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I am Bookworm Sweetheart. I am a bookworm and not really a sweetheart. I am also formally known as aaliyah-potter and goldensnitchgirl. I change my name alot huh? Yep, that's me. Well, you want to know about me? Well you aren't going to find out much, let me tell you. But I will tell you a few things:

I love Harry Potter. *blinks* I'm not IN love with him, for he is a fictional character, but I love the series written by the lovely J.K. Rowling.

I love dogs. I volunteer with my father and we help the people where I got my dog from. It's so much fun there.

I like to dance and sing, though I am terrible at both, and I love to read and write. If you know me, you know that that's all I do when I am not doing homework.

I am like Hermione. If I get anything lower than a . . . . C, I'm devastated and don't really talk to anyone. I concentrate on my homework, when I'm not on, and I panic if I don't get it done. That's me.

I do not update frequently. I have about . . . . well, a lot of stories in the making and I usually do not update them alot, for I get very bad writer's block often. But, if you want to know how I am doing, just look below at updates and everything will be there.

I will probably only write Harry Potter. I don't know why, but I don't really read or write anything else. I might write a Daughter of Moon story, but I'm not sure. I can't really get into the minds of the characters, same with Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But you never know with me.

I make frequent spelling mistakes. I admit it! I type a little too fast for my own good and then I look it over and sometimes I don't catch things and my spellcheck is terrible, so if you find something, please leave me a nice review telling me? Thank you!

Well, that's all you will learn about me! *looks up* You learned a lot more than I thought you would. *shrugs* Oh well! But, if you want to leran about updates/new stories or my ships, look below. I hope to see your name in a review!

Lots of love,


SHIPS: Find out what *my* favorite ships are and what ships I hate an why! *sarcastically* Fun.

Harry Potter:

Ships I like:

Harry and Hermione 110%. Sorry. That is probably all I will write when I write romance, which is usually always. I can't write angst and I can't write drama. I think that these two belong together, because Harry can kind of . . . . er . . . . well, with his kind and loving nature, he can calm Hermione down and bring her about with all of her studies. Do you know what I mean?

Ron and Lavender: I like this ship, because I do. Isn't that a lovely reason? I dunno why I like this ship, really. To be honest, it's just because it was the most common in the Harry and Hermione stories, and it just grew on me.

Draco and Ginny: Do not ask me why, but again this ship grew on me. Plus, it gets Ginny out of the way. I don't really like her, because she is in the way for a Harry and Hermione relationship, just like Cho is.

James and Lily: It's done and over. Baby Harry is born to father James Potter and mother Lily. Not Lily and Snape or anyone other than James. Geez, some people scare me with their strange ships. How else would Harry be there? Unless JK Rowling has something very disturbing up her sleeve.

Shipe I don't like:

Harry and Cho: I don't like Cho. Period. End of story. I know she seems nice in the books, but I just don't like her. I cannot picture her and Harry together. It bothers me to know end. She just, well, I dunno. We don't know enough about her for me to not like her, really, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Harry and Ginny: Again, I don't like Ginny. But, again, we don't know a lot about her for me to judge her. I just . . . . look at it this way: Harry and Ginny date, Harry breaks up with Ginny for one reason or another and Ginny is crushed. The Weasleys would then hate Harry for what they did to the only girl in the family. Brief, but that's all I can do now.

Hermione and Ron: I hate that everyone thinks that they are the perfect couple because they fight so much. But that is all that it is: fightning. They aren't secretly in love with each other, but it is rather obvious that Ron likes Hermione, unfortunatley.

Hermione and Draco: Er . . . . riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Like that would happen. A passionate love affair between a muggle - born and a pureblood behind everyone's back. Hermione would more likely date a dementor before Malofy and vice versa.

Slash is just out of the question, as well as teacher student relationships, past and present people romances, and anything that I don't have under ships I like, I don't like it. Period.


Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch: This is book six in the Harry Potter series, from my point of view. It will, hopefully, be novel length and don't worry, Hermione and Ron do not stay together for long. Chapters one and two up, as well as a full summary. Please read and review!

First Tears: One chapter story. Harry has a nightmare and rushes to Hermione for comfort. What happens? Fluffy romance fic. And to those of you who are upset that he figures out he is in love with her so quickly, it happened to me like that and that's why it is there. AND it was building up for a long time and he was just too thick to realize it before then. Please read and review.

The Eruption of Mt. Vesuviuos: Urgh! People, this IS a Harry and Hermione romance, but they get transported back in time and loose all their time turners and have no way of getting home, and they can't ask anyone, for they are all muggles. Please read and review.

A Mistake's Guidance: Major writer's block. Don't worry, I will get the next chapter up soon, but you might have to wait a bit, for school starts up soon and I might not be able to update for awhile. Please be patient. Next chapter up: two weeks to a month or more. (updated: 8/21/02)

All that Mattered: I haven't written anything on the next chapter, but I have everything planned out. Once I get in the mood to write the story, I will write it quickly, put it up, and then, hopefully, everything will just flow from there. Next chapter up: three weeks to two months or more. (updated: 8/21/02)

A Painting is Worth a thousand Words: I dunno if I should continue. Its an OK start, but I don't really like it. If I do continue, I have no ideas, so it will take awhile. Next chapter up: two months to five months (updated: 8/21/02)

Harry, Hermione, Mystic, and the Dark Forest: I just put up a new chapter and yet I only got one review. It doesn't make sense to me. You bug authors to put up another chapter and yet you don't review when we do. *shrugs* I have an idea and it will not take long to write, but I won't put it up. Next chapter up: two months to four months (updated: 8/21/02)

Into the Woods: A few words: This dang thing is hard to type! I have to take it out of the script and type it, and that's hard. All the files and chapters were deleted from my computer and I won't be able to correct and edit it, until after when I can do some tinkling. :) Next chapter out: two to five months. (updated: 8/21/02)

Truth or Dare: It will take awhile. I know I am over the request, but I have to figure out dares for the others. Next chapter up: two to five months (updated: 8/21/02)

NEWS: Some stories on my account have little messages that I will take them off and that if you want a copy, leave a review with an e - mail and a request for attchement or in - email. I have decided that instead that I will rewrite or add chapters instead. I have already added the last chapter to Fallin' and got only one review, so that one may have to go. I have taken Superman off though because that one was terrible. (updated: 8/21/02)