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Author has written 8 stories for Romance, General, Supernatural, and Essay.

Hey! My name is Aqualina as you know and I love writing in my free time.

And yes, Aqualina is my real name.





About Me:

  • Nickname is Aqua
  • I'm a female
  • I'm forever alone
  • I'm a senior in high school
  • Turned 17 in June
  • I'm a Russian Orthodox
  • I'm an equestrian
  • 6th-year horse 4-H
  • in OHSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Team)
  • Favorites:

  • Singer- Simon Curtis
  • Song- Bad Moon by Hollywood Undead
  • TV Show- Merlin
  • Animal- horses! DUH!
  • Food-sushi
  • Color- Aqua
  • Place- in a saddle
  • Vehicle- Dodge Ram
  • Genre- romance
  • Social Media- Instagram & YouTube
  • VS:

  • Outdoors vs Indoors: outdoors
  • Computer vs Phone: computer
  • Straight vs Gay: I'm bi
  • Romance vs Action Movie: action
  • Meat Pizza vs Vegan Pizza: meat
  • Dresses vs Jeans: dresses
  • Genres I Enjoy To Write:

  • Fan-fiction
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • General
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Hurt/Comfort

  • Check me out on, Wattpad, and DeviantArt

    Username: Akylina11

    Stories Written

    Iced Chai Love Latte

    Genre; romance, friendship, general

    Beware Of Love

    Genre; supernatural, romance, action, hurt/comfort, mystery, family

    Stallions Little Filly

    Genre; romance, family, friendship, action, adventure

    High School Made Easy

    Genre; friendship, general, slight romance, humor, random, teen fiction, young adult


    Genre; general, romance, supernatural, werewolf, teen fiction, young adult, family

    Angel of Syne

    Genre; supernatural, romance, young adult, teen fiction, adventure, action

    Senior Year Creative Writing

    Genre; general, teen fiction, adventure, poetry, romance, young adult, random


    ~~~~~~Iced Chai Love Latte~~~~~~

    Krisia (Chai) Semeri

    -Age: 17

    -Height: 5’5”

    -Hair: Brown

    -Eyes: Blue

    -Likes: iced chai lattes

    -Dislikes: when someone scares her

    -Description: loves her job, best friends are Courtney and Ray, still goes to school, is an upcoming senior, plays the sax, piano, and bass, is very fit and healthy, works at Safe Haven Cafe

    Courtney Court

    -Age: 16

    -Height: 5’5”

    -Hair: blond

    -Eyes: Hazel

    -Likes: being loud

    -Dislikes: when no one listens to her

    -Description: perky, jumpy, hyper, also works at Safe Haven Cafe, goes to school with Chai and Ray, is an upcoming senior

    Ray McCane

    -Age: 17

    -height: 6’

    -hair: light brown

    -eyes: hazel

    -likes: cooking

    -Dislikes: A.J.

    -Description: has one of Chai’s spare keys, comes to her house whenever he likes, cooks a lot, has a car, likes cooking, goes to school with Chai and Courtney, is an upcoming senior

    Andy Jacobs Growth(A.J.)

    -age: 19

    -height: 6’1”

    -hair: blond

    -eyes: blue

    -likes: girls

    -dislikes: Ray

    -Description: is a male model, moved to MN, graduated school, likes music, plays the drums, keyboard, and electric guitar, sings, famous, girls want him, he wants Chai.

    ~~~~~~Stallions Little Filly~~~~~~

    Author's Note: I am a horse person myself so if you don't understand what some terms mean; please leave a review or pm me and I could start putting in some terminology at the end of each chapter.


    - Mustang

    -Sex: Filly

    -Age: 3 (horse years)

    -Height: 14HH

    -Mane/Tail color: black and white

    -Eye color: blue

    -Likes: her father

    -Dislikes: Raider

    Description: age 17 in human years, daughter of the head stallion of their herd, live in Eastern Oregon,



    -Sex: Stallion

    -Age: 5 (horse years)

    -Height: 15HH

    -Mane/Tail color: black

    -Eye color: green

    -Likes: Swimming

    -Dislikes: his dad

    Description: age 21 in human years, born and raised in a herd in Colorado, was disowned by his dad, was given the head stallion position by Monna's father


    -Friesian x Appaloosa

    -Sex: Stallion

    -Age: 9 (horse years)

    -Height: 17HH

    -Mane/Tail: white and black

    -Eye Color: dark brown

    -Likes: snow

    -Dislikes: geldings

    Description: age 31 in human years, born and raised at Double Crazy Z ranch in Oregon, registered name is Dark Star of Music, takes Monna under his wing and later confessing that she looked like a foal who was killed that he sired

    ~~~~ Rogue ~~~~

    Rogue (Maddy Carter)

    -Werewolf; Ghost Moon


    -Age: 25

    -Height: 5'6

    -Hair: platinum blue

    -Eyes: bright blue

    -Like: Cheese

    -Dislikes: Eli Lanier

    Description: n/a

    Boris Charger

    -Werewolf; Storm Moon


    -Age: 27

    -Height: 6'0

    -Hair: black

    -Eyes: dark brown

    -Likes: lavender

    -Dislikes: lying

    Description: Alpha of the Blue Omega Pack

    Conan Charger

    -Werewolf; Ice Moon


    -Age: 34

    -Height: 6'1

    -Hair: silver

    -Eyes: pale blue

    -Likes: the cold

    -Dislikes: hot drinks

    Description: Alpha of the Winter Nightwalkers Pack, Boris Chargers big brother

    Curtis Moore

    -Werewolf; Wild Moon


    -Age: 26

    -Height: 5'8

    -Hair: brown

    -Eyes: green

    -Likes: snacking

    -Dislikes: bossy people

    Description: Beta of the Blue Omega Pack

    Amos Choate

    -Werewolf; Fire Moon


    -Age: 24

    -Height: 5'9

    -Hair: Black

    -Eyes: green

    -Likes: beer

    -Dislikes: parties

    Description: Delta of the Blue Omega Pack

    ~~~~~ Angel Of Syne ~~~~~

    Angel Syne

    ~ Angel Of Sin

    ~ Female

    ~ Age Unknown

    ~ Height 5'7

    ~ Hair White

    ~ Eyes Blue

    ~ Likes Pasta

    ~ Dislikes Holy Places

    Description- Even though she doesn't really have a name, Angel gave herself a name from her title as the Angel Of Sin; hence Angel Syne.

    Cael Samuels

    ~ Former Human

    ~ Male

    ~ Age 27

    ~ Height 5'10

    ~ Hair Brown

    ~ Eyes Brown

    ~ Likes Movies

    ~ Dislikes Fighting

    Description He's a pacifist


    ~ Angel Of Death

    ~ Male

    ~ Age Unknown

    ~ Height 5'7

    ~ Hair White

    ~ Eyes Grey

    ~ Likes Horror Movies

    ~ Dislikes Sun

    Description- Bathin is a Demon Duke who has a pale horse; hence why he is literally albino. He is no Duke but he likes the name.


    ~ Death

    ~ Male

    ~ Age Unknown

    ~ Height 6'

    ~ Hair Black

    ~ Eyes Brown

    ~ Likes Smoking

    ~ Dislikes Angels

    Description- True form is more of the "skeleton carrying a scythe", but likes to have his own human form and the name of Mal (short for Malcolm)

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    Senior Year Creative Writing
    Just a collection of work that we did in my Creative Writing class. And some from my English class. Some may be cringe worthy, but not hate worthy.
    Fiction: Essay - Rated: T - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 244 - Published: 10/16
    The Stallions Little Filly
    Raider was rejected by his herd and is now on a journey to find a new home. Monna's father is leaving the herd but none of the stallions from his herd are willing to take over until Raider comes into town. What happened between Monna and Raider after the daughter of the head stallion rejects the new, young, inexperienced stallion taking on her home?
    Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,334 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/2 - Published: 2/9/2016
    Angel of Syne
    Angel Syne is a normal girl just looking for a pick-me-up after many years of being single. But when she meets Cael Samuals and saves him from his bad luck, she finds that not everyone can be trusted. Especially if they're an angel.
    Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,064 - Updated: 8/1 - Published: 1/22
    Happy Ending reviews
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