA SCREW U ALL!!!!

ok, well g2g
*V* XP
ja ne 4 now... (yes, a THREAT)

Killua: "Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!"
Gon: *starry eyes* "Killua sugoi ne!"
Killua: *turns and blushes*

Woh, Im obsessed
Ato de, baaaaaaaaaaka *V*